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Chapter 661 - Playing Tricks in Front of Me

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 661: Playing Tricks in Front of Me

    The lights suddenly came on, followed by passionate cheers from the dance floor as the DJ started spinning once again. Everyone on the dance floor swayed their bodies with all their might along with the music from the DJ, shaking their slim waists and bottoms, drenched in perspiration from showcasing their passion.

    The lustrous and dazzling lights reflected from the dance floor to this corner. Wen Xinya saw Ning Yuya, whose gorgeous face seemed to be in a trance.

    She seemed to enjoy this kind of atmosphere very much.

    After all, Ning Yuya had changed too much from the past, so much that she almost couldn’t recognize her.

    Wen Xinya sipped on the alcohol in her hand, smiled mildly, and said, “Indeed, it tastes exquisite and fragrant.”

    Ning Yuya stared at the alcohol in her hand, her gaze glowing for some reason. “Is that so? I thought you wouldn’t wanna drink it.”

    Wen Xinya returned the glass to the table and said mildly, “It’s the first time that you, Ning Yuya, is treating me to a drink. How can I say no, right?”

    Ning Yuya frowned slightly. She had long known that Wen Xinya was filled with harshness. However, like before, she still couldn’t handle such sharpness and hostility.

    Wen Xinya looked at Ning Yuya mildly and said, “I’ve finished the alcohol and caught up with you. Where’s the stuff? I don’t have any more patience for you.”

    Previously, at her coming-of-age ceremony, she had already reminded Ning Shuqian and given Ning Yuya a deadline of three days. Due to the myriad of events happening after that, she had forgotten about it. Unexpectedly, Ning Yuya actually took the initiative to deliver the jewelry.

    Ning Yuya’s expression tightened as she stared at Wen Xinya for a while, before retrieving a jewelry box from her bag and stuffed it in front of her. “It’s here. Now that I’ve returned it to you, you can stop using this set of jewelry as an excuse to cause trouble.”

    Mother and Xia Ruya were right. Wen Xinya wasn’t easy to get along with, so it was better to return the stuff to her as early as possible. Otherwise, if she were to use it as an excuse to cause trouble, it would be adding insult to her and her mother’s injury at this point.

    Wen Xinya received the jewelry and dumped it into her bag without taking a look.

    “You’re not opening it up for a look? In the future, don’t say that there’s a problem with the jewelry and use it as an excuse to frame and cause trouble for me.” Ning Yuya’s expression became slightly awful as she thought about how she had previously loved the jewelry so much that she even tried means and ways to own it. Now, Wen Xinya was actually nonchalant about it—it was like a slap on her face.

    Wen Xinya looked at her with subtle confidence on her face. “What’s there to look—you’re a smart person and naturally know the consequences. I doubt you’ll dare to play any tricks.”

    Ning Yuya only returned the jewelry on her own accord as she had come to terms with reality. Thus, she wouldn’t play any tricks on the jewelry.

    Ning Yuya’s expression kept changing as she couldn’t help but grit her teeth and say, “Thanks for your compliment.”

    Naturally, she wouldn’t tamper with the jewelry as it was giving Wen Xinya an opportunity to deal with her—she wasn’t that stupid. It was just that Wen Xinya’s confident expression and scornful look intensified the hatred in her heart—it was despising her.

    Wen Xinya locked her gaze on Ning Yuya, her thin lips with a tinge of coldness. “I hope that Miss Ning remembers to return things to people after borrowing them and don’t try to claim them as your own. Otherwise, it just brings humiliation upon yourself.”

    Against the dazzling light, Ning Yuya’s face appeared slightly twisted. She suppressed her voice and said with a tinge of suppressed anger, “Wen Xinya, I’ve already returned the stuff to you. Don’t take it too far.”

    Wen Xinya didn’t bother with her. She only raised the glass before her slowly, and, while Ning Yuya was caught off guard, suddenly splashed the entire glass of alcohol on her face. “Aren’t you as close to Xia Ruya as sisters? In that case, you guys should share all weals and woes together.”

    Shocked, Ning Yuya looked at the Wen Xinya before her—so arrogant and overbearing, as if she had the right to do it. She suddenly recalled that on the night of Ruya’s coming-of-age ceremony, she had also splashed alcohol all over Ruya’s face without giving a damn.

    Wen Xinya looked at Ning Yuya in front of her. As she had thick make-up on, it was especially effective to splash this glass of alcohol at her. At this point, the colors on her face dissolved in the alcohol and dispersed, making her face look like a colorful palette. As she was too shocked, her enlarged, staring eyes filled with viciousness made her look ferocious.

    “Wen Xinya, you b*tch—you actually dare to splash alcohol on me!” Ning Yuya only reacted then, her haggard face filled with twisted hatred as she held the glass in front of her, wanting to splash it on Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya grabbed hold of her wrist nimbly and guided it gently. After that, the full glass of alcohol in Ning Yuya’s hands was poured onto her own face in entirety. “Ning Yuya, you actually dare to play such amateurish tricks in front of me—you’ve belittled me!”

    Previously, when Ning Yuya passed the drink to her, she had secretly added the powdered drug hidden under her nails into the alcohol. She had wishfully thought that she did it unknowingly when actually, Wen Xinya had seen everything. In her previous lifetime, she had spent a lot of time at such bars and entertainment joints—such basic tricks couldn’t escape her eyes.

    Ning Yuya’s haggard face was filled with extreme hatred. “What do you mean?”

    Did she know that she had drugged her drink? No… it was impossible! She had done it so secretively. When she was in Country M, she had done it countless times without anyone detecting it.

    Wen Xinya grabbed her chin with a firm grip, so much so that her face sank in. “Ning Yuya, when I was prowling the streets, you were still in your mother’s womb. Your experience is nothing compared to mine, and you dare to play tricks in front of me. Now, I’ll let you know why are the flowers so red.”

    Ning Yuya was utterly dumbstruck. Previously, Xia Ruya had persuaded her to ask Wen Xinya out and return the jewelry to her. Although she had agreed, she still felt indignant. Thus, she bought some drugs, wanting to take the opportunity to drug Wen Xinya, let others gang-rape her, take her videos, and post it online. Wen Xinya was now the subject of attention in the capital city—if such a scandal were to happen to her, she would lose all her reputation, become a disgraceful woman, fall from grace, humiliated by everyone, and even get abandoned by the Wen Family.

    However… she didn’t expect that Wen Xinya this little b*tch actually found out about it.

    Wen Xinya flung Ning Yuya away and stepped on Ning Yuya’s right hand. “Since this is the hand that did something wrong, I’ll discipline it for you. After that, it won’t dare to wreak havoc in the future.”

    “You… let me go!” Ning Yuya screamed.

    “Fat hope. I, Wen Xinya, am not someone who’d let anyone scheme against me.” Wen Xinya’s face was extremely cold as she looked at Ning Yuya’s haggardness and stepped hard.

    “Ah…” The fingers were linked to the heart. Ning Yuya only felt a heart-wrenching pain in her fingers.

    Wen Xinya kept adding strength beneath her foot. As she watched Ning Yuya’s body wriggling weakly on the ground, her icy-cold face was emotionless. “I’ll teach you—you’ll have to pay it back someday.”

    With this, Wen Xinya turned her back and left.