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Chapter 659 - Meeting Ning Yuya

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 659: Meeting Ning Yuya

    Xia Ruya had a hard time breaking free from the fugitive in black. She initially thought that her life had been guaranteed. Yet, she did not expect that he would be so cunning and sly as to attach a ticking time bomb and surveillance devices to her.

    Pistols were prohibited in China. However, some of the wealthy people could get their hands on them through some special means, though it was a tall order to get bombs.

    Xia Ruya reevaluated and scanned the fugitive and realized that he did not look like to be from the East. After thinking about the reports about the West, she subconsciously sensed that they were not just ordinary fugitives and were, in fact, inhumane terrorists.

    The sudden realization caused Xia Ruya to be overwhelmed with fear and terror. However, she also felt strangely excited.

    Wen Xinya would be facing an inhumane, crafty and ruthless bunch of terrorists.

    Could she still escape unscathed?

    No, that’d be impossible.

    Xia Ruya waited for two days before she finally received a call from that man. She knew that he must have gathered enough and accurate information about Wen Xinya.

    The man told her coldly over the phone that he had already made all the necessary preparations.

    Xia Ruya was filled with a mix of emotions including fear, uneasiness, and excitement. She called Ning Yuya and asked to meet her at a bar.

    Of course, she was not as silly as to use her own mobile phone to call Ning Yuya. Instead, she went to the hospital to visit Ning Shuqian and used the latter’s mobile phone to call Ning Yuya.

    At two in the afternoon, Xia Ruya arrived to see that Ning Yuya was already there.

    Xia Ruya hurriedly walked towards her and said, “Yuya, I’m so sorry for being late and making you wait.”

    The man was the one who ordered her to meet Ning Yuya at that bar. Hence, she was not worried about being tailed or caught by the paparazzi at all. She was certain that she could shirk the responsibility.

    Ning Yuya frantically said, “I just arrived not too long ago.”

    Ever since Xia Ruya was expelled from Zhishan Club, Ning Yuya had never met her. Now that they were finally meeting each other again, Ning Yuya realized that Xia Ruya had become terrifyingly gaunt and appeared frail in her white chiffon dress.

    Xia Ruya ordered some alcohol and began chatting with Ning Yuya. “How has Aunt Ning been lately?”

    Holding the glass of alcohol in hand while the light reflected off the glass and shone on her body gracefully, Ning Yuya answered, “My mother’s health has improved greatly and the doctor said that she can be discharged after some observations. She’ll recover better after some counseling.”

    She had never expected her mother to be diagnosed with such an illness. Neither did she expect that her mother would be stuck in such a terrible predicament in the Wen Family. She utterly resented Wen Xinya after finding out about the reason.

    Xia Ruya smiled and said, “Good to hear that Aunt Ning is fine. I’ll visit her in the hospital in another few days.”

    Fortunately, Ning Shuqian’s illness was discovered earlier and had yet to deteriorate. Otherwise, it would be more difficult to treat. She had also heard from Old Mr. Du that the root of such illnesses could not be treated at all.

    Gleaming with joy, Ning Yuya said, “Thank you, Ruya. I heard from Mother that you took care of her throughout the three years that I was away.”

    Xia Ruya smiled and said, “Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Aunt Ning has watched me grow up and always treated me like her own. It’s only right that I take care of her.”Read more chapter on our

    Ning Yuya held her hand, feeling extremely touched.

    Xia Ruya nonchalantly changed the subject. “By the way, Yuya, I heard from Aunt Ning that you borrowed some jewelry from Wen Xinya and you’ve yet to return them. Is that true?”

    Ning Yuya grimaced at the instant that she was reminded of it. She looked extremely horrifying under the dim, yellow light. The expensive set of jewelry was prepared by Old Mr. Wen, who planned to give it to Wen Xinya after she reunited with them. In order to secure her footing in the Wen Family, Wen Xinya tried her best to get into the good books of Ning Yuya and Ning Shuqian. Ning Yuya was attracted to the set of jewelry and hence, tried to make it hers by pretending to borrow it.

    She had long treated the set of jewelry like her own because Wen Xinya did not ask it back.

    However, she did not expect that Wen Xinya would use it to threaten her mother and ask it back thee years later. She felt extremely indignant and hence, delayed the return intentionally.

    Staring at her expression, Xia Ruya knew that the matter was true. She said, “Ruya, if it’s really true, return the jewelry to her! You’d be at a loss if she pursues the matter, especially since it’s expensive.”

    Ning Yuya appeared extremely terrifying beneath the light. “I just find it unfair.”

    Ning Shuqian had also said the same thing. She knew that Wen Xinya had the upper hand and was now in an advantageous position. Besides, the jewelry was a gift from Old Mr. Wen and she would definitely be in hot soup if he were to get involved. However, she just could not take it lying down.

    Xia Ruya sighed and said, “Yuya, we’re in a disadvantageous position now. If Wen Xinya were to get a hold on us, it’d be bad for you and Aunt Ning. You’d better return it!”

    Ning Yuya understood what she meant. However, she could not bring herself to swallow her pride and succumb to Wen Xinya.

    Xia Ruya took out a jewelry box from her bag and stuffed it into Ning Yuya’s hand. “Yuya, I have a set of jewelry here. You may have it. Return that set to Wen Xinya!”

    Ning Yuya declined. “How could I take your things?”

    Xia Ruya smiled and said, “You and I are like blood sisters. It’s only right for me to give you presents. Besides, you’ve also given me lots of things in the past. Hurry and put it away… don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

    Ning Yuya refuted. “Ruya, you’re not in a better plight than me. How could I take your things?”

    Xia Ruya was chased out of the Wen Family home, disowned by the Xia Family and expelled by the Zhishan Club. She was in such a difficult position and yet, she still took care of Ning Yuya, making the latter feel touched.

    Xia Ruya held her hand and said, “I may not be in an advantageous position, but I still have to give these to you. Hurry and put it away… otherwise, I’m going to get angry.”

    Ning Yuya was extremely touched. However, she was reminded of how cash-strapped she was and hence, agreed after some hesitation. “Ruya, thank you!”

    Xia Ruya held her hand and said, “Yuya, Wen Xinya has long become a different person from the Wen Xinya who first returned to the Wen Family. She’s become much harder to get along with. Listen to me. Ask her out later and return the jewelry to her.”

    “Got it!” Ning Yuya agreed, though she felt indignant. She was no fool, after all, and felt that there was no reason for her to be stubborn, especially since Xia Ruya had persuaded her.