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Chapter 392 - Breakthrough of the Mental Power

Medical Master
     Chapter 392 Breakthrough of the Mental Power

    “Moving objects…

    “Since my mental power is to move objects, then why do I have to use the thread?”

    Thinking like that, Fang Qiu looked up at the rope that was tied around the brick and had hung the brick in midair.

    Right, since his mental power was to move objects, then, why must he use a rope to hang the brick? Why couldn’t he use his mental power to make the brick float by itself?

    Thinking about this, Fang Qiu found his eyes brightened.

    He’d found the right direction!


    Shouting in his heart, Fang Qiu immediately controlled his mental power to wrap the brick.

    After several breakthroughs, Fang Qiu could clearly feel that he could feel his mental power more and more clearly. It was like the internal Qi, then, it was also like a part of his body.

    With his increasingly powerful mental power, the feeling became truer and more obvious.

    Now, Fang Qiu could even freely, just like using his both hands, control and drive his mental power.

    Sure, just like using hands and legs, when using mental power to do things, if he exceeded the limit of his mental power, Fang Qiu could also exhaust or even hurt himself.

    It was like asking you to lift a heavy object that weighed 100 kilograms; even if you managed to lift it, you could not hold on for long. If you kept exerting all your strength to do it, you could only end up disabling yourself.

    Under Fang Qiu’s control, his mental power poured out, quickly wrapping up the brick which was swaying back and forth in midair. Then, it stopped the brick from swaying.

    Then, once he had the idea, Fang Qiu immediately tried to support the entire block with his mental power. “Rise!”

    However, it turned out that the brick, which he could easily sway, did not move at all.


    Fang Qiu opened his eyes wide and secretly exclaimed. “So heavy!”

    It was completely different from the way he used to practice with, and he also felt a much heavier weight than before.

    He felt as if he were going to single-handedly support a falling rooftop, which nearly despaired him.

    If it were in the usual days, Fang Qiu might give up for now and try to figure out other ways to continue hammering his mental power, but not today.

    Because when he tried to use his mental power to lift the brick, Fang Qiu clearly felt that he was even closer to the breakthrough point.

    It was like when he exerted all his mental point to one point and focused on doing it, the breakthrough feeling would become stronger.

    Bit by bit, it was getting stronger.


    His face turned red because of the exertion. Blue veins on his face bulged, and muscles all over his body couldn’t be more tightened. At that time, Fang Qiu finally found the brick move.

    Though just a little, the brick was really lifted by his mental power!

    Focusing on it, he found the rope used to hang the brick wasn’t as tightened as before. Instead, it had greatly loosened up.

    However, even though it was like this, Fang Qiu still did not stop.

    Instead, he tightly gritted his teeth to keep exerting his strength.

    At that moment, the feeling that he was going to break through became tense like never before!

    “Aargh… rise!”

    Ferociously shouting in his heart, Fang Qiu heavily pushed out all of his mental power at one time.

    It was at the next moment.


    Something directly boomed in Fang Qiu’s head. It was like something had exploded. Fang Qiu felt his vision blurry.

    His brain nerves had been very tightened. Now, at that moment, they suddenly relaxed. Because of the previous continuous exertion of his mental effort, he felt his brain very tired; however, now the feeling of exhaustion also completely vanished, like it had never appeared before.

    Without the slightest feeling of fatigue, he felt like reborn.

    Before his eyes, he felt his vision return to normal.

    When his vision completely became clear, before Fang Qiu’s eyes, he still saw that brick. However, the only difference was that the brick was no longer hung by the rope in midair; instead, it entirely floated in the air. Even, the rope used to hang the brick was now completely coiled up on the brick.

    “I’ve broken through.”

    Fang Qiu was a little stunned.

    He didn’t expect the breakthrough to come so quickly and so suddenly.


    While feeling stunned, Fang Qiu suddenly everything in the space around him much clearer. He could not only feel his mental power which was supporting the brick, but also the Heaven and Earth energy around him.

    The energy was slowly floating like it had been a stream of water.

    Even, Fang Qiu could also feel dust floating in the air.

    He felt like he had connections to everything on earth.

    He had an idea and secretly sat up. Glancing at his three roommates in a sound sleep, he secretly exerted his internal Qi to block the three roommates’ eyes and ears, then, he sat cross-legged on the bed.


    He waved his right hand.

    His mental power spurted out.

    In an instant, many things in the dorm rose by themselves, including books and pens on desks, and brooms and shovels at the corner of the dorm. Even, the three roommates’ clothes also floated.

    The originally spacious dorm instantly became crowded.

    This was a very marvelous feeling!

    Enjoying the feeling, Fang Qiu held on for three minutes. Then, a feeling of fatigue assaulted in his mind and he felt short of mental power. Then, he hurriedly put back all the things floating in midair back to their places. Then, taking a deep breath, he feebly lay back on the bed.

    “Too strong!”

    At that moment, Fang Qiu had finally believed that, as recorded in “Theory of Bonesetting”, mental power could adjust bones back to their places.

    Fang Qiu did not expect that his mental power could develop to such an extent either. It was no different than the supernatural in movies.

    If he continued to break through, in the end, not to mention these tiny objects, he might be able to easily control even cars.

    Under such a condition, wasn’t it just a piece of cake to restore bones back to their places?

    Thinking about that, Fang Qiu grew more expectant about his mental power in the heart.

    However, he also knew that he could not force to break through. If he wanted to grow strong, he could only cultivate bit by bit.

    Because he had used too much of his energy before, Fang Qiu started to close his eyes to restore his energy.

    However, it turned out that once he closed his eyes, he found he could see internally.

    His eyes, no, his mental power, to be precise, should be like an X-ray machine in the hospital. As long as his mental power moved, he could clearly see every part of his body, even viscera in his belly, and tendons, vein, and meridians in his blood and muscles.

    “Th-this is…”

    Fang Qiu was very surprised.

    He should see, inside the meridians, internal Qi was flowing like water.

    Shocked, Fang Qiu thought that since he could see himself internally, did that mean he could also see through others?

    Thinking like that, Fang Qiu moved his body. He directly opened his eyes and flew beside Zhou Xiaotian’s bed. Then, he used his mental power to observe Zhou Xiaotian. However, it turned out that he found himself unable to see through Zhou Xiaotian.

    When he intended to turn around to get back, Fang Qiu reached out to pull the quilt for Zhou Xiaotian.

    However, it turned out that when his fingers touched Zhou Xiaotian, Fang Qiu found that through his fingers, his mental power quickly spread over Zhou Xiaotian’s body. Then, the entire situation inside Zhou Xiaotian’s body completely represented itself in front of his eyes.

    It was like an X-ray.

    Zhou Xiaotian’s viscera were completely clear in every detail!


    Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

    This kind of ability was really too powerful.

    It was nearly a walking X-ray machine, even could be called a highly advanced version of Absolute Touch!

    Absolute Touch was already very helpful.

    Then wouldn’t the see-through ability come in even handier?

    While he was feeling enormously shocked, an extremely audacious thought popped into Fang Qiu’s head.

    “Since I can see through things, and can also freely control my mental power and internal Qi. Then like Western Medicine’s surgeries, can I directly perform surgery inside a patient’s body without opening him up?”

    Thinking about that, Fang Qiu was a little stunned by the audacious thought of his; however, at the same time, he increasingly thought it possible.

    He almost wanted to have a patient for him to try it right now.

    “A patient?”

    While thinking, Fang Qiu suddenly thought of Zhou Xiaotian, who had previously fallen ill. Then, his eyes lit up and he turned around his head to look at the three roommates.

    He didn’t hesitate and immediately started to examine the three people’s bodies.

    Anyway, they were all good buddies. Moreover, he could also examine their bodies to see if they had any diseases by the way. Why not?

    However, after the round of examination, he found all of the three in good health, without any diseases.

    “Surely young men have strong bodies.”

    Fang Qiu felt helpless.

    He could only smile wryly and then fall asleep.

    The next morning, as usual, Fang Qiu cultivated and did morning jogging.

    Because they had learned the way to practice Qi from Fang Qiu, in the early morning, students practicing their Qi could be seen everywhere in the school.

    The scene greatly gratified Fang Qiu.

    Finishing breakfast, when it was about 8 o’clock, Fang Qiu directly headed to the hospital.

    Recently, he had many things to attend to, thus he hadn’t seen a patient in a long time. The acupuncture department had been popular because of him, however, in the past few days, it gradually lost popularity again.

    However, as Fang Qiu just arrived at the hospital, the news that Dr. Xiao Fang started to see patients immediately spread over.

    Hearing the news, the patients, who had already registered, immediately swooshed back in line to re-register. They all wanted to register to see Dr. Xiao Fang.

    “We only need to register to see a general doctor to see Dr. Xiao Fang. It’s so great.”

    “Right. The specialist doctors only see a limited number of patients in one day. Though Dr. Xiao Fang’s ability is definitely at the specialist level, I still want to keep registering to see a general physician.”

    While queuing, they were having small talks. They did not get restless because of the long line at all. Instead, every one of them spoke merrily when talking about Dr. Xiao Fang.

    Meanwhile, in other departments, when they got on duty, the doctors saw there had been many registered patients on their computers. However, when they officially started to see patients, they found many of them absent. The patients wouldn’t come even the doctors called their names again and again.

    Just when they were feeling puzzled, they heard the news that Dr. Xiao Fang had come to see patients. These doctors instantly understood that patients all turned to Dr. Xiao Fang’s office.

    This kind of situation made every one of them shake their heads and bitterly smile.

    It was in the acupuncture department.

    Outside Fang Qiu’s consulting room, the waiting room was full of people; patients even waited along the hallway. A young nurse was sent to help in front of Fang Qiu’s consulting room, collecting medical records and calling names.

    Because they had all registered with sequential numbers, they did not worry that their sequences got mixed up, or someone would cut in line or something.

    However, in the consultation room, Fang Qiu did not stop for a second to carefully examine every patient.

    Once he started seeing patients, he did not stop until it was noon.

    However, though he had been seeing patients for the entire morning, their diseases could all be solved by acupuncture. None of them had a serious disease that needed the use of mental power.

    Until it was afternoon, supported by a middle-aged man, an elder man walked into the consulting room.