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Chapter 394 - Have Met a Heavenly God!

Medical Master
     Chapter 394

    Have Met a Heavenly God!

    The entire hospital was stunned!

    Everyone could not figure out how did Fang Qiu use such a simple method to cure such a difficult disease?

    At that time, even many old specialists were confused.

    When they had time, many physicians and old specialists walked to the acupuncture department. Every one of them was full of doubt and ready to ask Fang Qiu how he did it on earth.

    However, when they arrived at the acupuncture department, they only found that Fang Qiu had already left.

    It was at the same time.

    Fang Qiu had just walked out of the hospital.

    “You’re sure?”

    While talking on the phone, Fang Qiu headed to the school.


    At the other end of the phone, Li Ji’s voice rang. He said, “The information about the HNS organization you’ve given me has been confirmed.”

    “Got it.”

    Fang Qiu hung up the phone.

    In the consulting room, when he saw Li Ji calling on his phone, Fang Qiu knew it was about this matter.

    Back at the school, Fang Qiu immediately packed up his things.

    Since the information had been confirmed, he could not falter anymore; he must go to Bhutan right away.

    To cut the weeds and dig up the roots!

    Packing up his stuff, Fang Qiu immediately booked the latest flight to Lhasa, wanting to enter Bhutan from Lhasa.

    It was at that time.

    “Ring, ring, ring…”

    Fang Qiu’s ringtone rang again.

    He pulled out his cell phone and had a look.

    It was He Gaoming calling.

    “Hello?” Fang Qi picked up the phone.


    He Gaoming’s flattering voice came. He said, “Well, Elder Yi couldn’t reach you, so he asked me to give you the appearance fee of the previous friendly competition session.”


    Fang Qiu understandingly nodded.

    He Gaoming asked, “Your card number?”

    Fang Qiu replied. “Elder Yi should know that I only accept cash.”

    He Gaoming said awkwardly, “Er, it’s in cash.”

    “Wait in your detective agency. I’ll drop by now to fetch it.”

    After that, Fang Qiu immediately took out two suitcases from the closet.

    In the two suitcases, there was cash worth six million in total.

    “There’s an hour left. I can still make it.”

    Looking at the time, Fang Qiu carried the suitcases and set off. He first withdrew all the money in the account and then deposited the six million into it.

    Then, he carried the money he had withdrawn, returned to the school to change into the mysterious man’s clothes. He hurried to He Gaoming’s detective agency and took the money Elder Yi gave to him.

    After leaving the detective agency, Fang Qiu directly donated the money to charity houses.

    Back at school, he changed back into his usual wear. Holding the bank card which he could use to withdraw six million in total, Fang Qiu couldn’t help feeling “I’m rich”.

    Six million!

    “Well, guess I can find somebody to fight if I get no money later.”

    Tittering, Fang Qiu carried his backpack.

    Taking out his phone while walking out of the school, Fang Qiu texted Jiang Miaoyu, his three roommates including Zhu Benzheng, and Xu Miaolin on WeChat, saying he would be occupied and would not come back to school in the next few days.

    After texting them, Fang Qiu hurried to the airport. When he got the flight ticket, he was just in time.

    Boarding, he set off for Lhasa!

    More than four hours later, the plane landed in Lhasa.

    He got off the plane.

    Walking out of the airport, Fang Qiu carried his backpack and galloped toward Bhutan under the guidance of a map. Though Lhasa was at altitude, Fang Qiu didn’t feel a lack of oxygen in the least. Instead, in the fresh air, he felt Heaven and Earth energy richer than that in other places.

    Because there were no people on the road, Fang Qiu was very fast.

    He galloped all the way.

    Just when he was having the time of his life, a roar of the engine suddenly came.

    Looking up into the distance, before him, he found three cars appear on a slope halfway up the mountain.

    At that time, it was snowing in the sky.

    Obviously, the three cars came here for traveling. Also, apparently, they didn’t check the weather before coming. Otherwise, never in a million years dared they drive on this kind of road on a snowy day.

    Because it was halfway up the mountain and it was a slope, though it was not steep, right beside the road, there was an exceptionally steep cliff!

    On the ground, the snow turned into ice, making the road very slippery.

    Therefore, the three cars all drove very slowly.

    “Still going in this kind of weather? Don’t you want to live anymore?”

    Fang Qiu thought in his heart.

    From his backpack, he pulled out the mysterious man’s special mask and wore it on the face, ready to accelerate to rush past them.

    However, the moment Fang Qiu rushed out, before him, the two of the three cars in the front had already smoothly driven off the slope and turned to a safe place. However, the third car, when it was about to take a turn, its wheels slipped. Then, the roar of the engine rang. The car made a U-turn on the spot. The rear of the car swung and directly rushed to the cliff beside the cliff. The car was nearly off the cliff.

    “This is bad.”

    Fang Qiu was shocked in his heart.

    Fortunately, he had originally gone all out, ready to surpass the three cars.

    When the third car was about to slip off the cliff, Fang Qiu just arrived in front of the car.

    He saw that the car could not stop and the rear half of the car had already fallen. Then, Fang Qiu hurriedly rushed forward to grab the hub of the left wheel.

    Fang Qiu knew that he could never grab the bumper in front of the car.

    With the grab, the bumper would surely snap because of the force that came with the car’s falling. Therefore, at the first opportunity, he chose the hub.


    Grabbing the hub, Fang Qiu secretly shouted deeply. While his internal Qi surged up, he suddenly lifted his right hand.

    The huge force should have actually halted the car which had been falling.

    People had jumped off the two cars in the front. Seeing the scene, all of them froze.

    While at the same time, Fang Qiu exerted his force.

    He immediately dragged the car up and forcibly pulled it back on the road.

    The people in the car didn’t even dare to think and immediately jumped off the car.

    It was a young man.

    Seeing the masked man who had bare-handed saved him from the cliff, maybe his knees softened from the terror attack or due to some other reasons, pale-faced, the young directly knelt before Fang Qiu.

    “God, thank you for saving my life. Please, save my mother too.”

    The young man successively kowtowed.

    Fang Qiu hurriedly to walked aside.

    He could not take such a huge homage.

    After stopping the young man from kowtowing anymore, Fang Qiu then looked into the car in doubt.

    He saw on the backseat of the car lying an old lady whose face was as white as a sheet.

    “Dear Heavenly God, she’s my mother.”

    The young man hurriedly walked over and begged with a miserable face. “My mother is so unlucky to have had terminal gastric cancer. To realize her wishes, I drove her to travel to places despite the snowy weather and should have run into you, dear Heavenly God. I beg you. Please save my mother.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu flashed forward.

    When others didn’t see Fang Qiu at all, the car door opened itself. Fang Qiu appeared in front of the car door and felt the old lady’s pulse.

    It turned out that he found the old lady indeed had developed cancer and was about to have the last moment of her life.

    Without a doubt, the disease was fatal!

    Though Fang Qiu had ways to cure it, he did not bring any things that could be used to cure her. He had no herbs or acupuncture materials.

    How could he even try to save her?

    An idea occurred to him, and Fang Qiu immediately thought of the experiment he had done.

    “Since I can dredge arteries with my mental power, so why can’t I use it to perform surgeries, directly cutting the tumor inside the old lady’s body?”

    While thinking of that, Fang Qiu gave the young man a confirming glance and directly got on the car. “Yes, I will.”

    The young man was pleasantly surprised and also immediately sat in the car.

    Others who had got off the other two cars hurriedly used a warning triangle to block the road.

    In the car, Fang Qiu opened his mouth. “Turn on the air conditioner, and set a high temperature.”

    The young man hurriedly turned on the air conditioner.

    Then, Fang Qiu directly put both hands on the place where the old lady’s stomach was. Then, he closed his eyes to internally see the conditions inside the old lady’s body.

    Seeing the tumor lump, Fang Qiu did not hesitate in the least.

    He directly turned his mental power into a lancet and cut the tumor in the old lady’s stomach.

    Meanwhile, while injecting internal Qi into the old lady’s body, he quickly split and dissolved the tumor inside the old lady’s body, and made internal Qi permeate all over the old lady’s body. After having removed all the cancer cells that had spread, he then used his mental power as a thread to stitch up the old lady’s wounds.

    Of course, it was not real stitching.

    Once he withdrew his mental power, the old lady’s wounds would be bound to split again.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu could only keep transferring internal Qi onto the old lady’s wounds, helping and stimulating the recovery of the wounds.

    Just like that, after fully spending half an hour, he finally finished it.

    After finishing all of that, Fang Qiu again used his internal Qi to help the old lady dredge the meridians all over her body. Then, he heaved a long sigh and said, “It’s done.”


    The young man got pleasantly surprised.

    Fang Qiu nodded and got off the car. “Really.”

    The young man was so excited that he could not say a word, and he hurriedly went to check his mother.

    However, at this time, Fang Qiu just got off the car and said, “Take care.” Then, he bounced on the tip of his foot and directly rose high into the air. As fast as an immortal, he flew out to continue to head to Bhutan.

    On the road, all the people on the three cars blankly stared at each other.

    “Did, did he just fly away?”

    “Yes, he did.”

    “I saw it too.”

    “Is he really a, a Heavenly God?”

    “We really met a Heavenly God?”

    Everyone was a little stuttering from the shock.

    In his car, the young man also saw the way Fang Qiu flew away and was also speechless with shock.

    “No matter if he’s a god or not, we need to leave this place quickly. This place is too dangerous. If other cars come, there will easily be a car accident. And, no matter if he’s a god or not, first we need to send Aunt to the hospital to have an examination, to see if Aunt has really recovered from the disease or not.”

    Soon, the three cars resumed driving forward, rushing to a hospital.

    It was at the same time.

    Fang Qiu still hurried on with his journey.

    Just when he was about to reach Bhutan, the three cars arrived at a hospital in Lhasa at the same time.

    After an examination, they found the old lady had really recovered from the disease.

    The result had pleasantly shocked the young man so much that he burst into tears.

    Finally, he finally did not need to regret not having cared for his parents when they were about to go.

    Looking at the examination result, the young man knelt on the spot. To the direction that Fang Qiu had left in back then, he heavily kowtowed three times.

    The people who drove together with him all successively posted on their WeChat Moments.

    “You might not believe me, but we met a immortal in Lhasa! For my entire fucking life, I haven’t expected that there are really immortals in the world!”

    However, people were all making fun of it in the comment section.

    Also, many people asked what on earth had happened.

    Meanwhile, after climing over hills and mountains non-stop, Fang Qiu also finally arrived at Bhutan.

    After the arrival, Fang Qiu still did not stop for a second, directly heading to the home base of the HNS organization.