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Chapter 395 - Someone Had Raised the Alarm!

Medical Master
     Chapter 395 Someone Had Raised the Alarm!

    The Kingdom of Bhutan, also known as Bhutan, was a landlocked country between Huaxia and India, located along the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas.

    It wasn’t very big, neither did it have a large population.

    This was still one of the world’s least developed countries to date.

    Bhutan had a great geological diversity, with the northern part having the highest elevations compared to the low-lying south. The elevation decreased from north to south, as though it was part of a slope of a gigantic mountain.

    With the exception of the southern plains, Bhutan was mainly covered with steep mountains that made up more than 95% of its landscape. The difference in elevation in Bhutan was also very vast, reaching 7,500 meters above sea levels at its highest elevation and 97 meters at its lowest.

    Perhaps because of its small land area with most of its land area under forest cover, and the huge difference in elevations, Bhutan had not developed much over the years.

    This was also why Bhutan became the place of refuge for many criminals.

    It wasn’t a very developed country, so the security wasn’t very tight. Moreover, since large swathes of the land were covered in forests, there were many criminal organizations from various countries and wanted criminals who sought refuge in Bhutan. It would be extremely hard for them to be discovered once they arrived in this country and it would be very hard to detect them even if with the help of satellites.

    Fang Qiu moved past the Himalayas and entered Bhutan.

    He looked straight ahead as he stood on a high peak that was 8,000 meters above sea level.

    Fang Qiu could easily see very far because Bhutan was located on a slope.

    “Longitude and latitude!”

    Fang Qiu dug out his phone, opened the satellite map, and keyed in the coordinates.

    Soon, he locked in on his destination.

    He immediately enlarged the satellite picture after he locked in on his destination.

    He discovered that he wasn’t too far from his destination. It was also located at high elevations, so he guessed that it should be along the borders of Bhutan and around 100 kilometers from where he was currently at.


    He immediately rose into the air without a second’s hesitation and headed straight toward the HNS hideout.

    He flew straight for 100 kilometers without stopping.

    This was an extremely long distance to the people of Bhutan and a distance of 100 kilometers would end up being a journey of 300 to 400 kilometers because of the numerous mountains. However, this was nothing to Fang Qiu since he could fly!

    Fang Qiu didn’t have to worry about being spotted now that he was deep in the mountains and forest and immediately rose into the air.

    Soon, Fang Qiu was not more than three kilometers away from the HNS hideout. He landed in the forest in order to avoid startling the enemy and ran as fast as he could under the cover of the trees.

    He stopped at the peak of a mountain 2,500 meters later.

    There was a valley less than 500 meters ahead.

    This was a valley that was more than one kilometer wide.

    It was surrounded by mountains, but these mountains were not linked together. Instead, these mountains were all standalone mountains. It was extremely convenient to get in and out of this valley since there were exit paths all around.

    “They’ve really selected a great location,” he said as he squinted to try to get a better look at the center of the valley.

    He spotted several wooden houses that were circled by a wooden fence. This wooden fence circled quite a large area.

    It reminded him of the farms in America from a distance.

    “Is this their headquarters?” Fang Qiu looked around and focused on an area near these wooden houses.

    There were three shipping containers laid out side by side.

    It seemed like this was indeed the secret hideout of the HNS organization.

    “That’s strange,” Fang Qiu wondered after he spent some time looking around the area. He realized that he had not seen a single person around.

    This valley seemed empty.

    An idea came to him.

    He stopped concealing his tracks and immediately flew into the air, moving toward the shipping containers.


    He soon arrived in front of these shipping containers.

    Just as he had suspected, these three shipping containers had been welded together to form a huge space.

    Strangely, the door to the shipping containers was unlocked, and there was no one inside!

    “Something’s wrong,” Fang Qiu couldn’t help but say with a frown after he took a look at his surroundings.

    The shipping containers were completely empty with not a single person or thing to be found!

    He could tell from the marks on the floor that the things stored inside these shipping containers had been moved away.


    Fang Qiu turned and flew toward the wooden houses nearby.

    The wooden houses were also completely empty with nothing to be found.

    The entire valley was like a ghost town!

    “How could this be?” Fang Qiu wondered in confusion.

    Then, he immediately sat cross-legged and exerted his Great Hand of Destruction to mobilize the Heaven and Earth energy while he used his mental power to check on his surroundings. However, he didn’t discover anything unusual nearby.

    “There isn’t anyone nearby at all?” Fang Qiu was completely at a loss.

    It seemed as though someone had raised the alarm, and thus, everyone from the HNS organization had left.

    He was at a complete loss because he didn’t know how to track these people down.

    He was only a year-one college student, so he didn’t know where to even begin.

    “If only I had mastered some of the sleuthing skills from the army,” he exclaimed.

    He shook his head and was about to check out his surroundings when he heard the loud sound of a propeller.


    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu immediately looked toward the source of the noise.

    He saw a helicopter that seemingly appeared from nowhere rising toward the sky.

    He immediately went on the alert after he saw the helicopter.

    He could clearly tell from the design and words printed on the helicopter that it was not from Bhutan.

    This could only mean that the helicopter was sent by the HNS organization!

    Meanwhile, the pilot of the helicopter stared at the radar on his control panel and his co-pilot held a tiny remote control. After the pilot made sure the helicopter was in position, his co-pilot hit the red button on the remote control.

    Then, there were deafening explosions.

    “Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!”

    The pilots looked down and saw that explosions had rung out across the entire valley, and billowing flames rose toward the sky.

    The entire valley was razed to the ground in a matter of a few seconds.

    Thick smoke filled the air and blocked their vision.


    The two pilots cheered, clapped, and chuckled gleefully.

    Unfortunately, they did not know that there was a faint blue light flickering in the midst of the thick smoke that covered the valley below.

    Fang Qiu, who stood in the heart of the valley, had immediately exerted all his internal Qi to form a shield around him the moment he discovered the bombs planted in the valley.

    He knew that he wouldn’t have been able to flee.


    Fang Qiu was unharmed because he was protected by his internal Qi, but he looked terrible because of the bombs that littered the valley. The force from these bombs was extremely intense. These bombs were produced in Huaxia and utilized the world’s most powerful explosive, CL-20.

    Fortunately, he was standing in a place where the force of the explosions from two bombs was the smallest. This was how he barely managed to block the bomb blast. If he hadn’t been standing on such a good location, he would have been seriously injured, if not killed.

    The thick smoke gradually dissipated, and Fang Qiu looked up coldly at the helicopter in the sky.

    “Go to hell!” Fang Qiu roared angrily after the thick smoke had dissipated.

    After he shouted, he stomped hard on the ground, and a tremendous force suddenly rippled outward, which caused the rocks around him to lift off and rise up into the sky.

    He stretched out his right hand and grabbed an airborne rock that was the size of his two fists together.

    Then, he channeled the energy of his internal Qi, swung his hand, and sent the rock straight at the helicopter in the sky!


    A shrill sound rang out.

    The moment the rock left his hand, it sailed like a meteor falling from the sky. It shot straight up into the sky and landed squarely on the fuel tank of the helicopter.


    There was a loud crack.

    He had thrown the rock with such force that it pierced through the body of the helicopter.

    The next moment, the helicopter lost its balance.

    The helicopter was destabilized, and it plummeted unsteadily to the ground.

    It exploded even before it hit the ground.


    The explosion was so bright that it seemed like fireworks had exploded in the sky.

    After it exploded in mid-air, the helicopter was reduced to tiny shards of rubble.

    After the helicopter crashed to the ground, Fang Qiu immediately flew up and recovered the bodies of the two pilots from the rubble.

    He realized that they were normal humans and not another species.

    “No wonder they slipped under my radar earlier when I was sensing the energy of Heaven and Earth,” he muttered to himself.

    He looked at the blackened valley ahead and couldn’t help but frown.

    Someone had clearly sounded the alarm.

    The fact that they had planted so many explosives within the valley meant that the HNS organization was clearly prepared for him or someone else to infiltrate their hideout.

    He quickly dug out his phone and called Li Ji.

    “Senior,” Li Ji said as he picked up the call.

    “I’m at Bhutan,” Fang Qiu said and went straight to the point, “someone had sounded the alarm!”

    “What?” Li Ji froze in horror before he exclaimed in shock. “What are you doing in Bhutan, and what do you mean by someone has sounded the alarm?”

    Fang Qiu told Li Ji what he had been through in Bhutan.

    Li Ji was shocked by his words.

    He was surprised to hear that the mysterious man had gone to Bhutan and had nearly died.

    Clearly, the enemy was very well prepared.

    Li Ji immediately understood why Fang Qiu said that someone had sounded the alarm.

    “Senior, I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this. Let’s keep in touch,” Li Ji said before he hung up.

    On the other hand, in the valley.

    Fang Qiu scoured the area but did not find anything unusual, so he was forced to return empty-handed.

    At the same time, 50 kilometers away.

    Three people sat in a row in front of a computer in a spacious shipping container. There was a large high-resolution monitor behind the computer.

    The monitor showed the valley from the up above, and the video showed someone below before the explosions shook the valley. It also showed how this person emerged after the billowing smoke dissipated and how he threw a rock that pierced through the helicopter.

    The video was exceptionally clear.

    However, the video turned shaky after the rock pierced through the helicopter before it turned black.

    This was obviously a feed from the helicopter.

    Those three people fell silent after the screen went black.

    “I didn’t expect our efforts to lay out this trap to come to naught. We didn’t manage to trap an entire army as we had expected and couldn’t even get rid of this kid!”