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Chapter 230.3 - Caught While Escaping, How Embarrassing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     On the other side, it had already been about an incense stick’s time since Lu Ji saw Qing Yu go into her room, and it looked like she would not be coming out anytime soon.

    Lu Ji could not help but feel a little doubtful. Didn’t she say that she forgot something and came back to get it? Could she have fallen asleep in there? ?

    She then called out softly: “Miss Qing, have you found what you’re looking for? Do you need Lu Ji here to help you?”

    After her voice faded away, she did not receive any response.

    The expression on Lu Ji’s face involuntarily changed and she quickly pushed the door open. As expected, the room was empty, without a single sign of anyone inside.

    “Damn it!” Lu Ji could not help but curse.

    She had been too careless. The Overlord had said that the lass Qing Yu had a nimble mind that was full of endless ideas and the lass could easily slip away right under her nose. He had even reminded her to keep a tighter watch on the lass but she had not really believed him. Afterall, she had found the young lady to be gentle looking and highly adorable.

    But the lass turned out to be a wily little fox who was highly skilled at pretending!

    But it’s alright. Her tracking skills in pursuing her targets was deemed to be the best among the Twelve Courtesans and she had known that Qing Yu would not be so docile as to remain in one place, so she had already set something up on the lass.

    So if she were to go in pursuit now, it still wasn’t too late.


    On this side, Qing Yu and Zang Mai had already come to the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds.

    This was her second in this place and saw that the people guarding the forbidden grounds were still the same three strange people.

    The aged old man held a wine gourd in his arms as he leaned back against the entrance into the forbidden grounds, snoring thunderously as he slept. The baby faced young one was plopped down upon a big rock, seemingly picking at something she could not see in boredom.

    Only the frosty faced young man who exuded an intimidating aura looked rather normal, standing dutifully before the entrance, his tall figure not moving in the slightest, like a majestic mountain.

    Upon seeing that someone was approaching, the man with the frosty aura immediately swung his piercing gaze around. Upon seeing the two people, his always expressionless face actually showed a hint of surprise.

    He was probably surprised to see that there wasn’t a single scratch on the person that came out from these forbidden grounds previously, and had actually come here once again.

    Some unknown insect must have crawled into the nose of the soundly sleeping old man when he suddenly jumped up and gave a huge thunderous sneeze, causing the bored baby faced youth who was toying with ants at the side to jump up in shock.

    The old man rubbed his nose vigorously, cursing and swearing in an angry mumbling voice for a while before he saw the familiar looking face of the young lady. His eyes immediately lit up and he cried out in delighted surprise: “Little one, this old man knew that you are highly blessed. You are actually still alive!”