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Chapter 230.2 - Caught While Escaping, How Embarrassing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Thinking back to the plot Qing Tian Lin had hatched up in the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, if Little Burrow had been by her side, it would have caused that guy quite a bit of trouble.

    Seeing that he was able to be keep Little Burrow trapped, it would seem like that guy’s cultivation had increased by quite a bit.

    Watching the youth who looked like he was about to explode from anger, Qing Yu narrowed her eyes smilingly and stretched a hand out to ruffle his head affectionately. “Alright now, don’t be angry anymore will you. The next time your Mistress sees him, I will definitely teach him a good lesson.”

    “Yah! You must not show him any mercy!” Zang Mai said sternly, seemingly afraid that she would not bear to strike the guy due to their sibling relationship in the past.

    But Qing Yu had now really let go of that part of her past.

    With all the things that Qing Tian Lin had done, there was no longer any reason for her to be soft hearted towards that guy anymore.

    The next time they meet, it would be as mortal enemies where only one could live.

    “Oh right. I will be making a trip into the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds today. Since you’ve come back, why not accompany me inside?” Qing Yu remembered that she still had important tasks to attend to, and came to open her mouth to ask.

    “Mm. Of course I will. But….. I think I need to go tidy myself up a little first.” The youth said as he looked himself over with a critical eye.

    Qing Yu could not hold back from laughing out loud. “I’ll give you half an hour to go get yourself sorted out.”

    After fiddling around here and there for awhile and Zang Mai had rid himself of the sloppy mess, he was just about to call out to Qing Yu to say he was ready when he saw the young lady seated beside the table with her chin propped up in a palm, seemingly deep in thought.

    He could not help but be puzzled. “Mistress, what’s wrong?”

    Qing Yu threw a glance outside and her eyes flashed with a glint. “Do not leave through the front door.”


    “We’re not going out to do something just and above board here and it would not be good for anyone to see us.” Qing Yu explained.

    The youth did not suspect anything but merely nodded and said: “Then let’s just use a dimensional portal to transport us to the forbidden grounds then!”

    The real reason Qing Yu did not want to use the front door was actually because Lu Ji had been keeping watch from a distance and she would be discovered if she went out from there. Lou Jun Yao had ordered Lu Ji to follow Qing Yu’s every single step and she must not allow anything untoward to happen to Qing Yu even it would kill her.

    So it could easily be imagined how diligent Lu Ji was in her duty under the strict orders Luo Jun Yao gave her in addition to the somewhat hazy feelings she held towards Qing Yu, where she literally kept herself just a mere five step distance away from the young lady.

    Lou Jun Yao had said that the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds seemed to feel a little ominously evil, and would naturally be worried about letting her go in there alone. Hence he had ordered Lu Ji to keep a close watch on the young lady, to not let her sneak her way into that place on her own.