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Chapter 649 - Shattering the Heart of Glass

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 649: Shattering the Heart of Glass

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    The group of them gathered together at Ninth-Heaven in the evening, together with Xu Tongxuan and Han Mofeng.

    Due to the large crowd, the atmosphere became livelier.

    Han Mofeng circled around Xu Zhenyu and punched Xu Zhenyu’s chest playfully. “Great, Xu Zhenyu… you’ve changed so much after joining the military. How does that saying go?”

    Gu Junling answered, “People change over time.”

    Han Mofeng chimed in. “Yes, yes, that’s it. No wonder everyone says that the military really changes lives and soldiers are tough as nails. I punched him, but my hand hurts instead.”

    Xu Zhenyu punched him again and said, “Come… let’s have a sparring session! Let me see if you’ve made any improvement, little gigolo.”

    Xu Zhenyu then clenched his fists.

    Ling Qingxuan complained. “Hey, Xu-er… you’re not supposed to be bullying others like this. Han Mofeng is only in military school. How could he compare to an actual soldier like you?”

    Han Mofeng removed his coat and flung it onto the couch. “Sure, let’s spar. I’m not afraid of you!”

    They then exchanged blows, though they knew better than to hit each other on the face.

    Wen Xinya and the rest stood by the side and cheered them on.

    Zhou Tianyu smacked Gu Junling on his shoulder. “See that? Those are real men. You can’t even win a drinking battle and you’re too cowardly to spar physically. You should really learn from Han Mofeng.”

    Ling Qingxuan almost spat his alcohol out and began coughing violently. “Gu Junling, do you feel like your glass of heart has been shattered? Do you need a shoulder to cry on?”

    Gu Junling kicked him.

    Xu Tongxuan guffawed and fell onto the couch. She kicked Gu Junling’s calf and said, “Brother, the revolution has failed. You must work harder!”

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter and patted Gu Junling’s shoulder sympathetically. “Brother, seems like you haven’t been able to succeed in the past decade. It’s time you start being manly.”

    A sullen expression formed on Gu Junling’s face and he said, “We’re decent, refined gentlemen. We only ever engage in a battle of wits and not violence. Did you earn that Breguet watch on your wrist from fighting? People who fight are just dimwitted.”

    Zhou Tianyu subconsciously looked at her watch and burst into laughter. “You’re just a sly and cunning businessman. How dare you have the cheek to call yourself decent? You’re just a decent scum!”

    Wen Xinya and Xu Tongxuan guffawed incessantly while clutching their stomachs.

    Just as Gu Junling was about to say something, Han Mofeng punched him on his chest and chided. “Gu Junling, who are you calling slow-witted? You’re just jealous of us, aren’t you? All girls wish to have strong boyfriends who can shield them from danger and give them a sense of security. Can you do that?”

    Xu Zhenyu adjusted his clothes and said, “The noble leaders of the nation all say that your health is the key to revolution. Do you know why you haven’t been able to succeed in your pursuit even after all these years? It’s because you don’t have a strong body.”

    Ling Qingxuan glanced at Xu Zhenyu before looking at Gu Junling again. “Look at Xu-er, he used to be a wallflower that no one ever noticed. Yet, he’s now turning heads whenever he walks on the streets after joining the military.”

    Gu Junling gritted his teeth in anger, his face extremely sullen.

    Wen Xinya and Xu Tongxuan guffawed and continued to tear up while laughing hysterically.

    Although Zhou Tianyu did not understand what they were talking about, she was used to their occasional jokes and banter. Staring at the mischievous Gu Junling, she laughed too.

    The atmosphere was boisterous and lively.

    Gu Junling stared at Xu Zhenyu and asked, “Didn’t you say that you’ll be returning to the military camp in another few days?”

    In the blink of an eye, eight days had passed since Xu Zhenyu returned to the city.

    Xu Zhenyu was sitting on the couch and casually swirling the glass of wine in his hands, clad in his military uniform which made him look even more alluring and charming.

    Wen Xinya cursed in her head.

    Seemingly having noticed that she was staring at him, Xu Zhenyu smiled at her and said, “I received another mission at sudden notice, so I’ll be staying here for a little longer.”

    Han Mofeng said, “That’s good. I heard that the situation in the Northwest region is very unstable. There were several cases of assault which resulted in seven casualties and more than twenty injured. The police shot four culprits to death and arrested one. The other three accomplices managed to escape, however. It’s said that the military there has been activated as well.”

    Han Mofeng’s words gave everyone a great shock. Clearly, no one paid attention to the news.

    Ling Qingxuan sighed and said, “I didn’t think things would be so tumultuous there.”

    Gu Junling said, “What’s so unexpected about that? Look at Xu-er and you’ll know how messy things can get. The nation doesn’t train and groom soldiers for nothing.”

    The military badges and ranks were achieved by soldiers through blood, sweat, and tears.

    The topic seemed to be a little somber and Wen Xinya turned pale. Her hands began to tremble a little as she held onto the chopsticks.

    Xu Tongxuan interjected. “Ah! Those people must have nothing better to do. All they do is take revenge on humans and resent society. They must be insane.”

    Wen Xinya and the rest agreed.

    Zhou Tianyu looked at Xu Zhenyu and asked, “Xu-er, haven’t you already applied for a transfer? Isn’t there any news yet?”

    Wen Xinya paused in her actions and looked at Xu Zhenyu.

    Ever since Xu Zhenyu headed to the Northwest Military Main Camp, she had been paying attention to the news about the area. She felt much more relieved after he returned to the city.

    Xu Zhenyu answered, “I’ve already submitted the transfer, but I don’t know if it’s confirmed yet. It’s going to take some time though.”

    He had long gotten used to hearing about such cases of assault, for he had taken part in such missions before. Hence, he was not as surprised as Gu Junling and the rest were.

    Han Mofeng said, “If your old man intervenes, everything will be settled.”

    Xu Zhenyu said helplessly, “Ever since I returned, my old man has been talking about military training. He’s hoping that I’ll stay there for a few more years and he doesn’t quite approve of my transfer.”

    He actually wanted to stay there for a few more years and would do so if not for Wen Xinya.

    The guys continued to talk about the military. It was a boring topic that did not interest the girls at all.

    Zhou Tianyu sighed and said, “Xinya, you’ve been shining brightly in the circle of late. You’re so outstanding. The Xia Family has announced on the newspapers that they’re going to sever ties with Xia Ruya, and she’s also been expelled by Zhishan Club. She’s not going to pose a threat to you anymore.”

    Xu Tongxuan agreed. “Xinya, it was tough on you. You had such a hard time getting to where you are today!”

    Wen Xinya smiled and remained silent. They all thought that she was now living a carefree life. However, she was well aware that Ning Shuqian would not take it lying down and Xia Ruya would not admit defeat so easily. She knew that the real battle would begin after she reached adulthood.