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Chapter 674 - Asking for the Ransom

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 674: Asking for the Ransom

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    After Xu Zhenyu’s rescue team left, the Wen Family sunk into a deafening silence. The living room was so quiet that they could hear a pin drop. The rescue members were all waiting patiently for orders. Only the sounds of the clock ticking could be heard ringing in the house. It was rhythmic and loud, and it felt as if the clock hands were ticking against their hearts.

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo were seated on the couch and waiting for the news anxiously. There were some fruits in front of them, as well as some snacks, none of which they touched.

    Every minute and second felt like incredible torture.

    They were overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, uneasiness, terror and all sorts of other emotions.

    Wen Haowen initially found it a pity that he was not able to leak the information. However, after giving Xu Zhenyu’s words some thought, he felt that Wen Xinya would more likely than not die in this ordeal.

    When that happened, he would be the only heir left of the Wen Family and everything would then belong to him.

    The servants were shocked out of their senses when they saw the military personnel who were dressed immaculately in neat uniforms and holding onto their guns with austere expressions. They stood rooted to the ground and dared not breathe at all.

    However, everyone was affected by the abduction, including Mother Wang and Auntie Wu…

    The loud and crisp sounds of the ringtone filled the air in the living room and broke the silence.

    However, the ringtone was fast-paced and added on to the tension in the living room.

    The ringtone made everyone’s hearts jump.

    It was very likely that it was a call from the abductors asking for a ransom.

    Old Mr. Wen extended a shaky hand, feeling rather terrified.

    “Wait a minute!” Xiao Huang frantically yelled to stop Old Mr. Wen. After gesturing at the investigation team, he immediately began connecting the reception to the tester.

    Xiao Huang pointed at Mother Wang and said, “You shall answer the call. Stay as calm as you can and try to sound as normal as possible. Otherwise, your Missy’s life could be in danger.”

    Since it was already the wee hours of the night, the masters should already be asleep. Hence, the crafty terrorists would definitely sense that something was amiss if Old Mr. Wen were to pick up instead.

    Mother Wang stood up slowly on an unsteady gait, almost falling onto the ground.

    Soon, she walked towards the telephone, took a deep breath and answered, “Hello! This is the Wen Family home.”

    Upon hearing her calm voice, Xiao Huang heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. It turns out Xu Zhenyu’s instructions were right.

    Xia Ruya could tell that it was Mother Wang’s voice. While listening to the sounds, she answered, “Hello, Mother Wang. It’s me.”

    The man wanted her to cooperate with them and pay attention to the Wen Family’s condition. She obviously dared not turn down their demand for her to send them regular updates. At this point, there was no return for her and she could only hope that they could successfully receive the ransom and kill Wen Xinya afterward.

    Mother Wang’s room was the closest to the living room and the calls received by the Wen Family would often be answered by the same few servants, one of which was Mother Wang.  Xia Ruya thought to herself.

    Mother Wang heaved a sigh of relief and frantically said, “Turns out it’s you, Miss Xia! Why did you call at this time?”

    Although it was a call from Xia Ruya and not the abductors, everyone dared not be careless.

    Xia Ruya said softly, “Mother Wang, my passport is missing. Could you help me go look for it in my room? I’ve booked a plane ticket to France and I’ll be setting off the day after tomorrow. I discovered that I couldn’t find my passport when I was packing my luggage just now. I’ve searched everywhere except for the Wen Family home… if I apply for a passport now, I won’t be able to make it in time.”

    She had indeed left her passport behind in the Wen Family and was thinking of applying for a new one. However, it would now come in handy. Besides, she had also prepared to leave for France after settling the matter about Wen Xinya. Hence, it was a perfect excuse for her.

    Not daring to agree, Mother Wang glanced at Xiao Huang.

    Xiao Huang gave her the green light by making an “OK” sign with his hand.

    Mother Wang answered, “Sure, I’ll help you keep a lookout.”

    Xia Ruya said happily, “Mother Wang, thank you so much. I’ll call you again tomorrow. If you’ve found it, I’ll come by and collect it.”

    The abductors would be calling the Wen Family to ask for the ransom soon. Hence, she could use tomorrow to enter the Wen Family home and ask about the situation.

    Xiao Huang nodded at Mother Wang.

    Mother Wang answered, “Sure!”

    Xia Ruya answered courteously, “So sorry to have troubled you at such a late hour, Mother Wang.”

    After ending the call, Xiao Huang accompanied Mother Wang to Xia Ruya’s room upstairs to search for her passport.

    They found Xia Ruya’s passport in a box beneath the dressing table. Xiao Huang then called the Airlines Authority and found out that Xia Ruya had indeed booked some air tickets to France.

    They decided to rule out the possibility of Xia Ruya being associated with the abduction.

    Soon, they heard the sounds of the ringtone again. Old Mr. Wen received a call from Wen Xinya’s mobile phone.

    Staring at his vibrating phone, Old Mr. Wen grabbed it with his bony hands and answered it. “Hello, Xinya, what’s the matter? You called at such a late hour.”

    Old Mr. Wen sounded natural and composed.

    “Old Mr. Wen, Miss Wen is in my hands now. If you want her to live, transfer 100 million US dollars to bank account number XXXXX. If you dare to call the police, I’ll make sure she doesn’t live to see tomorrow.”

    The cold and harsh voice sounded in the living room and Old Mr. Wen shuddered from head to toe. It was as if he could no longer hold his mobile phone properly. “You… who are you? Did you guys abduct Xinya?”

    The caller did not answer. Next, sounds of Wen Xinya being beaten into a pulp and shrieking in pain could be heard.

    Old Mr. Wen sprung up from the couch and yelled agitatedly, “Don’t… hurt my granddaughter! Please don’t hurt her. You want 100 million US dollars, right? I’ll transfer it to your bank account before daybreak. Please don’t hurt my granddaughter, please don’t…”

    The crisp sounds of the telephone filled the air in the living room. Old Mr. Wen thumped himself down on the couch, feeling as if a million daggers had pierced through his heart at the thought of Wen Xinya being beaten up.

    Old Mr. Mo was just as worried, for he knew that Wen Xinya was usually frail and pampered, and could not take any pain at all. When he punished her by making her pen several copies of the Mo Family rules, she complained about her aching hands and even made Si Yiyan write them for her.