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Chapter 664 - Xu Zhenyu’s Call

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 664: Xu Zhenyu’s Call

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    It was already 9:30 P.M. when Wen Xinya found herself still standing at the entrance of the bar. Lan Feng Institute was near to the city suburbs and currently, the streets were already only dimly lit and there was hardly anyone else around.

    At this time her phone rang.

    “Hi, Xu Zhenyu. Why did you call me so late?”

    Xu Zhenyu’s boisterous voice came from the phone. “Damn, Wen Xinya, what do you mean by this? Can’t I look for you for no reason? Tsk tsk! Now that you’ve become a prestigious and elite heiress in the capital city, your head has become bigger as well!”

    In the past, only Wen Xinya could trigger him using his military major rank. Now, he finally found the chance to retaliate.

    Wen Xinya said mildly, “You’re right. My status now differs according to who’s the other party. So… shoot if there’s anything. Otherwise, I’m going to hang up.”

    As Wen Xinya spoke, she walked towards the road.

    Xu Zhenyu was fuming. “Wen Xinya, can’t you just have more patience towards me? Wanting to hang up after a couple of words. I’d merely laid on you once when drinking previously—do you need to be so petty?”

    Thinking of the incident previously, Xu Zhenyu’s ears turned red for some reason as he couldn’t help but feel that it was a waste. At that time, he only focused on feeling nervous and excited, didn’t display the decisiveness, speed, and accuracy of a Special Ops army personnel, and missed the great opportunity.

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but grit her teeth. “Xu-er, are you tired of living? I’m going to hang up if you continue spouting nonsense.”

    Xu Zhenyu turned serious and hurriedly said, “Don’t, don’t. I’m really not looking for you for a casual chat today. Let me tell you—recently, the capital city is rather unsafe. If you’re alone, try to avoid loitering outside regardless if it’s in the day or at night. You hear me?”

    Wen Xinya recalled that previously, Si Yiyan also said something similar, and couldn’t help but ask in curiosity, “Oh, it’s unlike Master Xu-er to be so solemn. What exactly happened?”

    Xu Zhenyu struggled for a while before saying, “This isn’t any military secret, so it’s okay to tell you. Previously, there was an act of violence in the western district. There are three dangerous characters on the loose right now, and the incident isn’t resolved yet. Experts have verified that this malicious attack has constituted a terrorist incident and caused an extremely huge threat to society. Currently, the case has already been transferred to the military to handle and we’ve received news that the three dangerous characters are currently in the capital city.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help being shocked. “This is the urgent mission that you mentioned previously?”

    Previously, due to an urgent mission, Xu Zhenyu stayed in the capital city for the time being.

    Xu Zhenyu said, “Yes.”

    Wen Xinya gasped in her heart. Those people were definitely extremists in society to be able to attack violently on the streets. “Those people are mad! The capital city is the capital of Country Z and is heavily guarded. They actually dare to come to the capital city—isn’t this courting death?”

    Xu Zhenyu’s voice became even more serious. “Recently, there have been simultaneous robberies in the capital city involving wealthy ladies whose jewelry and cash was wiped clean from them. From the victims’ descriptions, we’re guessing that they are the doing of those extremists. According to the analysis of our criminal experts, it’s highly likely that those extremists are desperate, having depleted their ammunition and weapons, and risked coming to the capital city. Perhaps they have weapons-related connections over here.”

    “I see.” Previously, Wen Xinya seemed to have noticed similar news. However, as there were too many of such robberies happening in the capital city every day, she didn’t take it to heart.

    Xu Zhenyu added, “Be on your guard for this period of time. We’ve analyzed that they currently urgently need a huge sum of money to purchase weapons and escape abroad. As you’ve recently been hot in the news and exposed your wealth, you’re considered as fulfilling the conditions of their potential victim.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and couldn’t help but become nervous. “Got it. I’ll take note.”

    She was rather nimble and Si Yiyan had also taught her some combat skills. However, those people weren’t ordinary robbers but extremists who would kill without blinking. She didn’t have the confidence to escape from their hands, so it was better to be more careful.

    Xu Zhenyu could tell that she was solemn from her voice and joked. “I’m just reminding you, don’t be too uptight. It’s quite impossible for such an unlucky and improbable thing to just so happen to you.”

    Wen Xinya felt that he was right and changed the topic. “Is this mission dangerous?”

    Xu Zhenyu could tell that she was being concerned about him. Instantly, his face brightened up and his mouth parted into a wide smile. “It’s child’s play. I’ve been in the military for more than two years and have been through all sorts of missions. They’re merely unarmed cowards on the run—I won’t take them to heart.”

    Naturally, he had filtered his words. He wouldn’t tell Wen Xinya that those people were playing with lives.

    Wen Xinya became relieved but couldn’t help but remind him. “Still, don’t let your guard down. Those people have nothing to lose.”

    The people of Country Z had deep trust and reliance towards the military. They were like a brick which was moved to wherever they were needed, including earthquakes, droughts, and other natural calamities and man-made misfortunes. Xu-er had been promoted to a military major after only two years—he definitely had his abilities. Additionally, there were definitely many people from the military participating in this mission, so she wasn’t too worried.

    Such blatant concern made Xu Zhenyu’s heart blossom like a flower. “Wow wow wow. The little girl is indeed different after becoming an adult. Now you know how to be concerned about others.”

    Wen Xinya wished to kick him. “Xu-er, how am I being concerned about you? It’s wishful thinking on your part. You’re an idiot—I’m just afraid that you’ll make a mistake and implicate everyone.”

    Xu Zhenyu giggled and said, “Yours truly is wise and majestic—how is it possible for me to make such a mistake.”

    Wen Xinya made a gaggling sound. “You’re wise and majestic—please don’t disgust me and humiliate the term.”

    Triggered by her, Xu Zhenyu instantly fumed. “I’m really going to be wise and majestic this time—you’ll have no choice but to be convinced.”

    Wen Xinya said, “Can’t be bothered with you. I’ll hang up first.”

    Saying which, without waiting for Xu Zhenyu’s reply, she hung up.

    And Xu Zhenyu on the other end of the call, hearing the beeping tone from the phone, pouted in anger. Thinking of himself being belittled and triggered, he couldn’t take it lying down, grabbed the phone, and called back.

    The call was answered quickly.

    Xu Zhenyu dragged his voice and shouted, “Wen Xinya, what do you mean by hanging up on me—clear things up now… beep… beep… beep…”

    Stunned, Xu Zhenyu took the phone and started swearing. “Damn, she’s too f*cking arrogant!” Then, he grinned. “But I like it.”

    Thus, he called Wen Xinya again. Once the call went through, he shouted to the phone, “Wen Xinya, you actually dare to hang up on me. You’ll see how I deal with you in the future.”

    Saying which, he hung up the call with lightning speed. After hanging up, he still said to the phone in a gloating tone, “Little girl, you chose to play with me—I’ll make you pay.”