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Chapter 653 - Xia Ruya Has Lost All Her Glory

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 653: Xia Ruya Has Lost All Her Glory

    After taking the asset transfer agreement from the Wen Family, Xia Ruya proceeded to look for Lawyer Luo on the very next day. Lawyer Luo verified the validity of the agreement and read the terms out to her. She then signed her name on the agreement to indicate her acknowledgment. Lawyer Luo then handed the details of Old Mr. Wen's assets to her.

    The agreement took effect after it was signed.

    Lawyer Luo was extremely efficient and only took three days to complete all the legal procedures, after which the assets were transferred to her name.

    Although she had inherited a large number of assets, Xia Ruya was not happy at all.

    In this world, everyone kicks a man who is down.

    It was the same for the Wen Family who treated her so coldly and allowed Wen Xinya to continue harming her. They left her in the lurch and even cut ties with her because of this. They even hypocritically tried to brush her off with money.

    She was not thankful for the assets that she had acquired at all, for she felt that she had deserved them. What she received was peanuts compared to the billions of yuan and the Wen Corporation shares that Wen Xinya had inherited.

    She felt extremely disgusted at the thought of Old Mr. Wen's look of endearment.

    Xia Ruya continued to stroll aimlessly along the streets. Reporters no longer surrounded her, bombarded her with questions or snapped photos of her.

    She shifted her gaze onto the citizens walking along the streets, feeling as if she had been pushed off her pedestal and lost all glory.

    However, she felt as if she was an outsider who could not fit in with the crowd.


    She let out a deafening shriek all of a sudden.

    "Are you blind!?!" Xia Ruya had slipped into a daze and was pushed forcefully before she could even recover from the shock. She stumbled over and fell onto someone before plunging onto the ground.

    It was a severe fall which made Xia Ruya tear up incessantly.

    "Are you crying? Fancy you having the cheek to cry. You were clearly the one who knocked into me first and stepped on my heel. You were the one who fell onto the ground and yet you're acting all pitiful and innocent. Are you just trying to scam me? Listen up… everyone here can vouch for me and prove that I didn't touch you at all."

    Screeching voices filled Xia Ruya's ears and she looked up to see that there was a plump lady chubby as a pig standing right in front of her.

    At this moment, the woman was resting her hands on her chunky waist and her fats jiggled while she spoke. She looked extremely mean and unreasonable.

    Holding her tears back, Xia Ruya decided to appease the woman by apologizing to her. After all, such lowly women were the most unreasonable people ever, and it would be embarrassing for Xia Ruya if things were to get blown out of proportion.

    The woman continued to berate her. "What are you sitting on the ground for? Are you trying to shirk the responsibility or retaliate? I'm telling you, you can forget about getting up to any tricks with me. I've met lots of people like you."

    Xia Ruya stared at the woman before her, whose lips were thick like sausages. The woman rattled on and on incessantly, making Xia Ruya feel an urge to cover her ears. She repeatedly tried to apologize, but could not seem to find the chance at all. She was at a loss for what to do because she had never been in such a situation before.

    Everyone else around her was just watching the show and no one bothered to come forth to help her at all, leaving her feeling extremely embarrassed.

    "Hey, she looks really familiar, doesn't she? I wonder where we've seen her before?"

    "Yeah! I find her rather familiar-looking too. Wait a minute… I remember it now. Isn't she the Wen Family's adoptive daughter? Her name is… is… Xia Ruya, right?"

    "Oh dear, it really is her. No wonder I found her so familiar-looking. We used to see her in the newspapers almost every single day. There were reports of her colluding with Madam Wen to plot against Miss Wen and the Wen Family."

    "She's so pretty but so vicious. The Wen Family has raised her for twelve years! Forget it if she's an ingrate. She even turned her back against them. The Wen Family has been extremely disgraced by her, and reputation matters the most in the upper-class society. She's such a heartless villain."

    "Yeah! If it weren't because of the Wen Family, she'd probably still be living poorly in the orphanage. She's enjoyed a life of luxury and yet, she turned her back against the Wen Family and tried to harm them. She's biting the hand that feeds her."

    "Even the Xia Family can't tolerate her and have announced that they're disowning her. I really take pity on the Xia Family. All because of her, no one's going to the Xia Family's chain supermarket to buy groceries anymore. I heard that they've been actively launching promotions in a bid to win the consumers' hearts again."

    "A daughter like her is going to bring trouble to her parents. I wonder what sins the Xia Family committed in their previous life to deserve a jinx like her. How unlucky."

    "Ignore her. Let's go to the Xia Family supermarket to take a look. They're having a sale again. If we go too late, the good stuff might be gone."

    As Xia Ruya sat on the ground in a disheveled state while hearing the gossip about her, she felt a strong urge to flee.

    Although she had long expected such a day to come, she could not tolerate the feeling of being criticized by everyone.

    She sat on the ground with a deadpan expression on her face.

    She had no choice but to admit defeat.