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Chapter 666 - Your Legend Has Ended

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 666: Your Legend Has Ended

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    Wen Xinya sank weakly onto the ground, giving off soft moans.

    The man in black saw the unconscious Wen Xinya on the ground and couldn’t help but give her a ruthless kick. He didn’t expect this girl who looked weak could actually be such a handful.

    He had belittled and didn’t conquer her at the earliest opportunity, giving her a chance to resist, putting himself in a passive position. Not only did this wealthy girl who looked frail and weak know the acupressure points of the human body, but she also had some combat skills. He was a pro who could instantly tell just how deadly those seemingly ordinary combat skills were. Thus, he didn’t dare to let his guard down and only managed to truly conquer her after exhausting her physical and mental strength.

    He instinctively reached out and wiped his forehead. As expected, he saw traces of blood. Once again, he couldn’t help but give her another ruthless kick.

    If it wasn’t for the huge ransom fee, he really wanted to end this girl now.

    A beam of blinding light glowed and Xia Ruya walked out from the darkness secretly.

    She had intentionally persuaded Ning Yuya to ask Wen Xinya out. In order not to raise Wen Xinya’s suspicion, she had directed them to meet at this small bar near the Lan Feng Institute. This small alley was on the way towards the Institute. Indeed… Wen Xinya fell for it.

    Since Wen Xinya left the Institute, she had already been followed. Seeing that Wen Xinya went into the bar, she and this man had hidden in the small alley, waiting to strike when Wen Xinya walked past it.

    The torch shone on Wen Xinya who laid on the ground. She was wearing casual clothes that were stained with blood and slightly tattered due to the struggling just now, looking very haggard.

    This was the first time Xia Ruya saw Wen Xinya being so haggard. She couldn’t help but be filled with a weird sense of excitement. Thinking about how Wen Xinya was about to meet with a depressing fate, she couldn’t suppress the joy within her.

    Xia Ruya slowly knelt on the ground and reached for Wen Xinya’s face, sinking her sharp nails into her flesh, pinching so hard that her cheek turned pale. “Wen Xinya, aren’t you so brilliant? As the legitimate eldest daughter of the Wen Family, the only successor of the Wen Family, with a Grampy who’s prestigious in the literature field, having ten percent shareholdings of the Wen Corporation as well as a net worth of more than ten billion yuan, and suddenly turning into the most elite heiress in the capital city—so many people are envious and jealous of your good luck… including me.”

    Xia Ruya’s expression, like the old wall, started to fill up with cracks. “However, so what? I’m not as lucky as you, but I have a better life. You see… you’d led a wandering life and suffered outside, yet I enjoyed your wealth and riches in your place. Now… you’ve ended up like this, but I’ll still live well.”

    Xia Ruya chortled in sharp laughter hysterically. “Such is fate—you’d have to admit it. People say that fate is inherited. Look at your Mo Family, having three generations of beautiful women who died young. Isn’t it the same for you?”

    Xia Ruya suddenly gave Wen Xinya two tight slaps as the ugly cracks on her face peeled, revealing her most real viciousness. “Wen Xinya, aren’t you so satisfied? Aren’t you so arrogant?”

    She suddenly stood up and started kicking Wen Xinya’s body. “Wen Xinya, you’re but a thug who’d led a wandering life for fifteen years. What’s so good about you exactly—why does everyone praise you, admire you, raise you to the skies, and step me into the mud. Why? Why?”

    Xia Ruya kicked Wen Xinya hysterically like a madwoman. “Wen Xinya, everyone compares me to you. Everyone says that I’m not as good as you. Once you’re dead, nobody will compare me with you again. Your legend has ended, and my turn to shine has just started.”

    As if she were tired, she looked at Wen Xinya viciously and said, “Wen Xinya, when you caused me to lose everything previously, did you imagine to end up like this? This is the turning of tables, this is retribution…”

    Xia Ruya’s words were filled with viciousness and resentment, revealing her jealousy and hatred towards Wen Xinya.

    “Enough!” That man stopped her with a hoarse voice. They had already delayed for very long. In order to avoid trouble, they had to move the kidnapped person.

    It was like pouring cold water over Xia Ruya’s out of control emotions. Instantly, she calmed down, her lips trembling, and only then did she recall that she still had a time bomb tied to herself.

    Xia Ruya said with a shaking voice, “Boss, I’ve already helped you successfully kidnap Wen Xinya according to your requirement. Should you fulfill the promise earlier and let me off?”

    Now she had already guessed that this man must be an extremist who had attacked people in the western district and was now on the run. These few days, she had been feeling uneasy, extremely fearful that he would kick her to the curb when she had outlived her usefulness and silence her—after all, these people were totally inhumane.

    The man stared at Xia Ruya without speaking.

    However, although they were in the pitch-black night, Xia Ruya could still feel that the gaze landing on her was cruel and cold. With trembling lips, she pleaded. “Boss, please let me off! I’m only eighteen-years-old this year and don’t wish to die.” Following which, her knees crumbled to the ground before him as she raised her right hand saying, “I swear to never tell on you. Otherwise, I’ll get struck by lightning and die a terrible death.”

    That man looked down at her and said, “No hurry. Since I’ve promised to let you go after everything is done, I’ll not go back on my word.”

    “Rea… really?” Xia Ruya panted as her body shook uncontrollably. No hurry? What did this mean—did the other party still needed her to do something? She suddenly felt very scared—she had kept her hands totally clean while scheming against Wen Xinya and was afraid of getting implicated if she got too involved.

    These people gambled with their lives and she was but an ordinary person.

    However, at this point, there was already no turning back for her—she could only follow the path to the end.

    That man said, “As long as you follow my requirements, I’ll definitely fulfill my promise after I retreat fully. Of course… I’ll not ask you to do anything dangerous.”

    Although her life was still in his hands, based on this girl’s performance, he knew that even if he let her off now, she would keep mum. However, it was still in his nature to be cautious and not let his guard down. Furthermore, this girl was still very useful.

    As if she saw a glimpse of hope, Xia Ruya nodded her head in panic and said, “Boss, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do as per your wishes.”

    During this period of time, she understood more or less that although these people were cruel criminals, they still kept their words to a certain extent.