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Chapter 387 - The Crisis of UJCM!

Medical Master
     On the bank of the lake, a middle-aged man took a suitcase full of cash from the man beside him and said to Fang Qiu, “This is one million.”


    Fang Qiu skimmed from the boat and landed in front of the man.

    He took the suitcase bluntly. Then he opened the suitcase in front of everyone and examined the cash. After making sure there was no problem, he took out the Glimmering Jade Fruit and handed it to the man.

    The moment the middle-aged man took over the Glimmering Jade Fruit, two people around him immediately went to protect him.

    “Are you afraid of being robbed?” Fang Qiu asked with a smile all of a sudden.

    “Er, it’s an Earth Treasure, after all.”

    The middle-aged man smiled and nodded, then pulled a business card out of his pocket and handed it to Fang Qiu, saying, “If you have another Earth Treasure to sell in the future, you can contact me directly. I promise I’ll give you a good price, not much worse than the one in your public auction.”

    “Well, if I have.”

    Fang Qiu took the card.

    “By the way,” said the middle-aged man, “I have plenty of cash besides this million. As far as I know, in addition to the Earth Treasure, there is a Heaven Treasure in your hand. Do you sell it?”


    Fang Qiu immediately said no.

    “I see.”

    The middle-aged man sighed regretfully and was ready to turn around.

    “Won’t you try to rob me of it?” Fang Qiu asked suddenly.


    The middle-aged man was shocked and froze in place.

    He looked puzzled, but he was horrified inside.

    He knew that what Fang Qiu said meant something else!

    It was clear that Fang Qiu had seen through his strength that had been hidden.

    “No, I don’t dare.”

    Startled, the middle-aged man gave a faint smile, saying, “How dare I offend an expert?”

    With that, he quickly turned to leave.

    Indeed, he was going to rob Fang Qiu of his Heaven Treasure at first, but that was suppressed when he saw Fang Qiu fight the White-dressed Man.

    Although Fang Qiu was only a second-class Martial Superior on the surface, he could clearly feel that Fang Qiu was not so simple as he looked like on the surface.

    Otherwise, how could a second-class Martial Superior beat a seventh-class Martial Superior so easily?

    So he decided to keep watching him.

    At last, he offered the highest price in the Earth Treasure auction. He wanted to take the opportunity to get close to Fang Qiu and know Fang Qiu’s real strength carefully before deciding whether to rob him of his Heaven Treasure.

    But the deal had barely begun when Fang Qiu’s words left him speechless.

    Not the direct question, but the “Are you afraid of being robbed?”

    When he heard that, he wondered if he had been seen through.

    Now he looked back, a chill rising in his heart.

    As the middle-aged man walked to a dozen meters away and found some people following him, he raised his eyebrows.


    He opened his mouth and let out a long roar!

    The roar was like thunder.

    A whiff of powerful momentum burst out of him, stunning the crowd!

    As soon as the momentum came out, all the people who followed him stopped and looked at the middle-aged with a look of terror on their faces.

    “A, a guru!”

    Everyone was stunned.

    It never occurred to anyone that this middle-aged man was a guru!

    For a time, those who wanted to rob him of the Earth Treasure had dismissed the idea.

    To rob a guru of his Earth Treasure?

    Weren’t they courting death?

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu smiled at the scene with two suitcases of money in his hands.

    Indeed, he had seen through the middle-aged man.

    To be precise, this middle-aged man was not a guru, but a seventh-class Martial Superior, who had just ascended to this level recently.

    Fang Qiu asked him that because he knew his real strength.

    After showing his strength to frighten the crowd, the middle-aged man left safely.

    “Beep, beep, beep…”

    Carrying two suitcases, Fang Qiu was about to leave when he felt a jolt in his pants pocket. His cell phone rang.

    He carried both suitcases in one hand, pulled out his phone, and saw that it was from Li Ji.


    Fang Qiu got the call through.

    “I’ve gotten the news.”

    Li Ji’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Some people of HNS have probably infiltrated downtown Jiangjing.”

    “I’ll go back at once!”

    Fang Qiu felt worried. After saying that, he hung up.

    As the middle-aged man bid for the Earth Treasure and left, the crowd shifted their eyes on Fang Qiu.

    After he answered the phone, Fang Qiu got worried. He moved, jumped to the air, soared through the air, and disappeared into the night.

    Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded!

    “Oh, my God!”

    “He’s, he’s flying?”

    “A, a guru?”

    “Isn’t he a second-class Martial Superior? How could he fly?”

    “Is he really a guru?”

    “No wonder he could defeat the White-dressed Man so easily!”

    “Maybe it’s not like that. If he is really a guru, the List of Martial Superiors should have the relevant introduction. And today’s gurus are all famous. I couldn’t see his face, but judging by his figure and voice, he is still young. He can’t be a guru.”

    “Is he a guru or not?”

    The crowd was confused.

    After hanging up the phone, Fang Qiu went straight to Jiangnan East Station without delay.

    On the way, he booked the fastest high-speed train ticket back to Jiangjing on the mobile phone.

    Faced with this situation, he had to hurry.

    He had seen firsthand what HNS was.

    The organization even dared to organize armed forces in the city to openly attack the old commander, and they even used rocket launchers, chariots, and other heavy weapons.

    Those people looked like possessed cults and death squads.

    They had no regard for human life.

    Even if they knew they were going to die, they would do whatever it took to accomplish their goal.

    And their goal was terrorist attacks!

    Therefore, Fang Qiu was worried.

    He was afraid that those people would go out of their way to attack people and students.

    So he had to get back as soon as possible.

    “I hope nothing bad happens.”

    At the high-speed rail station, Fang Qiu picked up his ticket and got on the high-speed train.

    It was two and a half hours’ drive.

    It wasn’t until 11:00 p.m. that Fang Qiu finally returned to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    By this time, the dormitories had turned off the lights, and the school was dark and quiet.

    “It’s lucky it’s all right.”

    Relieved to see that there were no accidents at school, Fang Qiu sneaked back to his dorm room, put two suitcases of cash in a locker, and locked them up before coming back out.

    He didn’t intend to sleep.

    He had no thought in his head except for the HNS organization.

    In addition, he clearly remembered the last time he met Li Ji on Yaowang Mountain, Li Ji said that there was intelligence that people from HNS organization were likely to attack the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and take revenge!

    It seemed that the HNS organization knew that the mysterious man who sabotaged their last operation was at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. So in order to revenge the mysterious man, they tried to attack the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    In this sense, it was Fang Qiu who brought the crisis to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    Fang Qiu, of course, couldn’t stay out of this situation. In any case, he must keep the safety of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    After leaving the dormitory, Fang Qiu went straight to the tallest office building on campus and flew up to the roof, overlooking the whole school.

    After watching for a few minutes, he sat cross-legged on the spot, watching and practicing.

    He ended up sitting there for four hours straight.


    At two a.m., Fang Qiu, who had been practicing, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the school playground.

    He saw three dark shadows, climbing over the football field wall and racing across the playground toward the dormitory buildings.

    When Fang Qiu watched carefully, he noticed that the three shadows had separated as soon as they entered the dormitory area, each entering a building.

    “You come at last!”

    His heart stirred.

    He jumped into action, flying straight down from the roof and rushing into the nearest dormitory building at breakneck speed.

    “The third floor!”

    With a little sensing, Fang Qiu immediately found the location of the man in black who entered this building and immediately rushed up.

    On the third floor, Fang Qiu saw the figure installing a cylindrical square of black cloth half a meter wide.

    On closer inspection, he saw the number in one corner of the black cloth.


    Fang Qiu’s face changed in an instant.

    He could see very clearly that the cylinders on the black cloth were detonators stuck in the sack!

    There were not many detonators—only a few dozen, but Fang Qiu knew that 10 detonators were enough to blow up 1-6 floors, or even the whole building!

    It was because the explosive in the detonator was CL-20.

    CL-20 was a newly developed high-explosive military explosive, stronger than hexogen.

    Once it was installed and detonated, the building would be a sea of blood and fire!

    “Damn it!”

    Fang Qiu gritted his teeth and rushed forward. Completely undetected by the installer, he knocked the man unconscious and left the building with both the man and the unmounted explosives.

    Throwing the man in the open space in front of the dorm, Fang Qiu immediately rushed into the second dorm.

    Then came the third.

    In a minute, Fang Qiu knocked them all unconscious and then sprinted out of town with them and bombs.

    Looking at the bombs in his hand, Fang Qiu couldn’t help feeling a little lucky.

    If he hadn’t heard the news from Li Ji and made it back in time, how many students would have died tonight?

    Zhu Benzheng and the other two, even Jiang Miaoyu, couldn’t escape!

    Fang Qiu didn’t realize the people in this organization to be so crazy!

    Not only did they tried to attack students, but they even used CL-20!

    Fang Qiu got angrier and angrier.

    In the woods outside the city, Fang Qiu dropped the explosives and buried them in the distance, and then carried the three of them to the place a kilometer away from the explosives.

    Although he had searched the bodies of the three men and confirmed that none of them had a detonator, Fang Qiu was still afraid that the three men had a secret way to inform their partners of the detonation.

    To be on the safe side, he had to bury the explosives where no one was, and he kept a safe distance from it to avoid damage.

    After all that, Fang Qiu crouched down, slapped them in the face, and woke them up.

    As soon as they woke up, they saw Fang Qiu dressed as the mysterious man. At once they started to scream and thought they were seeing a ghost.

    “Who asked you to go to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?” Fang Qiu questioned.

    As soon as this question came out, the three of them looked at each other. Then one of them suddenly jumped and punched Fang Qiu on the head with a clenched fist.