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Chapter 677 - 3 Minutes and 48 Seconds!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 677: 3 Minutes and 48 Seconds!

    Someone said that darkness represented sin and death.

    On the other hand, it was also a noble power like brightness, powerful and resplendent. Many failed to carry it well.

    True darkness was calm, all-embracing, tranquil and quiet. It followed the principle of maintaining balance.

    True darkness was not dejected and forlorn. Only those who were silly would think that darkness was negative and embroil themselves in the intricate web of darkness.

    Darkness was elegant, calm, silent, mysterious and destructive.

    At the same time, darkness also symbolized loneliness and solace.

    When enraged, darkness would consume everything and erode everything that provoked it.

    There were thick fumes of smoke in the car, which seemed like they would not disperse. Si Yiyan held his cigarette between his fingers, allowing the ashes to fall onto the carpet beneath his feet while leaning back against the car seat in exhaustion.

    He was suddenly reminded of something.

    When he was young, his mother asked him, “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re in the dark?”

    Back then, he was young and did not understand his mother’s purpose in asking him such a question. Hence, he answered without hesitation, “Light!”

    His mother again asked, “Darkness is often prolonged and is what consumes light. Why is light the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re in the dark?”

    He could not answer her at all back then.

    Feeling heartened, his mother looked at him and caressed his head. “Good boy. You chose the light because your heart is bright and clear.”

    He later realized that his mother was afraid that the dark past of Xiasi Group would consume the clarity and brightness within him. That was the reason why she asked him such a question and ignited a flame within him.

    He only realized now that without Wen Xinya, he would be plunged in total darkness, completely helpless and unable to save himself.

    He finally found an answer to his mother’s question. “Darkness. Darkness may consume the light, but it also lets everyone know the importance of light.”

    Wen Xinya was the light of his life.

    “How long more will the journey take?” he asked, completely losing track of time. His judgment had also been impaired and he seemed to be losing his willpower with each passing minute and second.

    It was the fourth time in ten minutes that he had asked for the duration of the remaining journey. The interval between each question got shorter and shorter.

    Gu Yuehan suppressed his emotions and answered, “We still have three minutes and forty-eight seconds to go!”

    “Three minutes and forty-eight seconds!” Si Yiyan repeatedly muttered under his breath.

    At this moment, a man walked towards him hurriedly and said, “Ninth Young Master, we’ve used the satellite system to track the mobile number which called from the remote mountain area in the West Region. Those abductors have asked for a ransom of 100 million US dollars from the Wen Family. The Wen Family has already agreed to transfer the money to XXXX bank account, as requested by the abductors. We’ve found out that this Swiss bank account is registered under an anonymous name. We can’t find any other leads.”

    Si Yiyan rose from the seat slowly with a heavy heart. If they didn’t ask for the ransom, it would be guaranteed that Wen Xinya stayed alive. However, now that they had asked for a ransom, Wen Xinya’s life would be in danger, especially since the Wen Family had agreed to give the ransom.

    “Hand me the voice recording,” Si Yiyan said with a splitting headache. Within just a few hours, he was completely drained out of energy, both physically and mentally. Fatigue overwhelmed him like tidal waves.

    The man hesitated for a moment.

    Si Yiyan suddenly laughed, for the man’s hesitation could only mean that the recording contained the sounds of Wen Xinya being tortured and subjected to harsh treatment.

    Noticing that he had laughed, the man panicked and frantically handed the recording to him.

    Si Yiyan grabbed it and played the recording. Listening to the sounds of the abductors abusing Wen Xinya and her shrieks of terror and pain, Si Yiyan felt as if his heart was a fragile piece of paper that was crushed into a ball!

    Just as the darkness began to erode Si Yiyan’s rationality, the car came to a halt.

    “Ninth Young Master, we’re here!”

    Si Yiyan abruptly pushed the car door open and alighted. He was suddenly consumed by darkness which infiltrated his body.

    Gu Yuehan’s heart skipped a beat and gestured at the cars behind them before following Si Yiyan.

    They had parked their car at a remote and faraway spot in order to avoid alarming the three abductors. The neurons of Si Yiyan’s brain were connecting rapidly. When they were in the car, he had already begun analyzing the satellite map, and it was as if he instinctively walked into the darkness. It was as if darkness had invaded him silently without warning.

    About ten minutes later, they approached the bomb shelter.

    Si Yiyan gestured calmly, after which the people behind him silently delved into the darkness and blocked the opening of the cave.

    Si Yiyan made another hand gesture.

    The sounds of shuffling could be heard.

    About a minute later, there was no longer any noise.

    An ominous feeling filled Si Yiyan’s heart and he made another hand gestured.

    What followed next were louder sounds.

    Two minutes later, there was silence once again.

    Si Yiyan gestured once more and leaped towards the cave opening like a leopard chasing its prey.

    Gu Yuehan followed closely behind.

    The people behind him who were originally supposed to camouflage could no longer be bothered to continue with it and instead came out of cover. Si Yiyan’s safety was their priority.

    In the dark cave where light was scarce, the dim light shone onto Si Yiyan’s tall and slender figure, elongating his silhouette and shadow which was cast on the wall of the cave. His black outfit seemed to have consumed everything.

    Si Yiyan stepped on the muddy ground and discovered that there were dense sounds ringing in the cave. It felt as if someone was stepping on their hearts.

    Si Yiyan stared at the empty cave which was full of life. The air was filled with the smell of fast food and the ground was stained with blood. It was a truly horrifying sight… which was proof of the torment that Wen Xinya was subjected to.

    Wen Xinya was the woman whom he loved with all his heart and pampered to bits. He showered her with unconditional care and concern, loved her selflessly and would worry at the slightest thing that happened to her. Whenever a strand of hair fell out of her scalp, he would do everything to help her nourish her body, for fear that she suffered from malnutrition.

    Yet, she was subjected to such cruel violence!

    He darted forward and picked up the small mobile phone on the ground. Holding it tightly in his hand, he yelled, “Where is she!?!”

    There was a strong melancholy in his voice. However, none of his subordinates dared to answer him and instead continued to search the scene for more clues.