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Chapter 676 - Come! Kill Me!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 676: Come! Kill Me!

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    Wen Xinya gazed at the opening of the dark cave which resembled a menacing beast that had its mouth wide open. She could not help but feel hopeless as she was consumed by terror.

    She closed her eyes slowly, after which a teardrop rolled down to her sideburn. Ever since she got kidnapped, she had never felt as hopeless as she did now, because… her only hope was dashed by the mobile phone.

    She suddenly thought about lots of people.

    Grampy, Si Yiyan, Xu Zhenyu, Grandpa, Zhou Tianyu, Gu Junling, Han Mofeng, Ling Qingxuan, Xu Tongxuan…

    She was thankful to have so many genuine friends in this lifetime.

    She again thought about Xia Ruya, Ning Yuya, Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen, Old Mrs. Wen…

    Scrutinizing the mobile phone, the man in gray said, “This is a custom-made mobile phone by Savelli. It comes with an exorbitant price tag of more than 10 million dollars. I’ve never seen this model before, though.”

    The other man in black then said, “Boss, Savelli manufactures mobile phones according to the customer’s request, and each mobile phone has a few special functions, like detecting, satellite positioning, radar systems, and many others. I heard… that plenty of wealthy people would buy such mobile phones for the sake of preventing abductions…”

    His words had given her a death sentence.

    Wen Xinya lied down on the ground, feeling completely helpless.

    After hearing his words, the man in gray grabbed Wen Xinya’s hair forcefully and pulled her up. Glowering at her menacingly, he questioned sternly, “What functions are there in this mobile phone?”

    Wen Xinya shrieked in pain. The excruciating pain in her scalp made her feel as if her pores were screaming. She stared at the mobile phone while tears welled up in her eyes.

    The man in gray tugged her hair forcefully and yelled, “Speak up if you don’t want to die!”

    Wen Xinya teared up in pain and clenched her jaw, trying to stop herself from shrieking. If she were to tell the truth, she’d die immediately. If she didn’t… she might be able to stall for some time. She would not give up any opportunity.

    Not expecting her to remain so tight-lipped, the man flung her onto the ground and kicked her angrily. “If you still refuse to speak, I’ll *****!”

    He then spouted a whole string of lewd and disgusting words.

    Wen Xinya clenched her jaw, the pain making her feel as sober as ever. She wished she was unconscious instead!

    The other man in black fiddled with Wen Xinya’s mobile phone for a while before saying with a sullen expression, “Boss, this mobile phone is locked with a biometric password. I can’t unlock it at all. I’m afraid there might be an alert of the mobile phone being hacked.”

    No. 3 got incredibly agitated and exclaimed, “Boss, we can’t keep this woman anymore!”

    He then whipped out a Swiss knife and pressed on the spring, after which the blade darted out. The shiny blade looked extremely menacing underneath the dim light.

    Holding the knife in his hand, No. 3 approached Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya’s pupils constricted and she began panting heavily. The glare from the blade of the knife seemed to be blinding her.Read more chapter on our

    She began smiling and laughing maniacally. “Hahaha! You guys are those three fugitives who are on the loose, aren’t you?”

    Her laughter gave them the chills!

    Wen Xinya sneered. “If you kill me now, you can forget about getting the ransom. My Grandpa and Grampy are not going to give you the ransom without checking that I’m safe. One of them is a shrewd business magnate while the other is a man of wisdom. Do you really think they’d be that foolish?”

    The man in gray barked. “No. 3!”

    No. 3 paused in his actions, clearly stuck in a dilemma, though he was still glaring at her menacingly.

    Wen Xinya knew that her words had some effect on the men. Staring at them derisively, she gibed. “Kidnapping me is a piece of cake for you guys. All you have to do is hold me at gunpoint and I’ll leave with you obediently. However, you didn’t do that. If I’m not wrong, you didn’t have any weapons with you when you escaped to the city!”

    The men’s expressions changed and they glowered at Wen Xinya.

    None of them had expected that she would be that sharp and intelligent, unlike other bimbo heiresses. She had long found out about their identity and yet, she had been pretending to be submissive in order for them to let their guard down around her.

    Wen Xinya stared at them, her lips as pale as a sheet. “The various cases of robbery in the city were all committed by you guys. You’re in need of a huge sum of money to buy some firearms. After buying them, you’ll leave the city. That’s why you decided to take the risk and kidnap me for money, right?”

    “Boss, let me kill this bitch,” No. 3 said, dashing towards her with the knife.

    The man in gray grabbed his arm to hold him back. “No. 3, don’t act rashly.”

    Wen Xinya stared at No. 3 in contempt and raised her chin smugly. “If you want to kill me, go ahead! I’m just going to die anyway. Once I die, you can forget about getting a single cent… Maybe my life is worthless, but what about you people? You won’t have money or any weapons. Are you confident of escaping the city’s law?”

    Her fair and porcelain skin glowed beautifully in the dim light and was extremely alluring and seductive.

    No. 3 looked away, wishing he could slit her neck with the knife. “Boss, don’t hold me back. I want to kill her.”

    The other man in black grabbed his arm and persuaded. “No. 3, don’t act rashly. We’ll adhere to Boss’ instructions.”

    The man in gray stared at Wen Xinya with clenched fists, wishing that he could kill her too. However, he knew that she was right and she was just stating the facts. Just a little more to go… and they’d be able to get the ransom, powerful weapons and the chance to flee abroad.

    He was indignant!

    Wen Xinya screeched. “Come! Kill me! I’m going to die either way. Once I’m dead… you people will die too…”

    Gritting his teeth in anger, the man in gray instructed. “No. 2, take her along. We’ll move elsewhere immediately.”

    They were extreme terrorists who were ready to lose their lives in every mission they partook in. If they didn’t kill her now, they might be able to get the ransom and flee. However, if they were to kill her, they definitely wouldn’t get the ransom, let alone escape.

    They could take the gamble.

    No. 2 darted forward, taped her mouth and carried her out of the cave.

    During the commotion, the apple-green mobile phone fell onto the ground with a loud thud.