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Chapter 670 - Let’s Hurry and Call the Police

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 670: Let’s Hurry and Call the Police

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    In the Wen Family home.

    Old Mr. Wen ended the call with a heavy heart!

    Wen Haowen hurriedly handed a document over to Old Mr. Wen and said, “Father, I got the lawyer to draft this divorce agreement. Take a look and see if there are any terms that should be altered.”

    Ever since Ning Shuqian’s false pregnancy was exposed, Wen Haowen had hired a few lawyers to draft a divorce agreement. However, the matter dragged on because he had been disagreeable to the terms. On top of that, Ning Shuqian was still in the hospital and the lawyer suggested that he wait for her condition to stabilize before initiating the divorce. Otherwise, Ning Shuqian would definitely use her health as an excuse to hamper the divorce proceedings.

    He accepted the lawyer’s suggestion.

    Instead of looking at Old Mr. Wen’s expression, he said, “I’ve already gone to the hospital to inquire about Ning Shuqian’s condition. The doctor said that her condition is rather stable and she’ll be discharged very soon. The lawyer said that if I were to initiate a divorce now but Ning Shuqian disagrees to it, I’ll have a high chance of winning even if we take it to court.”

    The thought of Ning Shuqian fooling him and faking her pregnancy made him wish he could divorce the vicious wretch immediately.

    He then thought about the young and tender seductresses in Jiayuan Club, who never failed to entice him and get him aroused. He felt like he had lived his life in vain and had been a fool for staying loyal to the old hag Ning Shuqian.

    Wen Haowen hung his head low regretfully and said, “Father, I’m sorry! I was blind to have gotten together with Ning Shuqian and caused Yunyao’s death. I shouldn’t have ignored your advice and allowed that vicious woman to marry me. She has disgraced the Wen Corporation and became a laughing stock in the circle. She’s also caused the Wen Corporation to incur major losses. It’s all my fault for being muddled up and allowing her to sow discord. I even ended up hurting you and Xinya time and time again.”

    He had given it some thought and deduced that Old Mr. Wen was the most upset about the fact that he had caused Mo Yunyao’s death and married Ning Shuqian. Now that he was divorcing Ning Shuqian, he was certain that Old Mr. Wen would be happy about it. He wanted to push all the blame onto Ning Shuqian and pretend to be repentant and remorseful in a bid to make Old Mr. Wen forgive him.

    Wen Haowen continued, “Father, I know I was at fault. From now on, I’ll definitely do my best to run the Wen Corporation well, and be filial to you. I’ll never defy you again. I’ll also treat Xinya well and make it up to her.”

    Old Mr. Wen valued Wen Xinya greatly and even gave her ten percent of the Wen Corporation’s shares. It was certain that Wen Xinya would be the successor. Wen Haowen had given it some thought… Now that he had fallen out of Old Mr. Wen’s favor, he could not continue being at odds against Wen Xinya. Otherwise, he would just be nudging Old Mr. Wen towards her.

    He was sure that as long as he pulled off the role of a benevolent father well enough and pleased Old Mr. Wen and Wen Xinya, he would be able to dupe Wen Xinya into giving him her shares. When that happened, the Wen Corporation would belong to him.

    Wen Haowen held his hand and said, “Father, I’m sorry to have disappointed you all these years. Forgive me, I really know my mistakes now.”

    Old Mr. Mo’s words were running through Old Mr. Wen’s mind and he could not be bothered to pay attention to what Wen Haowen was saying.

    Wen Xinya has been kidnapped!

    At the thought of it, a grim expression formed on his face and his hand began to tremble continuously. He stood up slowly from the couch. As soon as he did, he fell back onto the couch again.

    “Father… are you alright!?!” Wen Haowen exclaimed in horror at the sight of Old Mr. Wen turning as pale as a sheet. He could not help but be reminded of Old Mr. Wen fainting two years ago.

    Old Mr. Wen spluttered with trembling lips. “Xinya… she… she has been kidnapped!”

    Wen Haowen was shocked out of his senses after hearing the flabbergasting piece of news that was like a bolt out of the blue. Staring at him in bewilderment, he asked, “Father… did you just say that Xinya has been kidnapped? How could that be? Is there a misunderstanding?”

    He suddenly held his breath, eagerly wanting to know what was going on.

    Old Mr. Wen nodded with a sullen expression and said, “Old Mr. Mo was the one who called to tell me about this. It can’t be wrong.”

    Wen Haowen suddenly felt like the sun was shining brightly and that all the flowers were in bloom. Although he also had a sullen expression on his face, his raised brows revealed his emotions and he thought about all the attention that Wen Xinya had been enjoying lately because of the immeasurable wealth that she had acquired. It was little wonder that she would become the target of thugs.

    Wen Haowen said anxiously, “Father, Xinya has been kidnapped. Let’s hurry and call the police!”

    After calling the police, he would announce the news to everyone. The abductors were the most afraid of the police. If they were to find out, they’d definitely kill Wen Xinya.

    Old Mr. Wen sobered up and recalled Old Mr. Mo’s reminder about not calling the police. He hurriedly stopped Wen Haowen and said, “You can’t call the police. Otherwise, the abductors will be provoked and Xinya would be put in a dangerous position. We’ll give them as much money as they want. Xinya’s safety is the most important.”

    Upon hearing his words, Wen Haowen felt a sudden wave of disappointment. It turns out Old Mr. Wen still valued Wen Xinya as much as he used to. “Father, the abductors definitely have nothing to lose. Once we hand the ransom over, they’ll kill her. If we call the police, those thugs might not find out. Besides, the police are definitely experienced in handling such cases. We might be able to save Xinya.”

    Although Old Mr. Wen found his words to have made sense, he was still rather hesitant. “Old Mr. Mo said that we shouldn’t call the police. We’ll have to talk about it after he gets here.”

    Old Mr. Mo had a broad network of connections and he seemed to have devised a strategy. Things were going to go awry if they called the police.

    Wen Haowen frantically said, “Father, you can’t pin all your hopes on Old Mr. Mo! Think about how dangerous Xinya’s condition is now. The more they delay, the more disadvantageous Wen Xinya’s predicament will be. Let’s call the police while they still haven’t extorted us for a ransom. We might be able to rescue Xinya discreetly.”

    Old Mr. Wen hesitated and said, “We’d better wait a while more! Once Old Mr. Mo is here, we’ll ask him for his opinion.”

    Wen Haowen began stomping his feet in panic and said, “Father, if we don’t put a halt to it now, things might be blown out of proportion. It’s already such a critical juncture and you’re still so indecisive. We’re racing against time. The longer we wait, the more dangerous it will be for Xinya. If you’re not going to call the police, I’ll do it…”

    Wen Haowen then grabbed his mobile phone and made a call.

    Old Mr. Wen did not stop him. After all, there had been lots of cases of kidnap in the upper-class society and there were rarely any who had made it back in one piece. Besides, Wen Xinya had been enjoying lots of attention and he knew that the kidnappers would not let her live, especially since they were so brazen as to kidnap her.