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Chapter 681 - Handing over the Ransom in Advance

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 681: Handing over the Ransom in Advance

    The car continued to drive along the uneven, rocky roads on the mountains and Wen Xinya lied in the trunk of the car. The pitch darkness was just like her emotions. She felt as if she had fallen off a cliff and was about to plunge into Hell.

    She felt like her death was near.

    She continued to push herself through the jerky ride helplessly. Feeling incredibly helpless, her tears began to fall and seeped through the hairs on her sideburns.

    Although she had no idea how long she had been abducted for, she felt utterly dejected and hopeless. The pain in her body debilitated her and she felt numb from head to toe. She wished that she could just pass out. However, she felt a sudden dash of hope and remained sober.

    “Si Yiyan!” she murmured the name of the man whom she loved the most. She felt frail, weak, powerless and hopeless.

    Si Yiyan, why aren’t you here to save me yet… I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to persist on. No… I’m already not going to make it…

    Wen Xinya began sobbing miserably, agonized and aggrieved like a timid child trying her best to suppress her crying.

    Si Yiyan, I’m in so much pain! My head hurts, my hands hurt and so do my feet. I’m aching all over. Aren’t you afraid of letting me get hurt? Why didn’t you come and save me sooner?

    Wen Xinya felt extremely aggrieved at the thought of Si Yiyan, and she was consumed by an indescribable pain.

    Si Yiyan! If you still don’t come and save me, you might lose me forever!

    Wen Xinya drowned in feelings of frailty and the car finally came to a halt a long while later.

    “Bring her down,” the cold and cruel voice sounded in the darkness of the night.

    Wen Xinya instantly got the goosebumps.

    In the dark, she began to hear heavy footsteps approaching her, after which the trunk was opened and she was again carried out of the trunk.

    Wen Xinya was covered in injuries from head to toe, with the wounds on her head being the most severe. The men were rough and manhandled her, causing her to be overwhelmed with excruciating pain. She grimaced while her blood rushed to her head when she was suspended upside down, causing her to feel giddy.

    The cold and humid air in the night made her shiver. However, she dared not move at all and pretended to be unconscious.

    Feigning unconscious would be more advantageous for her in such a situation.

    She then felt like she was being carried into a pitch-black room.

    The man in black who was carrying her flung her onto the ground forcefully.

    Despite the overbearing pain, she dared not make a single sound. She began to slip into a daze and bit down on her own tongue to keep herself awake.

    “Bitch, are you playing dead!?!” The man then kicked her forcefully.

    Wen Xinya bore with the pain and remained still.

    The door was then opened with a creak and she heard it being locked. She could hear the sounds of an ongoing conversation coming from outside. However, she could not hear clearly because of how soft they were.

    No. 3 glared at the room and spat on the ground. “Once I get the ransom, I’ll make sure she dies.”

    The man in gray glanced at No. 3 before turning to look at the man in black. “How’s the woman?”

    The man in black answered, “Boss, don’t worry. That woman has already passed out long ago. I’ve already confirmed it. She’s like a dead fish.”

    The man in gray nodded. Due to the fact that they had had their location discovered previously, they were much more cautious and careful this time, for fear that she would get up to more tricks. “That woman is very sly. It’s better to be careful.”

    No. 3 interrupted. “I smashed that bitch’s head and beat her into a pulp. She’s not going to take it, especially since the journey here was so rocky. Besides, her limbs have been tied together and we’ve already searched her too. She can’t get up to anything funny.”

    The man in gray ignored him and said, “No. 2, contact the other woman immediately and get her to find out more about the Wen Family, and check if they’ve already called the police. Although we don’t know exactly what functions there are in that cell phone, we must be careful just in case.”

    He found Wen Xinya to be far too sly and intelligent. She knew how to make them feel helpless and he was afraid of creating unnecessary trouble. Fortunately, they were safe for now.

    The man in black quickly agreed and walked to another spot to make a call.

    The man in gray continued, “No. 3, go reconnoiter around this place. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

    In order to be safe, they had already checked the places nearby thrice, before deciding to hide here.

    No. 3 naturally did not have any objections and thus, instantly vanished into the dark.

    Soon, the man in black walked towards them after answering the call. “Boss, that woman said that she’s been loitering around the Wen Family home but has yet to discover anything unusual. Old Mr. Wen’s secretary and personal lawyer met each other a while ago and Miss Wen’s lawyer, as well as the owner of Lanxin Investments company, Ouyang Feng, has also visited the Wen Family home. They’re probably trying to raise the ransom.”

    The man in gray remained silent.

    Xia Ruya and Wen Xinya have a deep feud with each other. Xia Ruya may be young but she’s extremely scheming and her news should be rather reliable. Not to mention, Wen Xinya is the only heiress and the Wen Family definitely won’t dare to call the police unless they want their bloodline to cease. Besides, the Wen Family is loaded. They can easily earn a few hundreds of millions. There’s no point for them to give up their flesh and blood over money.

    The man in black asked, “Boss, what do we do now?”

    Without hesitation, the man in gray answered, “Get the Wen Family to hand the ransom over in advance, just to be safe.”

    The man in black objected. “Boss, it’d be impossible for the Wen Family to raise so much money in such a short period of time. After all… 100 million US dollars is not a small sum. They may be wealthy, but it’d be difficult to raise so much so quickly.”

    The man in gray had obviously thought about that too. However, he could not help but be worried whenever he thought about the apple-green cell phone. “We shall reduce the ransom, then. We just need to get enough money to buy us some weapons and boat tickets.”

    The man in black nodded, finding it to be an appropriate suggestion.

    Soon, No. 3 returned as well. “Everything is normal nearby.”

    The man in gray nodded and switched on Wen Xinya’s mobile phone to call Old Mr. Wen.