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Chapter 686 - The Last Five Minutes

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 686: The Last Five Minutes

    It was 2:55 AM! In the dead silent night, the darkness before dawn arrived.

    There were less than five minutes until the deadline of the ransom.

    The atmosphere in the Wen Family began to get tenser and Xiao Huang regretted his failure to give out the orders for them to answer the call immediately, 25 minutes ago. Although there were already some arrangements, there were no updates yet.

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo sat on the couch. Within just a few hours, they had already become mentally and physically exhausted. It was as if all that was left of them was haggardness.

    Wen Haowen was lying on the ground with a smirk on his lips. Wen Xinya definitely can’t be saved. I’ve now become the only successor of the Wen Family and everything will belong to me.

    Wen Haowen felt someone looking at him.

    He cocked his head sideways to see that Mother Wang was staring at him.

    Wen Haowen immediately glowered at Mother Wang.

    Mother Wang could not help but feel agonized for Wen Xinya.

    No man would harm their own child. Yet, Wen Haowen was so cold and ruthless towards her. Everyone wanted her to make it back safely and yet, he was gloating over the dangerous situation that she was in.


    Old Mr. Wen had long forgotten the instructions given by the military. He frantically answered the call and asked, “What have you people done to my granddaughter? I’m telling you guys… I won’t transfer the money until I confirm that my granddaughter is safe.”

    The man in gray shot a glance at No. 3.

    No. 3 walked towards Wen Xinya and picked her up before giving her two tight slaps.

    Wen Xinya’s mind was sent into a state of frenzy because of her fever. She shuddered from head to toe and felt a numbness that radiated through her entire body. The pain of the slap was stinging and it made her feel like her entire face was removed.

    She winced in a muffled voice, overwhelmed with pain.

    Upon hearing the sounds of Wen Xinya being in pain, Old Mr. Wen’s heart quivered and he asked, “Xinya, Xinya… how are you now? Xinya… say something. Hurry and answer Grandpa…”

    He continued to call her name out but did not get any response.

    As pale as a sheet, Old Mr. Wen shrieked. “What did you people do to my granddaughter!?! Why can’t she speak? Did you guys already… you’re lying to me…”

    The man in gray shot No.3 a glance, after which No. 3 grabbed Wen Xinya’s hair and tugged at it. “Bitch, if you keep staying silent, I’ll…”

    The pain in Wen Xinya’s scalp made goosebumps form on her skin and she shrieked. “Ouch!”

    Upon hearing her frail voice, Old Mr. Wen’s lips began to tremble and was at a loss for words.Read latest chapters at

    Old Mr. Mo snatched the mobile phone away from her and hollered in exasperation. “You guys just want the ransom, right!?! I’ll give it to you, but don’t harm my granddaughter. Otherwise, I won’t give you a single cent.”

    The violence that was inflicted on Wen Xinya made Old Mr. Mo feel extremely miserable. He knew that the pampered Wen Xinya could not take the pain at all.

    The man in gray exclaimed, “No. 3!”

    No. 3 stopped inflicting violence on Wen Xinya.

    Old Mr. Mo got a grip on himself and questioned, “How are you going to guarantee that you won’t go back on your word and harm my granddaughter after I pay the ransom?”

    No. 3 hollered. “Old fogy, don’t you dare threaten me. I’m telling you… at this point, you must pay the ransom no matter what. If you don’t want your granddaughter to die, you’d better behave.”

    Old Mr. Wen snatched the mobile phone and said, “I’ll pay it, I’ll pay. You must ensure that my granddaughter is safe.”

    The man in gray said coldly, “Five minutes is all I’m giving you. If I still don’t get the money, I’ll kill her immediately.”

    The man in gray shot a glance at No. 3.

    No. 3 began beating Wen Xinya up again.

    Wen Xinya winced in pain.

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo were on the verge of breaking down.

    Old Mr. Wen closed his eyes and muttered, “I’ll pay it…”

    However, they dared not say anything else.


    Old Mr. Wen thumped himself down on the couch and his mobile phone fell onto the ground with a loud and crisp sound. “Xinya…”

    Old Mr. Mo cupped his face and rubbed it forcefully. He had a deadpan expression as he thought to himself, Those inhumane beasts actually inflicted such violence on Xinya.

    Xinya is probably not going to be rescued!

    At this moment, Xiao Huang strode towards them and said with joy written all over his face, “Old Mr. Mo, Old Mr. Wen, there’s hope for Miss Wen.”

    Old Mr. Mo recovered from the shock and grabbed Xiao Huang’s hand. “What did you say?”

    Xiao Huang answered, “The headquarters gave us a psychological analysis of the abductors and they also said that it’s likely that Miss Wen has been moved to another place. We’ve already sent our men there immediately and we received the mobile signal of the abductors. We’ve managed to find their location. They’re in a village near the remote mountain area. Major Xu and his team are already on the way there. They’ll definitely arrive within five minutes.”

    The call lasted for one minute and three seconds, thus allowing them to track their location down. Clearly, the abductors had already let their guards down.

    Old Mr. Wen finally recovered from the shock and asked, “Can you really rescue Xinya?”

    Xiao Huang answered, “We have a sixty percent chance of saving the hostage now that we have their location.”

    It was not the first time that Xiao Huang had teamed up with Major Xu to carry out a rescue operation. Hence, he was confident about rescuing Wen Xinya.

    Old Mr. Mo was extremely agitated as well. Although it was only a sixty percent chance, it was better than nothing. “What do we do now, then?”

    Xiao Huang answered, “Hand the ransom over to the abductor. Miss Wen’s life is in danger and we can’t afford to make any blunders.”

    Old Mr. Wen immediately got Secretary Cao to transfer the money online. “We can’t let the money be transferred until the last moment.”

    Secretary Cao nodded and said, “Old Mr. Wen, leave it to me!”

    The matter concerned Wen Xinya’s life. Hence, they dared not make any mistakes.

    Qiu Yifan and Ou Yangfeng heaved a huge sigh of relief and prayed that Wen Xinya could be rescued successfully.