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Chapter 231.1 - Mysterious Intruder

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     How did she catch up with them so quickly…..

    She had used a dimensional portal to come here, so how did this woman manage to find them so fast? !

    Upon seeing the young lady standing stiffly there, not turning around to face her nor saying a single word, Lu Ji then opened her mouth again to ask: “Where is Miss Qing intending to go? Why did you leave without informing your subordinate?”

    Qing Yu was somehow feeling a little embarrassed as she slowly turned around and met the woman’s nonchalant expression on her face. She coughed a awkwardly a couple of times and then said: “I….. er….. am just taking an aimless stroll.”

    “If Lu Ji is not recognizing this place wrongly, this place is the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds. If any disciple comes here secretly on their own, they will be punished.” Lu Ji mercilessly exposed her flimsy excuse.

    A corner of Qing Yu’s mouth twitched, and she helplessly admitted: “Alright, I was about to go in there.”

    Lu Ji’s brows creased together. “The Overlord gave me orders that Miss Qing must not go in there alone on your own, but to wait for the Overlord to come back first.”

    “I am not going in there alone!” Qing Yu smiled as she blinked her eyes innocently. “Don’t I have you to accompany me now?”

    Lu Ji was taken aback. “Me?”

    When did she say that she was going to accompany her in there? ?

    “Alright, let’s not waste any more time. The effects of the sleep inducing incense I used on them will only last for an hour. If we continue to delay any further, we’ll not be able to get in when they wake up.”

    Taking advantage of the moment that Lu Ji was still somewhat stunned by her reply, Qing Yu quickly went over and grabbed the woman’s hand to pull her towards the forbidden grounds’ entrance.

    The young lady’s soft hand that was slightly cold held her fingers tightly. Lu Ji lost her ability to think for an instant and was led right inside mindlessly. By the time she was able to react, they had already walked into the place.

    Lu Ji could not help but be a little disgusted at herself at that moment. Damn it. Why was it that everytime she was faced with this young lady, she would turn to become someone completely unlike her usual self, like she was not able to control how her body reacts at all.

    Zang Mai was beside Qing Yu but others would not be able to see him under normal circumstances. He raised an eyebrow to look at Lu Ji and then said: “Mistress, I seem to feel that this woman has feelings for you.”


    “I saw that when you were pulling her by her hand, she looked like her soul had left her body, and her eyes looked rather strange.” Although Zang Mai was not human, his instinct was however rather sharp.

    Is it really that obvious?

    Qing Yu glanced at the green clothed woman with exquisite facial features beside her. Lou Jun Yao had told her to not get too close to Lu Ji carelessly, as Lu Ji likes women.