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Chapter 658 - The Shirt Really Suits You Well

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 658: The Shirt Really Suits You Well

    Si Yiyan inched closer and said, “I’ll take your silence as consent!”

    His warm breath seemed to raise the temperature of her skin and she suddenly shivered after getting the goosebumps.

    She suddenly remembered a line from a novel about a CEO that she had read: “You’re still denying it. Look… your body is far more honest than your words!”

    She suddenly felt embarrassed and chided herself. Wen Xinya, that’s enough. Where’s your chastity? Do you still have it?

    However, Wen Xinya suddenly understood the meaning of that line. Her body was much more sensitive than her brain and she could not resist the sensation of his touch, his scent, and his body temperature. It was as if every intimate encounter of theirs was deeply etched in her bones.

    Si Yiyan gazed at her while holding the shirt.

    Wen Xinya stared at him and grabbed the shirt resignedly. She pouted and said indignantly, “All you do is bully me.”

    Si Yiyan hugged her and licked her ear. “How could I possibly dare to bully you?”

    Wen Xinya shuddered and teased. “But I like being bullied by you.”

    Si Yiyan’s eyes gleamed with joy and he asked, “You like it when I bully you?”

    Before Wen Xinya could even react, he spun her around and lowered her onto the soft bed, making her feel like she was lying on a bed of fluffy clouds. Si Yiyan then lied down and hovered over her.

    Wen Xinya pushed him away and said, “What are you doing?”

    Si Yiyan smiled and asked, “What do you think I’m doing?”

    “No, you promised that you won’t…” Wen Xinya protested softly.

    “Yes! I’m satisfying your needs,” Si Yiyan answered self-righteously.

    “I don’t have such needs!” Si Yiyan is such a crook. I should show backbone and push him away now.

    Si Yiyan then whispered some lewd and erotic words into her ears.

    She suddenly realized that the romance novels that she had read were rather beneficial for her brain.

    “You’re so lewd.” Wen Xinya felt as if she could dig a hole and hide in it. It’s time for me to show my backbone. Hence, she reached both hands towards his chest.

    “Hahaha…” Si Yiyan burst into laughter.

    Wen Xinya felt a strong urge to bang her head on the wall. She rolled around on the bed, feeling shy and exasperated at herself. I’m so useless, I have no backbone…

    Si Yiyan grabbed the crumpled shirt and handed it to her. “Put it on for me.”

    He stared at her with a commanding aura and sounded rather assertive.

    “Crook!” Wen Xinya was previously reminded of the time when he got intimate with her over the shirt. Hence, she obediently grabbed the shirt, not daring to defy him.

    Si Yiyan exclaimed in satisfaction, “So obedient!”

    Wen Xinya stared at him. He was slender and trim, yet strong and perfect. His muscles were perfectly sculpted and he exuded a charismatic, masculine charm that made her swallow her saliva. How could a man have such a great figure? So dangerously gorgeous!

    She felt extremely smug at the thought of such a perfect man being hers.

    She kept her eyes fixed on Si Yiyan’s body, completely forgetting what it was like to be bashful. The hunger in her eyes made her seem like a female lecher.

    Her passionate reaction was to Si Yiyan’s pleasure.

    “Are you regretting your decision to turn me down…” Si Yiyan asked flirtatiously.

    Wen Xinya threw the shirt at him, feeling like it was a complete mistake to buy him a shirt.

    Si Yiyan was just hoping that she would put the shirt on for him and frantically coaxed. “Don’t get angry. I was just kidding. I won’t touch you.”

    Wen Xinya finally simmered down.

    “This is a special-sized piece of clothing. I heard that it only fits very few people. I wonder if it fits you,” Wen Xinya said excitedly. She was overjoyed at the thought of him wearing the shirt that she bought.

    Si Yiyan smiled and exclaimed, “I trust your taste!”

    Wen Xinya knelt on his bed and helped him put on the shirt.

    Si Yiyan looked at her long and slender fingers which were fair like jade. She felt as if she was carrying out an important task as she buttoned the shirt meticulously. His heart melted upon feeling the tenderness of her fingers.

    She managed to subdue him with just her fingers.

    He knew what it was like to be filled with lust because of a simple touch.

    The shirt seemed to have been made just for him, the gray accentuating his charm and nobility, making him look immaculate and opulent.

    Wen Xinya said, “I didn’t expect it to really fit you.”

    Wen Xinya was suddenly reminded of Jiang Kelan giving her a brief inquiry about men’s sizing. She suddenly felt extremely embarrassed.

    Size 7! It was the golden ratio of men’s body proportions. Resplendent and suave!

    Size 7, he was not buff or athletic. He was slender, yet trim and toned!

    Size 7, he did not have the perfect ratio of proportions. Yet, he was classy and charming!

    Size 7, he was not extremely muscular, but his body was perfectly sculpted!

    Si Yiyan kissed her and said, “You’ve got a great taste.”

    She had never taken his body measurements before. Yet, the clothes that she had bought for him seemed to be tailored for him.

    “It looks great.” Wen Xinya scanned him from head to toe and noticed that the shirt had already become extremely crumpled. She realized that the thing that she had been lying on was the shirt.

    The originally noble and elegant shirt became an object of lust after being crumpled.

    Si Yiyan kissed her again and said, “You must fulfill your promise to me in the future. You must buy my shirt, ties, and belts.”

    Wen Xinya questioned deliberately, “Since when have I ever promised to purchase your shirts, ties, and belts for you?”

    She did not remember making such a promise.

    Si Yiyan asked, “Don’t you want to mark your territory whenever you’re not by my side?”

    After some thought, Wen Xinya answered, “I do!”

    She had to be careful, for such an outstanding man like him was bound to attract unnecessary action.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Let’s not get married then.”

    Wen Xinya realized that she had been exploited by Si Yiyan.