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Chapter 229.3 - My Body, My Heart, My Soul, They All Belong to You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Just before the tall figure was going to disappear out through the door, his voice that had become extraordinarily tender and melodious suddenly sounded out.

    “Have you missed me hmm?”

    “I am to guess? Mmm….. You must have missed me so much that you were not even able to sleep.”

    “Haha, is this the first day that you just discovered that I’m shameless? If I were by your side, I would have been even more shameless…..”

    The voice was slowly becoming too soft for them to hear clearly what was being said, but those words earlier had resounded in the audience hall, to reach the two other persons’ ears.

    The young woman’s face went white, without the slightest trace of colour. Who was he…. just speaking to?

    And his voice had been so gentle.

    Who in Cloud Heaven did not know that the Dark Lord never had a woman by his side before, to the extent that his preferences for companionship had become suspect

    That cannot….. possibly be a woman right? She still stood a chance. That was how she reassured herself in her heart

    Xun Luo’s face was however showing a knowing look.

    From being shocked and astounded initially, he had now become used to it. His Lord must be speaking to that little lass down in the lower realm. See how gentle and tender he is. He had heard from Bai Zhi Yan that the two of them were very close now and his Lord indulged and doted on her very much. It looked highly probable that she would very soon become the Lady of the Dark Lands.

    It was said that she was really interesting and possessed unparalleled skills in Medicine. Looking at how his Lord was acting, she must have captured his Lord’s heart nice and good.

    Heh heh, how shockingly rare.

    On the other side, Lou Jun Yao was walking towards his living chambers and the communication crystal ball in his hand was flashing with a gentle purplish glow. Reflected within that crystal orb, was the very little fox his heart had been missing so much just a few moments ago.

    The moment that tiny exquisitely beautiful face appeared before his eyes, he immediately could not help but feel like wanting to grab that faraway young lady to come to his side, so that he could hold her in his arms and commit a good bout of bullying.

    In those deep violet eyes, a fiery blaze burned, seemingly able to incinerate a person to ashes. Qing Yu pouted when she saw his face. “What is with that look in your eyes?”

    “A look that wants to eat you up.” The man replied honestly.

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    Ever since their feelings were made clear to each other, this man was really such a passionate person!

    “Are you all prepared to go to the Mind Free Peak already?” Qing Yu had not forgotten about the thing she wanted to ask him.

    Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow. “It is phropesized that it will manifest within the year, but no one know exactly when it will be. So I am currently still here in the Dark Lands.”

    Qing Yu nodded. “When you leave to go there, remember to tell me about it.”