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Chapter 229.2 - My Body, My Heart, My Soul, They All Belong to You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Lou Jun Yao narrowed his deeply darkened eyes. Though his face did not show any other emotion at that moment, he looked like he was on the verge of losing control, his impatience at its peak.

    Knowing the saying that saving a person’s life accumulated more good karma than building a seven storey pagoda, Xun Luo very kindly glanced over at the young woman before he opened his mouth to help her diffuse that awkward atmosphere.

    Though, after his words were spoken, the air grew even more awkward.

    “May I ask how the princess intends to repay my Lord here by remaining behind? Are you going to serve him tea and pour him wine as a close personal attendant or are you going to undo your robes to play a sweet and docile pillow mate, and become a member of the Dark Lands?”

    Those words could not be anymore direct or straightforward, and it immediately caused the young woman’s face to burn a bright brilliant red.

    But her reaction had also confirmed that Xun Luo’s words had indeed hit the nail right on the head, revealing the young lady’s very thoughts. She wasn’t just purely seeking to repay the debt of saving her life, what she wanted the most was to gain the affection of this man right before her eyes, and to further their relationship another step.

    And Lou Jun Yao was a guy who hated nothing more than having such women come try all manner of ways to try to get close to him. He had lost his patience completely when he was hounded and harassed by all those women before and that was why he had that woman brutally executed to deter all the other women from coming close to him anymore.

    Never had he thought that such a thing would happen once again after so many years.

    If it was his wily little fox that was seeking to get close to him like this, he would naturally be over the moon. But for any other woman, he really didn’t have the patience for it.

    At that moment, Lou Jun Yao then said in an indifferent voice: “I have never needed a maid by my side to attend to me and I already have specific people tasked to serve me tea and pour me wine. A princess status is highly noble and you might not be up to such menial tasks. If you are seeking to be the person that shares my bed, I do not think your looks are adequate. So just forget about repaying any debt as my intention was not to save you. You were just lucky and was not destined to die just yet.

    What a merciless attack that was. Those words struck the young woman and her red flushed face immediately turned pale, not to mention just how pitiful she was at that moment.

    It might not be that bad if he had referred to something else. But he had actually assessed a woman’s looks that women cared about the most about to be so low, which must have really hurtful.

    The young woman actually wasn’t that bad looking, pretty and adorable, a little frail looking, which could easily elicit a man’s protective nature. But unfortunately, some people were just that insensitive and dense, unable to appreciate the beauty of a young woman like that.

    In his eyes, he still found the wild and untamable ferocious little wily fox to be much more pleasing.

    After clearly expressing his rejection, Lou Jun Yao went ahead to stand up from his throne, completely disregarding the pitifully tearful figure down below as he walked right past the young woman.