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Chapter 665 - Attacked

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 665: Attacked

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    Wen Xinya walked alone on the street. The cool street lamps on the dim street made the night feel even colder, darker, and more lonely. The hazy color of the night always made one feel fearful.

    Wen Xinya stared at the phone in her hand—she could still hear the beeping tone coming from it. She couldn’t help but chide herself for actually pick up that idiot Xu Zhenyu’s call.

    “Xu Zhenyu, you idiot—actually dare to hang up on me.” Wen Xinya angrily switched off her phone and couldn’t help but exhale deeply—the world was finally quiet.

    Thinking of what Xu Zhenyu said previously, she felt a little apprehensive after all. Thus, she hastened her steps.

    In the dark, lonely night, her heels produced crisp and pleasant knocking sounds when they hit the ground and made the night seemed even colder.


    A distance away, a cat’s meowing sound rang suddenly. It seemed exceptionally creepy in the dark of the night and gave Wen Xinya a shock as her body froze instinctively, her heart beating furiously.

    She couldn’t help but exclaim softly, “Thank god it’s just a cat.”

    When she passed by a dark alley along the road, she couldn’t help but take a look—it was so deep that it seemed like a never-ending tunnel, standing coldly and quietly in the dark night.

    She couldn’t help but shiver. As she was about to quicken her steps, her goosebumps raised uncontrollably and the hair all over her body stood straight—it was the sense of danger from her extraordinary sixth-sense.

    In an instant, her body reacted more quickly than her brain as she suddenly turned back and avoided the attack by a hair.

    Before she steadied herself, she saw a shadow coming out from the alley towards her.

    The other party’s movements were critical and ferocious with a tinge of ruthlessness, like a hunting leopard in the forest. She couldn’t avoid it at all. Then, she fell hard on the ground.

    She was about to open her mouth to breathe when a huge palm covered it firmly.

    Her breaths were filled with the smell of gunpowder on this man’s hand, obviously left behind from handling guns and weapons for extended periods of time.

    Terror, fear, panic, lost… all sorts of emotions engulfed her.

    Xu Zhenyu’s words to her previously reverberated in her ears. Her only hope was like the residual light in the dark night, going off bit by bit, leaving behind a darkness that she couldn’t find her way out of, pushing her into the deepest hell.

    She wasn’t facing any ordinary robbers or people like the weak learned guys engaged by Fu Tianyang previously. They were the truly ruthless, cruel, and deadly extremists. They assaulted people on the streets and, devoid of emotions, killed without blinking.

    They had been professionally trained and possessed great combat skills as well as calm and sly thoughts. They were a bunch of thugs who had nothing to lose. To them, their lives were… they only cared about posing the greatest threat to society.

    Faced with such people, Wen Xinya felt hopelessly helpless.

    However, at such a time, it was human nature to fight for survival.

    “Sob sob sob sob…” Wen Xinya struggled violently, her hands scratching the hand covering her mouth incessantly as her sharp nails left streaks of shocking bloody trails on his arm ruthlessly.

    However, that hand was hard as steel and didn’t relent the slightest bit.

    The man’s voice was harsh, ferocious, and frighteningly deep and hoarse. “You’d better behave yourself. Otherwise, I’ll kill you.”

    Wen Xinya’s struggles gradually ceased under such a blood-curdling threat. “Sob sob sob sob…”

    That man was very pleased with her obedience and was about to knock her out and bring her away!

    At this point, while the opponent had let his guard down towards her, Wen Xinya’s fingers moved as fast as lightning and pressed on a certain pressure point on the other party’s wrist.

    Previously, she had used this tactic against Wen Haowen at the hospital.

    Indeed, that man felt a dull pain in his wrist and subconsciously released his grip.

    “Help…” Wen Xinya rushed forward and tried to look for help. However, that person moved faster than her and grabbed her leg. Once again, she fell and was pressed hard onto the ground with her mouth covered tightly, silencing her cries for help.

    “Sob sob sob…” Wen Xinya laid on the ground. In the small, pitch-black alley, she couldn’t see the person holding her down at all. She only vaguely felt that he was rather tall and sturdy. From the silhouette that moved in the dark of the night, he was at least around 1.9 meters tall.

    Such a height was extremely rare in the entire Country Z.

    Without a doubt, this verified her guess that they were the extremists mentioned by Xu Zhenyu.

    At this point, the combat tricks that Si Yiyan taught her came to good use. She was extremely nimble and still had her legs free. Suddenly, she raised her leg and kicked towards that man’s knee.

    A sudden attack to one’s weak spot would make him lose his ability to move nimbly for a moment and the short pain would make him give up all determination and attacks.

    However… Wen Xinya had forgotten that she was facing a desperate person who was similarly well-versed in combat. The weak spots that she knew were also within the other party’s knowledge. Thus, he almost instinctively guarded his own weak spot.

    Amidst the chaos, Wen Xinya’s hand searched and grabbed one of her own heels. Almost without thinking, she went for the other party’s eye.

    “Hmm!” The other party groaned, obviously getting hit.

    Wen Xinya had no time to celebrate before she was dragged up from the ground by the other party and pressed tightly onto the wall. As her spine pressed tightly onto the cold, hard wall, her bones instantly felt tremendous pain.

    However, despite so, Wen Xinya still didn’t give up attacking.

    “Courting death!” The hoarse voice was so cold that it was devoid of emotions—harsh and ferocious.

    Following which, the other party covered her mouth with one of his hands, pressed on her shoulder with the other hand, and smashed her head ruthlessly towards the wall, attempting to knock her out.

    A sudden pain spread from the back of her head. As if struck by a huge hammer ruthlessly, she felt a stir in her head and became dizzy and almost nauseous.

    At this point, the inborn differences between man and woman became evident.

    Wen Xinya had no more strength left.

    She had exhausted the last bit of her strength during the intense combat jut now.

    The final straw was the numbing pain at the back of her brain and a warm gush before her mind became increasingly dizzy and her vision became increasingly dark. Despite holding onto the last bit of consciousness with all her might, she had no choice but to allow darkness to swallow her whole.

    The heels in her hand landed on the ground and gave off a crisp sound in the deadly silent night.

    With the loss of her weapon, she lost her ability to fight.

    Her last thought before going unconscious was, “Damn! Surely I’m not so unlucky! Such low odds and I can actually be attacked. Guess I forgot to check the lunar calendar for auspiciousness before going out today!”

    She secretly cursed Xu Zhenyu’s foul mouth, felt a sense of regret—she should have agreed for Si Yiyan to come and fetch her just now—and finally sank into darkness.