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Chapter 673 - The Only Thing to Do Now Is to Wait!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 673: The Only Thing to Do Now Is to Wait!

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    At the same time, Xu Zhenyu had already contacted the military and submitted all the relevant information that he had obtained. The military did not delay and deployed all of their latest technology, gadgets, equipment, and professionals. They had even secretly contacted the police and tasked the officers who had experience in kidnapping cases with cracking this time’s abduction.

    After all of the personnel arrived, they headed to the Wen Family discreetly.

    Old Mr. Wen got a great shock, for he did not expect that the military would get involved in the case. He was overwhelmed with disbelief at the instant that he saw Xu Zhenyu.

    In his head, Xu Zhenyu was still the spoiled brat who had been embroiled in a scandal with Wen Xinya back then. Although he had met Xu Zhenyu again during her coming-of-age ceremony, he was still incredibly shocked.

    On the other hand, Old Mr. Mo was much calmer, though he was still ill at ease. He could not stop thinking about the news reports of the West Region.

    At this thought, he felt thankful to have rushed here in time and stopped Wen Haowen from calling the police. Otherwise, Wen Xinya would have definitely died after the terrorists had received news of the police being involved.

    With a complicated expression, Xu Zhenyu stared at Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo before saying, “Hello, Old Mr. Wen, Old Mr. Mo. I’m Xu Zhenyu, the Major of the West Region Military camp. I’m now the leader of Special Ops Team 09.”

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo greeted him.

    Xu Zhenyu took a deep breath and explained, “The military has already verified that the three wanted fugitives who were involved in the street assault in the West Region, are the ones who have abducted Miss Wen. I’m in charge of the rescue operation and I seek your cooperation in rescuing Miss Wen. Of course… we’ll do our best to save her and put her safety first.”

    Even till now, he still could not believe that Wen Xinya had been abducted by the highly wanted fugitives whom they were looking for.

    Lots of imaginative thoughts filled his mind and he had already lost the composure that a soldier ought to have.

    He was reminded of the time when Wen Xinya was abducted by Fu Tianyang two years ago. Back then, he was extremely flustered and lost as well. However, he was still weak and powerless, completely incapable of saving her.

    Although he now had the power to save her, he was not confident at all, because of how formidable the abductors were.

    Upon hearing Xu Zhenyu’s words, Old Mr. Wen blacked out and staggered forwards, almost falling onto the ground. He frantically said, “Don’t worry, Major Zhang. The Wen Family will definitely do everything to cooperate with the military.”

    He did not expect that Wen Xinya would be abducted by those fugitives. Didn’t that mean that…

    He felt extremely thankful for Old Mr. Mo’s timely arrival and successful attempt in stopping Wen Haowen from calling the police. It was hard to guarantee that the fugitives would not find out that they had called the police. Once they did, Wen Xinya’s life would be in great danger.

    Xu Zhenyu said, “The mission has to be carried out in high secrecy this time. Please summon all of your family members and confiscate all their electronic and communication devices. Stop them from contacting the outside world. They’ll be in custody of the military.”

    Old Mr. Wen immediately did as instructed.

    In less than three minutes, everyone gathered in the hall, including Wen Haowen.

    Wen Haowen’s mobile phone had already been confiscated by Old Mr. Mo earlier on. The moment he saw the military, he wanted to find a chance to leak the crucial information. To his dismay, the military was extremely cautious and held them in custody.

    Xu Zhenyu continued, “From now on, no one is allowed to enter the Wen Family home, and the military will help you guard your disposable funds and assets. We won’t let any information leak.”

    Old Mr. Wen nodded and said, “Got it.”

    All the necessary preparations were in place.

    Xu Zhenyu sat on the couch and pressed his lips together. His face stiffened.

    The only thing they had to do was wait!

    Once the military got the news about Wen Xinya’s whereabouts, they’d be able to find her exact location.

    Once the fugitives made the blackmail call, they’d be able to find out Wen Xinya’s exact location using the signal.

    At this moment, Xiao Huang entered and said, “Major, we’ve already arrested the woman who’s confirmed to be the one who asked Miss Wen to meet at the bar! However, that woman seems to be unaware of Miss Wen’s abduction.”

    A grim expression formed on Xu Zhenyu’s face. He did not believe that there would be such a coincidence in the world. “Is this confirmed to be true?”

    Xiao Huang immediately said, “Yes, this is the woman’s statement and an analysis report from the psychologist.”

    Xiao Huang handed a document over to Xu Zhenyu.

    Xu Zhenyu grabbed it and flipped through it rapidly. Having been in the military for two years, he had experienced lots of events. After reading through Ning Yuya’s statement, Xu Zhenyu smelled a rat and felt that Wen Xinya’s abduction seemed to have been premeditated.

    He closed the document and said, “Use a lie detector to continue interrogating her.”

    Ning Yuya was the only lead that they had found thus far and he could not let go of her easily. The missing of a slight detail could result in a threat to Wen Xinya’s life.

    Xiao Huang was hesitant, for he felt that there was no need to interrogate the woman any longer. Upon sight of the military personnel, she began spluttering incoherently and he felt that the lie detector test would be a waste of time.

    Xu Zhenyu looked up and asked, “Are there any issues?”

    Xiao Huang immediately answered, “No.”

    Xu Zhenyu watched as Xiao Huang left.

    Soon, there were sounds of heavy footsteps. “Major Zhang, we’ve received news from the military. It’s said that there’s another case of car theft and murder near Huaishan Cemetery this afternoon. After looking at the footage from the surveillance cameras nearby, we’ve found the detailed information of the owner of the car. We also found out that it’s a black car from brand XXXX and the license plate is from Beijing, number BXXX. After checking all the surveillance cameras, we’ve found their traces.”

    Xu Zhenyu frantically asked, “Where are they?”

    Xu Zhenyu heaved a sigh of relief, though he did not expect there to be news so soon.

    The subordinate answered, “The car has been driven towards the West Region, but we lost track of it. According to our professionals, the culprits should have gone into the remote mountain areas.”

    Xu Zhenyu ordered. “Find out all the relevant information about the remote mountain area immediately.”

    The subordinates left and Xu Zhenyu proceeded to look at the West Region on the map.

    “Connect the satellite devices immediately…” Xu Zhenyu picked up a pen and rapidly scribbled all over the map. “Here and here… are the possible places where the fugitives are hiding.”

    Xu Zhenyu continued, “Get the rescue teams ready. We’ll head to the remote mountain area in the West Region to rescue the hostage at once.”

    Everyone was waiting to leave and Xu Zhenyu again arranged for the relevant personnel to stay in the Wen Family to guard over them. They then left uniformly in a haste.