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Chapter 655 - Enjoy the Time You Have Left!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 655: Enjoy the Time You Have Left!

    A sudden tension filled the air and the man pointed the gun at Xia Ruya again.

    Xia Ruya quivered from head to toe and stared at the gun in terror. The black opening of the barrel sent chills down her spine and caused her breathing to quicken. Soon, she began to sob and wheeze while her throat turned dry. She instinctively took a few steps back.

    She licked her dry lips and murmured, "I… I only have these…"

    The man walked towards her in his combat leather boots, causing squeaky sounds to be heard along the safety passageway. It sounded like death.

    Xia Ruya got the goosebumps and stared at the gun that was nearing her. She wanted to scream but could not bring herself to. "I… I still have some money in my bank card. Why don't… I… I go get it for you from the ATM?"

    However, the gun was pressed against her forehead before she could even finish speaking. It was so cold and hard that her blood coagulated. Her lips trembled and she was at a loss for words.

    "What tricks are you getting up to!?!" the man questioned sternly.

    Xia Ruya instantly sobered up and realized that the man was not just asking for money. He had ambushed her in the Xia Family's supermarket so as to avoid suspicion and attract less attention.

    He looked at her arm, seemingly interested in her accessories and cash. He was enticed by her designer clothing and her expensive jewelry, not her platinum card. Clearly, he was afraid of trouble.

    There was only a limited amount of cash that could be withdrawn from the ATM, not to mention the surveillance camera. If she were to get to any tricks, the ATM would be the best place for her to act.

    Hence… the man became much more vigilant.

    She guessed that the man was a fugitive after seeing how vigilant he was.

    She also guessed that he desperately needed a large sum of money.

    Xia Ruyae answered, "My name is Xia Ruya!" She then threw her wallet at him and said, "I'm not lying to you. My personal identification card is in my wallet."

    The man remained silent while still holding his gun up.

    Noticing that he was not provoked, Xia Ruya got a grip on her emotions and continued, "You should have heard about me before. There have been lots of news reports about me lately, circulating all around the internet and magazines. You may surf the internet on your mobile phone and look me up."

    An icy cold expression formed in the man's eyes and he pulled the trigger with a loud and crisp sound.

    Xia Ruya turned pale and continued to shiver uncontrollably. "I don't mean anything else. I really don't… I just wanted to tell you that I've been abandoned by everyone, and if you're after money, you looked for the wrong person."

    She mustered up the courage to finish her words in a hoarse voice that even she could not tolerate.

    The man seemed to be thinking about her words. He then grabbed the mobile phone on the ground and fiddled with it quickly.

    Xia Ruya heaved a sigh of relief as she saw a glimmer of hope.

    Soon, the man threw the mobile phone onto the ground and said with a sullen expression, "Since you don't have any money, there's no point in keeping you…"

    Xia Ruya's heart seemed to stop beating all of a sudden. She mustered up the courage and grabbed the gun tightly. "I may not have any money, but I do know where to get some. I can help you… so long as you don't kill me."

    The man remained silent and stared at her coldly.

    Xia Ruya licked her dry lips and said, "Just check up on Wen Xinya on the internet and you'll know what I mean."

    At the instant that she mentioned Wen Xinya's name, she had a maniacal look in her eyes, making her look extremely vicious and sinister. It was as if she were a venomous, slippery snake.

    Seemingly extremely cash-strapped, the man grabbed the mobile phone and searched Wen Xinya's name on the internet.

    Xia Ruya said with a menacing expression, "Wen Xinya is the heiress of the Wen Corporation and she has just held a lavish coming-of-age ceremony. On the day of her coming-of-age ceremony, her grandfather even gave her a set of dowry which is worth a billion yuan, and she has also inherited ten percent of the Wen Corporation's shares. Most importantly, she's the only heir of the Wen Family as well as the only successor. The Wen Family went through painstaking means to reunite with her."

    The man seemed to be a little enticed by her words. He and his accomplices had escaped from the West region to gather in the city. Yet, they lost contact with the organization and were almost out of firearms and ammunition. Hence, they needed a large sum of money to escape abroad.

    Wen Xinya seemed to be a good choice, for she was the only successor of the Wen Family, and the man reckoned that they would definitely pay the ransom out of fear. Once they get the ransom, they'd kill her and escape abroad. Everything would be fine by then.

    Most importantly, Xia Ruya and Wen Xinya had a deep feud. Xia Ruya would definitely cooperate with them as much as she could in order to get rid of Wen Xinya.

    Noticing that he was enticed, Xia Ruya said sinisterly, "I can help you as long as you don't kill me."

    Xia Ruya grimaced with resentment, for she knew that they would definitely kill Wen Xinya after taking the ransom.

    Xia Ruya suddenly realized that it was not too bad of a thing to have encountered the robber.

    Noticing the sinister look on her face, the man felt like he had finally found a beneficial solution. "How do you plan to help me?"

    Xia Ruya frantically revealed a seamless plan.

    Seemingly giving it some consideration, the man agreed in satisfaction. "Sure! If the plan succeeds, I won't kill you."

    Xia Ruya beamed with joy and said, "Thank you, I'll definitely help you."

    Having had a close shave with death, Xia Ruya turned weak and fell onto the ground, panting heavily. She finally realized that she was drenched in sweat and had turned cold.