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Chapter 400 - Leave Your Contact Information!

Medical Master
     Chapter 400 Leave Your Contact Information!

    “You, you dared to hit me?”

    Being tossed away to the side by Fang Qiu, the woman instantly went crazy. While shouting like she had been greatly wronged, she waved her hands, ready to rush to Fang Qiu to fight it out.

    However, it was at that moment.


    The door creaked open.

    Then, a doctor went out of the emergency room and shouted fiercely. “Cut it off.” He glared at the woman who was yelling curses and asked, “Who’s the patient’s family?”

    “Me, it’s me.”

    Stopping the yelling, the woman hastily tidied her clothes and hurriedly ran to the doctor’s side and asked, “Doctor, how’s my father?”

    “He’s safe.”

    The doctor glanced at the woman angrily and said, “He’s just in a coma for now.”

    “But, there’s a problem.”

    Hearing that, the woman immediately tensed up and quickly asked, “What kind of problem?”

    “A problem I can’t quite see through.”

    The doctor said with a frown, “In the beginning, judging from the symptoms, your father should have acute cerebral bleeding. But, we didn’t know why we couldn’t find blood stasis in your father’s brain. But after the examination, we’re sure that your father had cerebral bleeding. We even find vessels with signs of breaking. The vessels were fixed after breaking and causing cerebral bleeding. Who did it?”


    The woman was stunned and didn’t seem to really understand what the doctor said. She asked at once. “Doctor, just tell me. Did my father stay in a coma because the first aid someone gave to him?”

    After saying that, she jerked her head back with a swoosh and glared at Fang Qiu, looking as if she wanted to swallow people alive and to fight desperately.

    “Who told you that?”

    The doctor rolled his eyes at the woman and said, “I’ll tell you this. The reality is exactly the opposite. If that someone hadn’t gone out of their way to give him first aid, your father might have passed away!”

    Hearing that, the woman instantly felt dumbfounded.

    At the same time, the woman’s husband and younger brother also froze.


    However, Fang Qiu just sneered, grabbed Jiang Miaoyu’s hand and strode forward, ready to leave.

    “Wait a minute.”

    Seeing Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu about to leave, the woman rolled her eyes around and immediately said, “I won’t stop you if you want to go, but please leave your contact information, so I can thank you after my father wakes up.”

    Fang Qiu twisted his head back and asked, “You want to have our contact information so that you can scam us once something happens to your father, right?”

    Hearing the words, the woman was instantly choked with surprise.

    She was exactly thinking of that.

    She did not worry about her father’s cerebral bleeding at all. Instead, she feared that her father would wake up too early. After all, it was not every day that she could scam people like this.

    Therefore, she had decided that she would make Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu stay here in every way. Anyway, she must get enough beneficial results.

    Fang Qiu held Jiang Miaoyu’s hand and walked away. “Let’s go.”

    Seeing that, the woman sank her face.

    She immediately threw a glance at her husband and younger brother.

    “Where are you going?”

    “We ask you to leave your contact information. Can’t you hear us?”

    The woman’s husband and younger brother looked at each other and then immediately walked over, intending to stop Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu.

    However, just when the men reached out their hands in front of Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu directly struck out, instantly knocking the two down without the slightest hesitation.

    The two were dumbfounded.

    The did not even know what happened but then they both fell down on the ground.

    Meanwhile, the woman suddenly screamed. “What are you doing?” She pointed at Fang Qiu and cursed. “Why are you hitting people? How can you do this? We wanted your contact information so we could thank you. Why did you hit them?”

    The woman acted like she would not let Fang Qiu go. While cursing, she even stood with her hands on her hips, acting like she would end this with a verbal war.

    However, it was at that time.


    Fang Qiu moved his feet and directly flashed to the front of the woman.

    In the blink of an eye, he rushed to her from five meters away.

    The woman was instantly shocked. The airflow that Fang Qiu brought was like a cold wind, making her feel chilly behind her neck.

    “I’ve been putting up with you since the beginning, but as a man, I don’t want to hit a woman. But, if you dare to curse one more time, don’t blame me for breaking my principles!”

    After saying that and fiercely glaring at her, Fang Qiu then turned around to leave.

    Grabbing Jiang Miaoyu’s hand, he walked into the elevator.

    Seeing Fang Qiu walking into the elevator, the woman instantly did not care about anything in anger. She pointed at Fang Qiu and cursed with an angry face. “You, wait for it. One day I’ll find your school, you little brat!”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu darkened his face.

    He sneered. “Humph!”

    A mass of internal Qi instantly rushed out ferociously.

    There was an extremely crisp and huge sound. “Bang!”

    People saw the mass of internal Qi hit the woman’s face like a slap with its full force. Instantly, the woman was slapped swirling for a few times in the air and then fell to the ground.

    When she stood up again, half of her face was swollen like a rubber ball.

    The woman cried and shouted in pain. “Aargh, aargh…”

    However, she looked around again and again but found nobody there around her. Nevertheless, she really felt the pain and her face was also so swollen that it looked awful.

    Thinking for a while, the woman felt her blood curdling.

    She thought if she had run into a ghost.

    As the saying went, you did not fear a ghost knocking on your door if you were not guilty. The woman, obviously, had done too many bad things. Just after that, she was so frightened that she couldn’t help shivering and even wanted to escape out of the hospital.

    It was in the elevator.

    “How can there be such a person in the world?”

    Jiang Miaoyu sadly held Fang Qiu’s arm and said with an aggrieved face, “It’s you who saved his father. Even the doctor said so. Why did they still abuse us?”

    “Have you heard something like this?”

    Fang Qiu stroked Jiang Miaoyu’s head to comfort her and said with a smile in the meanwhile, “When the forest is big enough, there will be all kinds of birds. When there are so many people in the world, naturally, there will be all kinds of people.”

    However, Jiang Miaoyu feared after that. “If you hadn’t come, I really don’t know what I would have experienced today.”

    Indeed, as a girl, if she really was caught up with the family. Who could she turn to for help?

    The most important thing was the people who had been watching just then now was nowhere to be seen.

    Once entering the hospital, the woman would not care if anyone’s watching, it would the best for her if she could just scam Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Don’t worry.”

    Looking at Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu said smilingly, “I’ve got your back. If someone dares to hurt you, I will hurt him 10 and 100 times more.”

    Jiang Miaoyu raised her head to look at Fang Qiu, her big eyes shining brightly. “Really?”

    Fang Qiu nodded to answer her, confirmed. “Really!”

    Jiang Miaoyu tilted her head and leaned it on Fang Qiu’s shoulder with a happy face. “OK.”

    Arriving on the first floor, Fang Qiu held Jiang Miaoyu’s hand and walked toward the outside.

    It was at this time.

    A shout, accompanied by pattering footsteps, rang. “Wait a minute,”

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu turned around to look at the same time. “Hm?”

    They saw the coming man was none other than the doctor who walked out of the emergency room.

    “Young man, I want to ask you something.”

    Catching up with him, the doctor did not beat around the bush and directly asked, “What kind of first aid did you give to the old man?”

    Fang Qiu answered, “Just the regular first aid procedures.”

    “I’m not talking about this…”

    The doctor immediately shook his head and wanted to express himself more clearly, however, suddenly, something seemed to occur to him; he suddenly smiled, “If that’s what you said. You’re a very responsible and virtuous man. These days it’s rare to see people like you, so I want to make you my friend. Can I have your number?”

    Hearing this, Fang Qiu changed his face. “Why did he sound so weird?”

    However, Jiang Miaoyu couldn’t help bursting into laughter. “Pfft…” Then, she tightly grabbed Fang Qiu’s arms; it looked like she wanted to tell the doctor that this man had been taken.

    The doctor instantly fell speechless. “Hang on, that’s not what I mean.” Though more than 30 years old, he still looked young and in his early 20s.

    Fang Qiu smilingly replied. “I know.” Then, he gave his number to the doctor.

    He did not worry about it at all.

    Anyway, even if the doctor had Fang Qiu’s number, he could never find out who Fang Qiu was by the number. Therefore, in terms of giving him the cell phone number, Fang Qiu did not mind it too much.

    Taking down the number, the doctor asked, “What’s your name?”

    Fang Qiu answered, “John Doe.”


    Fang Qiu was stunned and then suddenly smiled, saying, “Rest assured. I was not trying to get the identity information out of you. It’s simple. I just want to know you.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    The doctor asked, “Do you know why?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head. “I do not.”

    The doctor said, “Because, I’ve smelled strong Chinese herb smell on you. And thinking about the first aid you gave to the old man, I guess you must be a Chinese Medicine. My old man is also a somewhat capable experienced Chinese Medicine.”

    Fang Qiu was curious. “If that’s so, why did you study Western Medicine instead of Chinese Medicine?”

    “Well, there’s a story behind it.”

    The doctor shook his head and said, “When I was little, I thought the traditional Chinese Medicine was outdated, and only Western Medicine could cure people because the patients could see everything when the Western Medicine doctor treated them. For example, when you had a car accident, you would need surgery. But, when I grow older, now, I kind of regret it.

    “From what happened today, you should see how tense the physician-patient relationship now is.

    “To be honest. You Chinese Medicine doctors are the best. I almost want to quit.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu frowned and asked, “You don’t mean it, do you?”

    “Why not?”

    The doctor bitterly smiled and shook his head. Then, he moved his hands to directly lift up his clothes. Pointing at a knife scar on his lower abdomen, he said, “This is from three years ago. Back then, I didn’t ace the surgery and got stabbed by the patient. Even now, the scar still hurts sometimes.”

    Jiang Miaoyu became shocked.

    Fang Qiu was also stunned. He didn’t expect that a doctor was willing to sacrifice so much but instead met with a heavy knife blow.

    Fang Qiu reached out and gently touched the doctor’s scar, and at the same time saw internally using his mental power. “Let me take a look.”

    It turned out that the reason why he was still hurting from the scar sometimes was the inside nerves were still not fully grown.

    He had an idea and immediately nourish the doctor’s scar with his internal Qi, carefully growing the damaged nerves back.


    The doctor was stunned and looked at Fang Qiu with a surprised face, saying, “Why don’t I feel the pain anymore? So amazing?”