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Chapter 680 - Xinya’s Whereabouts

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 680: Xinya’s Whereabouts

    He almost managed to rescue Wen Xinya. Almost!

    He had merely missed her by a bit. After reconnoitering around the place, his subordinates found that the instant noodles which had been eaten by the abductors were still warm. Hence, he deduced that the abductors had left less than ten minutes ago.

    It was so close, yet so far.

    Si Yiyan sat in the car and fiddled with the mobile phone that he had given Wen Xinya. It was as if her body temperature was encapsulated in the mobile phone. He thought that he was in control of Wen Xinya’s whereabouts and, although he was afraid, he was actually rather confident about saving her. However, now that he had lost track of her location, he grew completely flustered.

    Clearly, the abductors had already found out about the satellite function in Wen Xinya’s mobile phone and hence, brought Wen Xinya away. His plan had been jeopardized and he had lost all leads.

    Wen Xinya was also in an extremely dangerous predicament.

    Si Yiyan closed his eyes slowly. The thought of Wen Xinya being beaten into a pulp and the bloodstains on the floor made him become irrational.

    He pressed the spot on his head that was giving him a huge headache and causing his mind to be a blur.

    Gu Yuehan said softly, “Ninth Young Master, don’t worry too much. There isn’t any other news from the Wen Family’s side yet. I’m guessing that Miss Wen should still be safe. Those abductors are in need of a huge sum of money for the purchase of firearms. Once they purchase the weapons, they’ll flee from the city. They definitely won’t give up the ransom. Well, at least, Miss Wen is safe now. We still have the chance to save her.”

    His words did not help at all.

    Sounding melancholic, Si Yiyan said, “We might be able to guarantee that she stays alive, but what about her wellbeing? Those abductors are ruthless and inhumane. They’ve already discovered the satellite function on her mobile phone. They’ll definitely give her a hard time.”

    The sounds of Wen Xinya’s shrieks of terror were still ringing in his ear. The thought of it made his head feel like it was about to explode, and he wished he could take her place instead.

    Gu Yuehan was at a loss for words. He could not help but be reminded of Si Yiyan standing in the bomb shelter and yelling in helplessness and despair.

    Si Yiyan gave out a string of orders earlier on.

    When he walked out of the bomb shelter, he was consumed by darkness. However, he stared blankly into space and began zoning out.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop those thugs from harming Xinya even if I’m able to save her. If they harm her brutally, the rescue is considered a failure to me.”

    He would be a failure if he couldn’t even save his own woman!

    No amount of excuses could save him from the guilt.

    In this case, how am I any different from Father who killed himself for love?

    Gu Yuehan was speechless. Although he believed that Si Yiyan would be able to save Wen Xinya, he was not sure that she would be unharmed.

    Si Yiyan’s thin lips were pale and he became extremely weak.

    At this moment, a team of people was delving in the dark. They walked towards the car and said, “Ninth Young Master, we’ve already checked the areas in the vicinity. We didn’t find any traces of the abductors.”

    A grim expression formed on Si Yiyan’s face, though he had actually already expected it. If the abductors could escape from the police, they were definitely good at hiding.

    “Ninth Young Master, we’ve already scanned the entire area using the radar. We didn’t find any traces of them, however. I’m guessing that they’re wearing signal-disrupting devices.”

    Si Yiyan appeared even more austere. “What’s the situation like in the military?”

    “They’re also actively trying to locate the abductors, but there are no leads yet.”

    After a moment of silence, Si Yiyan said, “Bring me the map and connect to the satellite system. I’ll analyze the areas in the vicinity.”

    Gu Yuehan’s heart sank. Si Yiyan had already analyzed the map countless times before and he had already memorized the layout of the area. Yet, he still did not give up.

    Gu Yuehan rolled the map out in front of Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan sunk deep into thought while holding a red marker in hand.

    He then annotated the map and said, “Gu Yuehan, if you were the abductor and you’re aware that your satellite location has already been discovered by the hostage’s savior, where will you move the hostage to?”

    Gu Yuehan stared at the spots on the map which had been marked out by Si Yiyan. There were all villages near the West Region.

    Due to the strict urbanization rules, there were only a few small factories in the remote mountain areas as well as some citizens who were living in poverty. It was apparent what Si Yiyan meant.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “They’re extreme terrorists who do not think like normal humans. I’ve previously tried to analyze the information about them that the military had provided. I’ve discovered that they’re very cunning and they’re excellent at hiding.”

    Gu Yuehan listened quietly.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Crowded places are the best hiding spots for them!”

    Gu Yuehan agreed with his analysis. “Ninth Young Master, do you suspect that they could be hiding in a village?”

    Si Yiyan said, “They already know now that their location has been tracked down and they might be arrested soon. Before they get the ransom, choosing to flee is a bad choice. Hiding would be their best bet. Besides, it would be easier to wreak havoc in crowded places so as to instill fear and panic. That’s what those terrorists are best at doing. Under such circumstances, the military would be hindered from continuing its operation. Hence, it would be easier for them to stay out of trouble.”

    The information about the terrorists that he had found, had finally become usable.

    Si Yiyan instructed calmly. “Find the areas that I have annotated on the satellite map. I want to see a 3D view of the area that they’re in.”

    The operational personnel immediately did as instructed.

    Soon, they sent the 3D maps of the locations to Si Yiyan’s mobile phone.

    Si Yiyan chose a total of three places.

    One was a nearby village that housed a majority of foreign villagers who peddled clothes. There were also several farmers in the village, thus making it easy for the abductors to stay hidden.

    The second location that he chose was an area near several small factories. The layouts of the houses were also complicated and convenient for hiding.

    The last one was an area near the suburbs where transport was convenient. Thus, it would be easy for the abductors to flee.

    Si Yiyan knocked his fingers against the table gently. It was as if the air was stuffy in the car. He instructed. “Send two other teams to the suburbs and factories. Wait for my instructions. The people we brought with us shall go ambush them in the village.”

    Gu Yuehan immediately typed on the keyboard of his laptop.

    Si Yiyan closed his eyes and then opened them again. “Send this document and photos to the military. Request for them to cooperate with us.”

    They did as instructed.

    Gu Yuehan understood what Si Yiyan meant. The three places were restricted areas where it would be difficult for them to carry out their operations.

    It was different for the military personnel who could use their authority to send orders and conduct searches. The citizens would have no choice but to comply. Hence, it would be much easier for them to take action. Si Yiyan was planning to act in secret.