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Chapter 669 - The Kidnapper Might Kill the Hostage

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 669: The Kidnapper Might Kill the Hostage

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    Old Mr. Mo was reading a book in the study. It was an ancient book that Si Yiyan had given him, which depicted politics in history and was an extremely rare find.

    Ever since Old Mr. Mo found out about Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya, Si Yiyan often sent him gifts that were rare and precious. Although he knew what Si Yiyan’s intentions were, he did not wish to expose him because of Wen Xinya.

    Si Yiyan was undoubtedly outstanding. However, Old Mr. Mo was skeptical towards him because of his scheming and manipulative nature. He felt that a man like Si Yiyan was hard to control and that his world was far too complicated for Wen Xinya, whom he did not wish to implicate.

    Hence, he had been secretly keeping close tabs on Si Yiyan despite not objecting to their relationship or stopping them from seeing each other.

    Gradually, he began to change his opinion of Si Yiyan.

    He was glad to see that Si Yiyan was meticulous and caring towards Wen Xinya and put her best interests at heart. Not only did he often spare a thought for her and aid her in her academics, but he had also showered her with care and concern.

    So far, he had stopped opposing so strongly against Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya. Instead, he decided to stay calm and observe his changes.

    Upon hearing the sounds of someone knocking on the door, Old Mr. Mo looked up at the clock on the wall to see that it was already ten o’clock.

    The door of the study was then pushed open and Mother He entered with some spleen and stomach nourishing soup. “Old Sir, it’s already ten o’clock. Missy said that you should be going to bed no later than ten.”

    Old Mr. Mo rubbed his forehead and said resignedly, “I guess it’s true that no amount of money can buy you youth and health. It’s better to avoid ingesting tonics and nourishing the body during Spring. Can I skip these herbal soups?”

    He was already in the pink of health and even Old Mr. Du said that he would be able to enjoy longevity. Hence… ever since Spring started, he had been laying off herbal tonics for a long time and had merely switched to a diet of blander foods. He also strove to ingest as much nutrition as possible.

    Mother He said, “Old Sir, Springtime is best for nourishing the spleen and stomach. Missy had specifically brought these herbal recipes for you. She said that they’re passed down from the ancient Imperial Palace. It was used by the emperor in ancient times.”

    Old Mr. Mo was touched to see how concerned Wen Xinya was about him, despite having so much on her plate to handle, like the Wen Family chaos and preparing for her final year examination. Hence, he decided to accept it.

    Old Mr. Mo took a mouthful of the soup, only to find that it tasted a little different from usual, and was rather refreshing.

    He soon got an appetite after taking a few mouthfuls and proceeded to polish off the entire bowl.

    Mother He immediately grinned.

    At this moment, he heard the sounds of footsteps approaching, followed by the appearance of Uncle Zhang, a middle-aged man and another elderly man who entered the study.

    As pale as a sheet, Uncle Zhang exclaimed, “Old Sir, bad news!”

    Old Mr. Mo asked, “What exactly happened?”

    At this moment, the man stepped forward and said, “Hello, Old Mr. Mo. Ninth Young Master wanted me to come and inform you that Miss Wen has been kidnapped.”

    Old Mr. Mo’s hands trembled and he dropped the bowl in his hands, which fell onto the ground with a loud thud and shattered into pieces. The broken pieces of ceramic flew all over the place and he fell backward.

    “Old Sir…” Uncle Zhang murmured while holding onto him.

    The elderly man hurriedly rushed forward to check on his body condition, after which he nimbly pressed on a pressure point on Old Mr. Mo’s head and patted his chest.

    Old Mr. Mo’s face turned pale and his eyes glassed over. “Xinya… Xinya…”

    He thought about the time when Wen Xinya was kidnapped during her homecoming party two years ago. She was almost destroyed by some highly toxic drugs.

    He did not expect that Wen Xinya would be kidnaped again.

    What happened this time?

    Uncle Zhang also appeared pale and worried. He held onto Old Mr. Mo’s hand and said, “Old Sir, don’t speak.”

    Old Mr. Mo’s body stiffened because of the shock and agitation that he had received just now. Fortunately, Si Yiyan had made all the appropriate considerations and arranged for the elite rescue team to accompany Old Mr. Mo. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

    Old Mr. Mo felt a sudden stuffiness in his chest that he could not get rid of. He was filled with panic and desperately wanted to find out Wen Xinya’s situation.

    About fifteen minutes later, the elderly man said, “Old Mr. Mo, don’t worry. Take a deep breath. Inhale deeply then exhale.”

    Old Mr. Mo did as he instructed and instantly felt a great sense of relief.

    The elderly man said, “Old Mr. Mo, you’re in great health. You only felt a sudden stuffiness in your chest because you’ve been upset and agitated. I used a special massaging technique to help you alleviate the stuffiness. Such an incident won’t happen again.”

    Old Mr. Mo nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. He asked anxiously, “Xinya… Xinya… how is she?”

    The middle-aged man wiped his sweat and frantically explained, “Old Mr. Mo, don’t worry. Miss Wen is alright now. We’ve already traced her whereabouts. Ninth Young Master has intervened and deployed his most elite team of subordinates. We’ll definitely be able to save Miss Wen.”

    Old Mr. Mo sobered up and asked, “She was doing just fine. How did she get kidnapped all of a sudden? Is the kidnapper after money? Or does he have another motive?”

    Given the amount of attention that Wen Xinya had been enjoying in the city recently, there would definitely be lots of evildoers getting up to no good and trying to kidnap her to extort for money. Besides, Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya were in dire straits after the revelation of the former’s false pregnancy. Hence, he was certain that they would not take it lying down. Could the kidnap have something to do with them?

    Old Mr. Mo began to calm himself down and his eyes lit up with rationality.

    The middle-aged man greatly admired Old Mr. Mo for his wit and ability to stay calm. Indeed, Old Mr. Mo was no ordinary man. “We can’t be certain about that, but Missy has been kidnapped for half an hour and we’ve already gotten hold of beneficial conditions.”

    Old Mr. Mo heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Is there something Si Yiyan needs me to do?”

    If Si Yiyan had the situation in control, he definitely wouldn’t send his subordinates to inform Old Mr. Mo about it.

    The middle-aged man said, “In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, Ninth Young Master advises you to head to the Wen Family home immediately. If the Wen Family receives any threats or extortion calls, you must stop them from calling the police and come up with a way to stall for time. You don’t need to agree to pay the ransom immediately.”

    Si Yiyan guessed that Wen Xinya’s abduction must have something to do with the cases of assault in the West region. The culprits were extreme terrorists and Wen Xinya would be in danger if they were to provoke them. Most importantly, they would definitely kill the hostage once they received the ransom.

    Old Mr. Mo was intelligent and could immediately tell what the main point was. He asked in a shaky voice, “Will the abductor kill Xinya after receiving the ransom?”

    With a heavy heart, the middle-aged man nodded.

    Old Mr. Mo shuddered and took a deep breath before saying, “Rest assured, leave this to me.”