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Chapter 393 - Also So Inhuman!

Medical Master
     Chapter 393 Also So Inhuman!

    “Hello, Dr. Xiao Fang.”

    Having helped the elder man walk to the desk, the middle-aged man greeted.

    “Good afternoon.”

    Fang Qiu smilingly answered and then gestured him to help the elder man to sit. At the same time, he said to the elder man, “How are you feeling, mister?”


    The elder man sat down and raised his hand. Because of the old age, on the elder man’s face, one could not see any expressions.

    Fang Qiu asked, “How old are you, mister?”

    “He’s 82.”

    The middle-aged man said, “It’s all because of this disease. Otherwise, he would be in good health now.”

    Fang Qiu sat down and asked, “What’s the disease, tell me.”

    The middle-aged man said, “The examination result says his both carotid arteries are blocked. 50% of the left carotid artery and 80% of the right one is blocked.”

    Fang Qiu pursued. “When did you discover it and how?”

    “It’s about one month ago. In the first, he just felt limb in the leg. He couldn’t walk on his own and often said he felt dizzy.”

    While looking at the elder man, the middle-aged man said, “We sent him to the hospital to have color ultrasonography on his carotid arteries on the very day, and the doctor suggested setting up stents, but my old man didn’t want them. We tried to persuade, but in the end, we found rejection in his body, so we gave up the idea. And he doesn’t want surgeries either. After all, he’s of such old age and there are risks. What if something happens to him?”

    Fang Qiu nodded while answering. “I see.”

    “In the way I see it, I guess Western Medicine can’t treat him without big operations, so both he and I want to try Chinese Medicine. That’s why we came here.”

    While saying that, the middle-aged man looked at Fang Qiu and smiled a little awkwardly. “In fact, when I just came, I wanted to register to see someone in the Chinese Medicine medical department, but I heard many talking about you while queuing. I thought acupuncture was a part of Chinese Medicine, so I directly came to you.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu somewhat felt kind of sad.

    Why did people only think of Chinese Medicine when Western Medicine failed them? Why did they only want to try Chinese Medicine when they thought all hope was lost?

    “I’ll first examine him.”

    After saying that, Fang Qiu started diagnosis.

    After using Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease, Fang Qiu found the elder man’s body had been weak from the torture. It was no wonder that he was already having difficulty in speaking at only 82.

    After the examination, Fang Qiu reached out to feel the elder man’s neck.

    It looked like he was examing, but in fact, he was secretly controlling his mental power to inject into the elder man’s neck. With a closer look, he indeed found obstructions in the elder man’s both carotid arteries.

    In this case, it would be easy to dredge them with internal Qi.

    However, internal Qi was too strong, while the elder man’s body and carotid arteries had been very weak. With mistreatment, you could damage arteries which had already been weak. Therefore, using internal Qi to dredge was obviously not the best way.

    When internal Qi was not an option, Fang Qiu could only mental power.

    “Mister, please follow me.”

    Thinking about that, Fang Qiu stepped forward to help the elder man walk to the acupuncture chair to sit.

    Then, he fetched a moxa stick.

    On the right, about a palm away from the elder man’s neck, Fang Qiu directly lit them. When the burning moxa stick was lit and gave off the medical power, Fang Qiu used his internal Qi to push all of them into the elder man’s apertures.

    Meanwhile, his mental power surged and quickly permeated into the elder man’s right carotid artery. While leading the medical power, he cleared obstructions from the arteries.

    After the clearing, those obstructions quickly dissipated and vanished under the erosion of the medical power.

    The regular blood flow in the arteries was also restored.


    Just when they were cleared, the elder man grunted. He sounded like he was enjoying it, but at the same time, he also sounded he was suffering from it.

    By his side, the middle-aged man cocked an eyebrow.

    He was completely unable to understand what Fang Qiu was doing.

    Was this Dr. Xiao Fang really that amazing like everybody had said?

    Did he really possess that amazing medical skills?

    However, before his eyes, it wasn’t medical skills that this Dr. Xiao Fang was using, right?

    The middle-aged man was very anxious.

    Because before his eyes, apart from lighting the moxa stick held in Fang Qiu’s right palm and using Fang Qiu’s left hand to feel the elder man’s neck, Fang Qiu did nothing else.

    Even, with his posture, Fang Qiu really resembled those who practiced witchcraft like dancing as if they had been possessed in the folk culture.

    Could it cure diseases?

    The middle-aged man doubted in his heart, especially, when he heard the elder man’s grunt, he grew even more anxious in his heart.

    At that time, Fang Qiu stopped his action.

    He turned around and stood on the elder man’s left and continued the previous set of actions.

    It was like playing Scarecrow Tag.

    After performing the exactly same actions, Fang Qiu stopped moving.

    The longer he watched, the more depressed the middle-aged man felt.

    In his heart, he almost could not suppress his curses anymore; however, it was, after all, the hospital, and he should not shout in anger. Anyway, it would be fine as long as the doctor did not hurt the elder man.

    He managed to suppress it.

    It was after three minutes.


    Only after having dredged the elder man’s carotid artery with the way he just used did Fang Qiu heave a long sigh. He glanced at the middle-aged man standing aside and said, “It’s done.”

    At the same time, Fang Qiu couldn’t help nodding in his heart.

    It seemed that his assumption was right; his mental power could really perform the so-called surgeries of Western Medicine without opening up patients.

    In Western Medicine, they used the most direct way, where the patients were opened up, to handle causes of diseases invisible to the naked eye, for example, the disease such as obstruction.

    Before this, numerous people thought surgeries impossible in Chinese Medicine.

    However, now, after trying it personally, Fang Qiu could totally question the masses: Who the hell said there weren’t surgeries in Chinese Medicine?

    It was at the same time.

    “You finished?”

    The middle-aged man looked at Fang Qiu with a completely stunned face, asking, “I’ve looked it up in books. You’re using moxibustion, right? But you didn’t even put the moxa stick on him. Can the medical power work into him? Is it really effective? How many sessions does it take to completely cure him?”

    Hearing the middle-aged man’s so many questions, Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled, “No more. He has been cured.”


    The middle-aged man was stunned and asked in disbelief. “You’re saying my father has been cured?”

    Fang Qiu nodded firmly to answer, “Yes.”

    “How’s that possible?”

    The middle-aged man immediately cocked an eyebrow and said, slightly miffed. “To cure him, the doctors even suggested setting up stents. And we failed to cure him after trying so many methods. How could you just cure him in minutes? Dr. Xiao Fang, stop joking with me. Just tell me the truth if you can’t cure the disease, and you don’t have to make up such lies to coax me. As long as you don’t worsen my father’s conditions, I won’t make trouble for you. Why do you have to make up such things to lie to me?”

    It was at the same time.

    Fang Qiu asked, “Mister, how are you feeling now?”

    “Pretty good. I’m feeling much more comfortable.”

    The elder man was just having difficulty speaking, now, he answered exceptionally smoothly.

    Fang Qiu said with a smile. “You’ve completely recovered from your disease. Pay more attention to yourself from now on. You’ll gradually grow back in good health.”

    The elder man nodded to reply and then got up supported by Fang Qiu. “OK.”

    “Dr. Xiao Fang, if you really don’t want to take my father, you can just say it. We can really skip these kinds of unnecessary words.”

    The middle-aged man said to Fang Qiu and then helped the elder man, ready to leave.

    “This is a hospital.”

    Looking at the middle-aged man and the elder man whose backs were facing him, Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can just have him examined. In this way, you can stop worrying and he can also be at ease.”

    “Of course I’m going to have him examined.”

    The middle-aged man said without looking back, “If his condition is worsened by you, I’ll need to find you for that.”

    Saying that, the middle-aged man helped the elder man out of the consulting room and did not stop for a second to directly have his father examined.

    However, it turned out that once the examination results came out, he found his father really had recovered.

    After that, the middle-aged man was immediately dumbfounded.

    He had seen the entire process of Fang Qiu’s treatment. Fang Qiu only performed those several actions and motionlessly stood for a few minutes, and then cured the disease?

    It was nearly too unbelievable!

    Shocked, the middle-aged man also thought of the words he said to Fang Qiu before he left the consulting room. Immediately, he felt his cheeks burning.

    Fang Qiu helped cure his father’s disease, whereas he angrily questioned Fang Qiu.

    The more he thought, the more embarrassed he felt.

    Since Dr. Xiao Fang had such excellent medical skills, how would he have the nerve to see Fang Qiu if he had any other diseases later?

    “No, I have to fix this today.”

    Saying that, the middle-aged man pondered and then hurriedly took out his phone to make a call.


    Once the call was put through, the middle-aged man said, “Quickly, go get a flag. Write ‘To Dr. Xiao Fang of the Affiliated Hospital of UJCM. Magical hands bringing the dying back to life and modern-day Hua Tuo. Inscribe the date, your, my, and Dad’s names.”

    “Well, go look for a shop that makes flags. I’ll text you what’s written on it in detail.”

    Half an hour later, a woman ran into the hospital carrying a thing like a brocade box.

    At the gate of the hospital, after picking up the woman, the middle-aged man made the elder man sit on the waiting chair in the hall, while he took his wife together with him, rushing to the Fang Qiu’s consulting room in the acupuncture apartment.

    They sent the flag and the couple thanked Fang Qiu again and again.

    With difficulty, finally, they resolved the embarrassment of having previously questioned Fang Qiu.

    Also, Fang Qiu modestly accepted the flag in their continuous thanks, asking the two to quickly attend the elder man.

    Soon, the news that Fang Qiu used moxibustion to cure carotid artery obstruction, under the couple’s advertisement, soon spread in the entire hospital.

    Hearing the news, it created a real buzz in all the departments in the hospital.

    Moxibustion to cure carotid artery obstruction?

    How was that possible!

    This kind of disease could only be cured by surgeries. How could moxibustion cure it?

    How on earth did Fang Qiu do it?

    Without a doubt, the matter shocked many people.

    Meanwhile, the director Su Mudong also heard the news from his subordinates’ work reports and instantly feel shocked.

    “Using moxibustion to cure artery obstruction?”

    “This Fang Qiu, is really a treasure… haha.”

    While Su Mudong laughed because of having Fang Qiu the treasure, in the meanwhile, Shen Chun and Cao Ze of the orthopedics on the seventh floor were completely dumbfounded.

    When in orthopedics, Fang Qiu had done many things that no humans could accomplish.

    They didn’t expect that after going to the acupuncture department, Fang Qiu was also so inhuman.

    Moxibustion was indeed effective against meridian obstructions, but artery obstruction was very different; even if it indeed worked, it would not be too effective.

    How on earth did Fang Qiu do it?