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Chapter 229.1 - My Body, My Heart, My Soul, They All Belong to You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “Dark Lord…..” The young woman started hesitatingly, seemingly a little embarrassed as her cheeks turned slightly red. “I would call it affinity. Several months ago, my Father sent you an invitation as my Mother got pregnant again and gave birth to a baby boy. My Father was so happy he hosted a banquet and invited all the leaders and people of high authourity throughout Cloud Heaven. But the Dark Lord here did not come and it seems to me now that it was because affinity had deemed that time was not yet ripe back then, so we were unable to meet at that time.”

    Her shy and bashful gaze with the hints thrown out in her words could not be anymore obvious to see.

    Xun Luo had immediately understood that the young woman was uninhibitedly confessing her feelings for his Lord!

    That was really brave and bold I must say, respect!

    But the expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face grew more intimidating and dangerous looking. He then said slowly: “May I then ask, what could have brought the princess here today?”

    The young woman’s face flushed a deeper shade of scarlet and her voice was thin as a mosquito’s. “I….. I am merely thinking to do everything within my ability to repay the Dark Lord for saving my life. Although the Dark Lord left in a hurry that day, I….. I had not dared to forget how the Dark Lord had come descending like a celestial god from the Heavens, to save me from imminent grave peril…..”

    Xun Luo almost died from his well suppressed mirth inside. This princess here is really just too interesting.

    With that face his Lord possessed and the position he held, he would at least have eight thousand female admirers if not a full ten thousand. But Lou Jun Yao was really just too eccentric that discouraged any woman from taking the initiative to approach him.

    There really was a bold woman who came to court her own death several years back. It was remembered that the woman had had the audacity to come up to try to seduce him, but she had merely touched his sleeve when he immediately threw out those clothes, and that audacious woman who touched him without permission was executed on the spot by Blood Incineration, a punishment meted out within the Dark Lands, dying a heinous death.

    The woman who tried to seduce him was the eldest daughter of a large clan in Cloud Heaven and her status was rather extraordinary, but she was killed without even blinking, just because she touched his clothes.

    Who would dare to pursue the matter? Of course no one dared. They still wanted to live.

    Ever since then, of course there were women who were still crazily in love with that powerfully strong Dark Lord who was as good looking as a god, but no one dared to come try to make his acquaintance, keeping their feelings hidden in their hearts.

    They would occasionally pass by the Dark Lands, seeking for a chance encounter with the man when he goes out, hoping to leave a lasting impression on him.

    But unfortunately, the ever unrestrained demonic Lord of the Dark Lands who always does as he pleases would never remember any unimportant people, so no matter how hard they tried, he did not pay them the slightest notice.

    No response was forthcoming from the man at all and the young woman could not help but feel uneasy in her heart. She bit her lower lip and said in a soft voice: “Great Dark Lord, I….. I know that you do not like people to touch you, and I will not break that taboo. But can I be allowed to remain here…. so that I can do everything within my meager power to repay you…..”