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Chapter 672 - Fifteen More Minutes to Go!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 672: Fifteen More Minutes to Go!

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    At this moment, Si Yiyan was sitting in a black commercial van and on his way to the remote mountain area of the Western region.

    The commercial van was embedded with the best digital technology in the world, equipped with radars and satellite systems. A few world-class professionals were seated in front of the cockpit, continuously analyzing the data on the screens.

    Si Yiyan was resting against the seat, clad in a black shirt.

    Si Yiya could always exude a masculine charm when dressed in black, while still looking mysterious, noble, proper and classy.

    However, the black shirt on him seemed to have absorbed all of the light in the world, making him appear cold, cool, insidious and menacing.

    At this moment, he completely exuded his dominance.

    He remained still like a statue despite the rocky and uneven terrain.

    However, everyone in the car could sense how dominant and infuriated he was.

    Feeling as if they were stepping on eggshells, everyone hung their heads low and continued working while racking their brains at godlike speed, for fear that they would make blunders.

    Si Yiyan had never shown his emotions like this before, for he would always remain composed.

    Even Gu Yuehan felt uncomfortable.

    He could not help but be reminded of the time when Wen Xinya was abducted by Fu Tianyang. Si Yiyan was much more exasperated back then and proceeded to save Wen Xinya without bothering about the consequences.

    He was again reminded of when Si Yiyan found out about Wen Xinya’s abduction.

    He continued to give a long string of commands!

    He was so resolute that he was not wishy-washy at all.

    His instructions were seamless.

    He was so calm that it was almost terrifying.

    Si Yiyan was holding a cigarette between his index and thumb fingers. Thick fumes of green smoke came out of the cigarette and he looked even more mysterious in the backseat.

    He took a deep whiff of the cigarette, which caused him to cough violently.

    Gu Yuehan exclaimed, “Ninth Young Master!”

    Si Yiyan could not be bothered to care about it at all. He bent forward and continued to cough violently with tears in his eyes.

    Gu Yuehan hurriedly patted his back to ease his discomfort.

    The more he coughed, the more serious it got. Si Yiyan finally felt much more alleviated.

    He looked up with tears in his bloodshot eyes.

    Gu Yuehan hurriedly looked away, not daring to look at him at all. His heart pounded rapidly in fear. He had never seen such a side of Si Yiyan before.

    At this moment, one of the men walked towards him with a document in his hands. “Ninth Young Master, we just received some news from Old Mr. Mo. The military has joined in the relief efforts and I’ve already screened the documents. It’s verified… that the people who abducted Miss Wen are the fugitives from the West Region.”

    Si Yiyan’s hand trembled and the ash fell off the end of the cigarette butt.

    He had already guessed it previously and had always believed in his own judgment. However, he began to doubt himself for the first time, hoping that he had made a wrong guess.

    Reason being, if his guess was right, it would mean that Wen Xinya was in an extremely dangerous situation where her life was at stake. There was even a possibility that she would face torture.

    Those thugs were fugitives who kill without blinking!

    He could not help but regret not insisting on picking her up.

    Seemingly having sensed the coldness of his body, the man shivered and continued, “We were notified by the military that there are a total of three fugitives. Here’s the information that they have given us.”

    Si Yiyan browsed through the document in his hand, on which there were long strings of words.

    Si Yiyan said in a hoarse voice, “Who’s the person in charge of the military missions?”

    Actually, he had already vaguely guessed it.

    The man answered, “It’s the second young master of the Xu Family, Xu Zhenyu. He was tasked with a mission in the West Region a few days ago and he’s in charge of nabbing the culprits. Here’s his profile.”

    Si Yiyan grabbed the document and read through the details, which included Xu Zhenyu’s life experiences, as well as the training and missions that he had undergone in the military.

    He remarked in his head,

    Within just a short period of time, Xu Zhenyu turned from a pampered brat to a tough soldier. How shocking.

    Another man walked towards him and said, “Ninth Young Master, according to the GPS location of the tracker on Miss Wen, the abductors seem to have stopped on a mountain in the West Region. We’ve managed to find out their location using the GPS and radar system. It’s an abandoned bomb shelter.”

    Si Yiyan rubbed his aching forehead. His brain could withstand the intense work that he put himself through every day, but not the torment of Wen Xinya being abducted.

    The man continued, “Here is some information about the mountain, provided by the city’s land authority, as well as some photos taken by the satellite system near the bomb shelter.

    Si Yiyan grabbed the document and continued to brainstorm for a solution with the information of the analysis.

    He closed his eyes and leaned back against the seat.

    Just as he thought he was alright, he slowly opened his eyes and asked, “How long more do we have until we reach our destination?”

    The man answered, “At least fifteen more minutes.”

    Si Yiyan murmured, “Fifteen minutes!?!”

    Fifteen minutes felt like forever to Si Yiyan, for everything that happened was not within his control yet and anything unpredictable could happen.

    He was filled with terror and panic.

    Si Yiyan felt a sudden pain in his abdomen. He raised his fingers to see that the cigarette had already been depleted and had scalded the skin on his palm.

    He ordered in a hoarse voice, “Speed up.”

    He knew that they were on a rocky mountain that was rather dangerous, and if anything were to happen, they would have to ask for relief and there would be a delay resulting in dire consequences.

    The man relayed the orders.

    After some thought, Gu Yuehan said, “Ninth Young Master, the fugitives kidnapped Miss Wen for money. They’ve yet to extort a ransom from the Wen Family. Miss Wen will not be in danger so long as they haven’t received the ransom.”

    As soon as he finished his sentence, Gu Yuehan felt like his words of comfort seemed to be rather useless, for the abductors were extreme terrorists who were inhumane and did not have any principles at all. Although she might be safe for now…

    It was the same to Si Yiyan.

    He did not want Wen Xinya to get hurt at all.

    Si Yiyan lit up another cigarette and remained silent.