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Chapter 229.4 - My Body, My Heart, My Soul, They All Belong to You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “I’m a little worried, because I keep having this feeling that something bad is about to happen.” Qing Yu said with her brows knitted together.

    She intuition has always been accurate. Since she was having such bad feelings, that just means that something was about to happen.

    Seeing the young lady’s tightly furrowed brows, Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh softly. “Stop imagining things. A scourge like me lasts a thousand years. Haven’t you heard of that saying? The Heavens wouldn’t dare to take me back so easily…..”

    His words have just been spoken when he immediately saw the young lady’s face on the other end turning an uglier shade. He paused for a moment and with his low magnetic voice tinged with tenderness, he said: “Moreover, I have such an adorable little fox inside my heart now, how could I possibly bear to let anything happen to me?”

    The instant his voice fell, Qing Yu’s face flushed a bright red, her large alluring phoenix like eyes flaring wide as she stared at him.

    This fella…..

    What was he saying! ? Little fox in his heart! ?

    She was getting goosebumps just hearing him say that.

    “You do not need to stare at me like that. No matter how wide your eyes get by staring at me, I am unable to kiss you now. So stop seducing me anymore.” Lou Jun Yao said in a rather helpless voice.

    Seduce your big fat head!

    He really can twists his words around….

    Qing Yu had not even started to retort scornfully when she saw the man suddenly sigh and say in a soft voice: “When would it be before you can come here to Cloud Heaven and be by my side! ?”

    His voice actually sounded rather regretful.

    “What’s wrong?” Qing Yu asked in concern.

    Did something happen over on his side? He was looking rather….. exhausted and lonely, and she suddenly felt her heart start to ache.

    Lou Jun Yao blinked his devilishly mesmerizing violet eyes. “You know? It was just right before our conversation, a strange woman came running out of the blue here to the Dark Lands, and offered herself in marriage to me.”

    The expression on Qing Yu’s face stiffened, her brows tightening together. “What?”

    “I do not remember how I came to save her life before and she just came running straight to me, wanting nothing but to marry me, acting all coquettish and sultry right before me. It was really just disgusting.”

    Lou Jun Yao was acting exactly like a child complaining to an adult after he got bullied.

    It was thought that if the princess from the Siam Seas were to hear the vile impression she had left upon the Dark Lord, she would surely drown in her own tears.

    After Qing Yu came to understand what he said, she really did not know whether to laugh or to cry. If that man had been standing right before her at that moment, she might not be able to resist violating that handsome face that was showing such an innocent look.

    Although that was how she felt in her heart, she kept a serious expression on her face and asked: “How did you handle it then?”

    “I said that she was too ugly and not worthy of me before I sent her away.”

    Qing Yu then said: “Did she then cry…..”

    Must this fella reject the girl so harshly and be so direct with his words? At least….. leave a girl a little bit of face…..

    “What has it got to do with me whether she cried?” Lou Jun Yao scoffed disdainfully. “Besides you, I cannot be bothered with anyone else. I belong to you alone. When any other woman lusts after me, I will naturally have to nip any fantasies they have in their head right in the bud!”

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh, her heart strangely filling up with joy. She then said teasingly: “Looks like you’re rather enlightened, and have quite a honeyed tongue.”

    Surprisingly, the man on the other end then threw her a sly wink, before he said in a mushy voice: “I got that honey from your sweetness.”

    How murderously coquettish!