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Chapter 230.4 - Caught While Escaping, How Embarrassing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Upon hearing those words, the baby faced youth immediately stopped playing with ants and leapt down from the rock, to appear right before Qing Yu in the next instant. He scrutinized Qing Yu from head to toe before clicking his tongue and said: “Tsk tsk, really highly blessed! Even the three of us would not dare to trespass in there carelessly and you had actually come back out from there safe and sound and in one piece. You’re really not any ordinary person. Tell me something, did you….. not encounter any danger in there?”

    The baby faced was thinking that no one had ever come out from these forbidden grounds alive before. For the young lady to have come out from there alive and well, she must have been really lucky and have avoided all the danger.

    Unexpectedly, Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “I encountered a thousand year old dark zombie. Is that considered dangerous?”

    She had very nearly lost her life in there, and she was still rather angry thinking about it.

    Once her words came out, he strange trio immediately gasped loudly in utter disbelief.

    A thousand year dark zombie! ?

    To think that there would be such a terrifying creature in these forbidden grounds! That was a foe that could only mean certain death! !

    This young lady must have accumulated good karma for her past few lifetimes to still be alive now.

    At that moment, the gazes of the few people looking at her became different. The old man subconsciously gulped loudly. “So why have you come here again for? Are you thinking of going in there again? The last time you went in there to save someone. What about this time?”

    Qing Yu smiled disarmingly at him and replied: “Don’t worry. I did not come here to create trouble. I have something very important to do and I really have to go in there. Seeing that we’re already such old acquaintances, please let me through. Just pretend that you have not seen me and nobody would know anyway.”

    The trio were stunned speechless. “……”

    Who here is an old acquaintance of yours anyway?

    They have not even met each other three times yet and they are now considered as “old acquaintances” ? ? Ptui! They wouldn’t be considered passing acquaintances even if they’ve met three times!

    You want to gain entry without having to suffer for it? No chance!

    Seeing the look on their faces, Qing Yu immediately knew that her words had not worked. The smile on the lips then deepened as she said: “Guys, I really have something very important to do in there. I implore that you do not do anything to stop me as I do not want to raise my hand against my elders.”

    The old man was delighted when he heard that. “You’re thinking of fighting us? A young little baby doll like you is really being rather feisty aren’t you? With your thin arms and skinny legs, you might not even be able to last three strokes from this old man here and you’re actually….. Hmm? What is this smell? ?”

    It was not known from when a faint fragrance came wafting in through the air, the scent seeping deep into a person, relaxing one’s entire body, but also made one really feel like enjoying a deep relaxing sleep.

    The three people immediately realized what that scent was all about.

    The old man was the first one to succumb as he fell to the ground. Already a little tipsy from drinking his wine, he was suddenly feeling so sleepy he could not keep his eyes open anymore. As he fell towards the ground, his mouth still spat out these few words: “Little one, you cheated…..”

    And a dull thud sounded.

    Right after that, the face of the baby faced youth and the young man looked absolutely furious, like they wanted to eat Qing Yu up as they stared at her, before they both fell to the ground asleep.

    Qing Yu was not so dumb as to clash with them head on. Not to mention the time that would have been wasted, the fact that these three people were assigned to guard these forbidden grounds meant that they were not any ordinary persons, and would definitely be of an maniacal level. So she had chosen to use her wits instead.

    Just as she was waving Zang Mai inside, the toneless voice of a woman sounded behind her. “Miss Qing.”

    A chill ran through Qing Yu.