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Chapter 230.1 - Caught While Escaping, How Embarrassing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Not wanting the man who was so far away to worry about her, Qing Yu did not tell him about her intention to go into the forbidden grounds on her own.

    Though Lou Jun Yao had said that he would accompany her there because it was not known what kind of untold dangers lay in there, but because of the Mind Free Peak, he was not able to pull himself away at that moment.

    In addition to that, she could somewhat fuzzily remember a dream she had last night, and the dream had been about her entering the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds.

    But as to what exactly happened in that dream, she really couldn’t recall anything, and that was why she felt a pressing need to go in there to have a look, to see what was it in there that was trying to lure her.

    On that day, Qing Yu went back to the dormitory after her morning classes. A powerful spatial wormhole suddenly appeared in her room and she could not help but stared warily at the unexpected phenomenon before her with wide eyes.

    But when that wormhole faded away, the person standing in front of her surprised her greatly. “Little Burrow? You….. Where did you come out from…..?”

    Isn’t that golden haired youth in golden clothes that weapon spirit of hers who threw a tantrum and ran away from home a few months ago?

    But why was he looking so wretched and badly battered?

    That exquisite and beautiful looking face was covered with black and white blotches, his hair in a complete mess. Even his clothes were all crumpled and twisted, making for a rather hilarious sight.

    That weapon spirit of hers had always been vain and proud, paying a lot of attention to his looks and image. How did he turn to become like this after just a trip out there on his own?

    “You got yourself into such a state because you got into a fight or were you not looking while walking and fell into a hole?” Qing Yu asked him with her brows knitted together.

    She had thought that this fella would remain angry for at least half a year before he would come back!

    The golden haired youth ignored his Mistress undisguised teasing but went on to look at her with a highly aggrieved face. “I have finally returned after enduring so much difficulties. Can’t Mistress at least comfort me a little?”

    “Oh?” Qing Yu blinked her eyes innocently at him. “What do you mean?”

    How come she does not seem to understand what he was saying?”

    “Where does the Mistress think I went off to during this period?” Zang Mai asked in a hurt tone.

    Qing Yu immediately responded. “Didn’t you leave home in a fit of anger?”

    Zang Mai clenched his jaws tightly together. “I was indeed angry on that day. To think that the Mistress would rebuke me because of a man. But I had intended to return after just a short while at that time! How could I possibly really leave my Mistress!”


    “I was trapped by Qing Tian Lin who used his Puppetry Technique on me! His technique has improved to another level from before and he imprisoned me in a secret dimension, which I was unable to break out of.”

    That fella Qing Tian Lin again…..