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Chapter 687 - Wen Xinya, I Finally Made I

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 687: Wen Xinya, I Finally Made It

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    It was 2:57 AM! The darkness before dawn had finally arrived. Nothing could be seen in the pitch darkness.

    At this moment, Si Yiyan and the rest had already rushed to the village and carried out the ambush. The crew had also begun screening the villagers discreetly.

    Si Yiyan sprawled on the ground and waited patiently for the results.

    The reconnoitering proceeded.

    At this moment, Si Yiyan heard a sound in the communication device in his ear. “Ninth Young Master, the abductors have given their last warning before they kill the hostage. We’ve already verified that Miss Wen is safe now, and we’ve also obtained their reception. The abductors are in the village.”

    In the darkness, Si Yiyan’s eyes were as black as ink. With glistening eyes, he said, “Play the recording.”

    He wanted to find out Wen Xinya’s current situation.

    The voice hesitated for a moment.

    However, the brief moment was enough to make Si Yiyan’s heart burn. Needless to say, Wen Xinya was definitely being physically abused.

    Soon, the recording was played.

    Her faint wailing reminded him that she was in a terrible situation and the abductors were just keeping her alive to get the ransom.

    Si Yiyan suddenly thought about the time when he helmed Xiasi Group and headed to Russia. During then, Lucifer was facing an internal crisis.

    There was a power struggle in Lucifer.

    Back then, he was just a leader in name who was looked down upon by everyone else.

    He was arrested and forced to speak when they placed a straw in his throat and transfused poison to him, causing him to be tormented. He still remembered the pain he felt when the liquid flowed down his throat and into his chest and lungs.

    However, he still escaped in the end.

    Back then, he clutched his Adam’s apple and tried to stop the blood from flowing out. At last, he endured it and waited until his father’s loyal subordinate saved him.

    He then underwent a major reconstruction surgery which gave him a traumatic experience. He could not eat spiky foods. Otherwise, he would begin suffocating and suffer hemorrhages in his throat and chest, thus leading to death. He had undergone a total of three surgeries in the past few years.

    At this moment, he felt a sudden metallic taste in his throat. He continuously tried to swallow it but ended up throwing up in the end.

    Gu Yuehan panicked as the smell of blood wafted up to his nose. “Ninth Young Master, what’s wrong with you?”

    Even though he had impeccable night vision, he could barely see anything in the dark. However, he guessed that Si Yiyan had vomited blood!

    Si Yiyan said softly, “I’m alright.”

    After vomiting the blood, he felt a huge relief. Rubbing his aching head, he felt like his condition might impair his judgment.

    Si Yiyan asked, “How long more will Xu Zhenyu’s men get here?”

    Now that they were at a critical juncture, though he was still uncertain, he had faith that Xu Zhenyu would make it in time.

    Gu Yuehan answered softly, “He’ll arrive within two minutes.”

    Si Yiyan nodded.

    At this moment, the screening crew walked towards them silently. “Ninth Young Master, we found a car in the village. According to the indents on the ground, the abductors are definitely in that house. We didn’t go in because we didn’t want to alarm them.”

    Si Yiyan remarked, “Well done.”

    Gu Yuehan hurriedly grabbed the 3D satellite simulation sketch and handed it to Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan said, “Find out the accurate location of the abductors.”

    The screening crew grabbed the map and made some annotations.

    Si Yiyan held the map in his hand and begun thinking about the best spot for an ambush.


    At this moment, Xu Zhenyu had already received the news from the rescue team in the Wen Family home.

    Xu Zhenyu was in a race against time. They were heading there on foot.

    “Major, we’ve already arrived in the vicinity of the village.”

    Xu Zhenyu questioned, “What time is it now? How long more do we have before the handover of the ransom?”

    “It’s 2:59 AM now. There are only six minutes left!”

    They had ample time now that the abductors had given them an additional five minutes.

    Xu Zhenyu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Everyone, stop in your tracks for a minute.”

    Fortunately, they managed to make it in time!

    Xu Zhenyu’s throat was dry and parched to the extent that it was painful. Sweat droplets trickled down from his forehead and into his eyes, causing there to be a stinging pain.

    He raised his head and gulped some water down, feeling a huge, soothing relief that was unfortunately short-lived. He began choking on the water.

    However, he dared not make a single sound.

    He could only lie on the ground and cover his mouth while the pain debilitated.

    He began tearing up.

    It was a high-difficulty operation that had to be carried out smoothly. Hence, no one dared to complain because they were racing against time and a life was at stake.

    “Major, are you alright!?!” his comrade asked, noticing how much pain he was in.

    Xu Zhenyu answered softly in a hoarse voice, “I’m alright! Don’t worry!”

    His voice was raspy and did not sound like himself at all.

    A minute later, Xu Zhenyu received the location details from the headquarters. He then took out the simulation sketch and said, “Snipers, get into position.”

    The snipers immediately checked their weapons and exclaimed, “Roger!”

    Xu Zhenyu sent out a string of orders. “Search for a suitable spot to take cover and act immediately. Remember, put the hostage’s life first.”

    The snipers delved into the darkness quietly. It had been less than ten seconds since they received the orders.

    “Armed members, get ready.”


    “Immediately enter the village and find a suitable spot. Don’t act on your own. Make the hostage’s safety your priority.”

    Xu Zhenyu then gave out more orders. There were still four minutes left.

    Xu Zhenyu said, “Contact the Wen Family immediately and arrange for them to hand the ransom over.”


    Xu Zhenyu said, “The rest of you, follow me.”