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Chapter 386 - Auction the Earth Treasure!

Medical Master
     Chapter 386 Auction the Earth Treasure!

    The scene stunned everyone.

    No one knew how Fang Qiu managed to control the wooden boat.

    Further down the line, everyone realized that Fang Qiu went around in circles to get close to the White-dressed Man to force him out of the boat, then using the boat as a shield to get closer to him.

    “What a trick!”

    “If it were me, I would have blown away the boat that came at me in the first place. And then I’ll be suppressed remotely by the sound waves all the time.”

    “Yeah, who would use his opponent’s weapon as his own?”

    “With this skill, the mysterious man John Doe deserves his reputation!”

    Everyone nodded.

    “I knew it.”

    With a smirk, He Gaoming said, “It’s not like my master hasn’t defeated a sixth-class Martial Superior. He not only defeated a sixth-class Martial Superior but also ruined the latter. The White-dressed Man thought he was great to have the upper hand for a while because of his Sonic Technique. My master will beat the shit out of you!”


    On the lake, the White-dressed Man saw that John Doe unexpectedly used this means to deal with him, and his face darkened.

    Again, he flew back. As he distanced himself from his opponent, he played the flute wildly.

    However, Fang Qiu’s speed was just too fast.

    Even pushing a whole boat, he backed off much faster than the White-dressed Man did, so he soon caught up with the latter.

    Then he shouted, “Give it back to you!”

    Fang Qiu punched the wooden boat hard.

    As the huge force burst out, the wooden boat was like a leather ball, which was directly blasted out by Fang Qiu’s fist and flew right in front of the White-dressed Man.

    Then the White-dressed Man’s flute notes changed.

    This was House Of Flying Daggers. The cold and killing aura instantly rose.

    The sound waves came out like rain, hitting the wooden boat.

    In a few seconds, the whole boat was torn to pieces.

    Seen from a distance, the wooden boat suddenly became sawdust, filling the whole sky and then scattered.

    The scene stunned all the spectators.

    The speed was comparable to that of a shoal of piranhas.

    If such an attack were to fall on a person, the person would probably have no bones left in a fraction of a second.

    He Gaoming was also taken aback.

    The power was too great.

    He couldn’t help but worry about Fang Qiu.

    But then Fang Qiu, who could have rammed the boat into his opponent’s neutral position, stopped five meters away.

    “Like to perform the Sonic Technique?”

    Watching the boat break into pieces of wood and fall, he smiled and said, “I just learned the Dragon’s Claw. Let’s see whose skill is more powerful, your Sonic Technique, or my Dragon’s Claw.”

    Then he held his hands in the shape of claws.

    Each kind of kung fu could hit the internal Qi out, and the difference was the length of the attack distance.

    There was no doubt that the Sonic Technique had the longest attack range, but the Dragon’s Claw was no worse.

    It was because the Dragon’s Claw was an extremely aggressive attacking skill, so when a martial arts practitioner performed it, the internal Qi would be endowed with fierce power.

    Plus the great force, the range of the attack would naturally be extended considerably.

    So it was not as strong as the sound wave, but it was not much weaker.

    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately waved his hands and burst out his Internal Qi.

    “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…”

    As it happened, the two meridians he reopened were in his hands, increasing the power of the Dragon’s Claw.

    He made a wave of his hands.

    His internal Qi burst out in the shape of a dragon’s claw.

    Meanwhile, the White-dressed Man squinted and continued to play the flute.

    The flute sound changed again, like the black cloud pressing a city, giving out a kind of suffocating feeling. Originally, the sonic blades were generated one by one, but at this time, many sonic blades shot out at the same time, overwhelming, like locusts filling the sky.

    It was frightening.

    Fang Qiu kept waving his hands.

    The Dragon’s Claw kept shooting hard, hitting his opponent’s sonic blades.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    There were loud explosions.

    The two sides bumped into each other, causing the lake beneath them to explode into towering plumes of water.

    “That’s really powerful!”

    “God, the Dragon’s Claw can be used like that?”

    “The mysterious man is so strong that he even can withstand the White-dressed Man’s special Sonic Technique?”

    “He’s not only withstanding it, but he’s also suppressing it!”

    “How can the Dragon’s Claw be played like that? Is this a fake?”

    “This is obviously more powerful than the Dragon’s Claw we know. The truth is that the Dragon’s Claw we’ve seen before is fake.”

    “What is that? How does it look like bullets?”

    People in the distance cried in surprise.

    Then they stared at the two and saw that with every claw Fang Qiu wielded, he was able to bump into and cancel out a dozen or so of the White-dressed Man’s sonic blades.

    Though outnumbered by his opponent’s sonic blades, Fang Qiu’s strength lied in his strong power.

    In this case of one claw hitting 10 sonic blades, Fang Qiu’s explosive internal Qi claws began to push toward the White-dressed Man.


    Seeing this, the White-dressed Man growled and changed the tune. The sound waves were getting stronger.

    Even so, he couldn’t resist Fang Qiu’s suppression.

    However, Fang Qiu was having a good time.

    Actually, he was strong enough to go straight for a close fight with the White-dressed Man, but he didn’t.

    It was because he had not ever learned the Sonic Technique.

    So from the moment he controlled the boat bumping into him, Fang Qiu had been watching and paying attention to the White-dressed Man, learning his method of fusing sound waves with internal Qi, and then pushing forward. By the time he pushed the boat to attack the White-dressed Man, he had almost mastered this technique.

    Of course, the Dragon’s Claw was just a way of distraction.

    In fact, Fang Qiu used the way of the Sonic Technique to perform the Dragon’s Claw, only that he made the sound with his bones instead of his mouth.

    Therefore, the crowd would think that this was the genuine Dragon’s Claw.

    “You, you…”

    The White-dressed Man was furious.

    He found it.

    He found out that Fang Qiu was attacking him with his kung fu.

    It made him too angry to speak. Once he said it out, he would lose his reputation.

    He was beaten by a second-class Martial Superior with his own skill!

    Even if he would die, he dared not utter the fact!


    He let out a roar.

    The White-dressed Man moved, put away his flute, stepped on the water, fled to avoid Fang Qiu’s attacks, and hurled himself at Fang Qiu.

    In the twinkling of an eye, the attacker and defender seemed to exchange.

    Then Fang Qiu grinned and stopped performing the Dragon’s Claw.

    “Ready to end?”

    Fang Qiu charged at the furious White-dressed Man from the front.

    “Damn you!”

    Rushing over Fang Qiu, the White-dressed Man swung his flute to smash Fang Qiu on the head.


    Fang Qiu moved and shifted to the side.

    Then he held out his hands at the same time.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    The two men fought fiercely in an instant.

    “He seeks a close combat for a long-range attack. Is the White-dressed Man too confident or too angry?”

    “After his strongest Sonic Technique was suppressed by John Doe, he is now fighting at close quarters. Will John Doe be afraid of him?”

    “The game is set.”

    “I didn’t expect that the mysterious man John Doe was so powerful. The next time the List of Martial Superiors is updated, his name will continue to rise.”

    The crowd gossiped in the distance.

    In the crowd, He Gaoming was extraordinarily excited.

    The White-dressed Man was unlucky enough to meet the mysterious man. He dared to provoke the latter many times and even challenge the mysterious man. Was not he courting death?

    “Bang, bang, bang…”

    In the heat of the battle on the lake, the White-dressed Man became increasingly aware that something had gone wrong. The power of this mysterious man was too great, and it was getting stronger.

    “How can that be?”

    “How is it possible that a second-class Martial Superior can have so much power?”

    After a series of clashes, the White-dressed Man could no longer hold on and flew back.

    He continued to play the flute.

    But how could Fang Qiu give him another chance this time?

    “Don’t waste my time. I want to auction off the Earth Treasure.”

    As he spoke, Fang Qiu held his hands together and moved to his right stomach. At the time when all the internal Qi in his body burst out, he pushed his hands forward fiercely.


    A large pale blue dragon claw of internal Qi immediately congealed in front of him and, ignoring all obstacles with terrifying speed, it smashed all sonic blades from the White-dressed Man before slamming into his body. In an instant, the White-dressed Man was blown away.


    The White-dressed Man spewed a mouthful of blood.

    It was because of Fang Qiu’s blow, but also because of the anger within him.

    As a Martial Superior at the top of the sixth-class and about to break through to the seventh-class, he was hit by a second-class Martial Superior many times.

    How could he bear such a thing?

    The White-dressed Man was blasted off and landed on a remote island. He was so angry that he panted and fainted.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu grinned and flew straight to the bank to pick up the box containing five million yuan in cash. Then he flashed, jumped into a boat on the shore, and drove it with internal Qi to the center of the lake, where the White-dressed Man had been staying. He sat in the bow.

    At this point, the crowd was still in extreme shock, not coming to their senses.

    It was because Fang Qiu’s move was too horrifying.

    It was like the special effects on TV.

    “Is, is that the genuine Dragon’s Claw?”

    “So powerful! The Dragon’s Claw can make a second-class Martial Superior defeat a top sixth-class Martial Superior?”

    “What did I just see? That Dragon’s Claw is so big!”

    “I’m going to learn the Dragon’s Claw. I must learn the Dragon’s Claw!”

    Everyone was too surprised to know what to say.

    Then suddenly, Fang Qiu’s yell came.

    “Who wants the Earth Treasure? Bring me the money!”

    He deliberately added a little bit of the White-dressed Man’s Sonic Technique to the yell, which immediately woke up the shocked crowd from the battle just now.


    The crowd who had slowly come to senses took a long breath.

    Apart from the extraordinary Dargon’s Claw, they saw a battle between a second-class Martial Superior and a seventh-class Martial Superior and the second-class Martial Superior won for the first time!

    It seemed that the ranking on the List of Martial Superiors was indeed correct!

    “Time waits for no one. People who want the Earth Treasure should be quick to bid,” Fang Qiu yelled again.

    Hearing the words, everyone began to scramble.

    Although the Earth Treasure was inferior to the Heaven Treasure, it was also not easy to come across and find.


    One person quoted the price.

    “I’ll pay 500,000.”

    As soon as the auction began, someone raised the price to 500,000, which made most people cringe.

    Eventually, someone raised the price to a million.

    After making sure no one was paying more, Fang Qiu said, “I want cash. If you don’t have the cash and can’t get it out now, I’ll have to auction it again.”

    “I’ve heard about the way you used to sell the Earth Treasure, so I bring cash here.”

    A man smiled.