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Chapter 689 - 3:05 AM!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 689: 3:05 AM!

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    It was 3:03 AM in the Wen Family!

    Although the military personnel had already infiltrated the location of the abductors, the Wen Family dared not relax at all.

    Secretary Cao was seated in front of the computer provided by the military while keeping his back as straight as a ruler. His breathing began to quicken and become irregular as he typed incessantly on the keyboard. Due to the stiffness of his fingers, he found it a little difficult to type. They were still trying to hand the ransom over.

    It was necessary for them to wait until the last second, so as to stall for more time.

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo stood behind him, equally as tense.

    Tension filled the air in the Wen Family.

    Old Mr. Wen said, “There are still 2 minutes and 38 seconds until it’s time to pay the ransom.”

    The remaining 2 minutes and 38 seconds meant that there was still a chance for Wen Xinya to be rescued. However, her life was still threatened now that the military had yet to give any news.

    Old Mr. Mo held his breath and continuously glanced at the watch on his wrist. “We have 2 minutes and 22 seconds left.”

    It was his first time feeling like time flew by like an arrow. Every tick on his watch made his heart wrench.

    Xiao Huang said, “Old Mr. Mo, Old Mr. Wen, don’t get too nervous. Major Xu’s rescue team has probably already finished infiltrating and they’re executing the plan to rescue Miss Wen. When Major Xu was still in the Northwest Military camp, he had partaken in a few rescue missions and thus has experience in this.”

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo were still worried even after hearing Xiao Huang’s words.

    It was 3:03 AM, two minutes until the deadline.

    “Ah… my stomach hurts…” a voice yelled all of a sudden, breaking the silence in the room. It was loud and shrilling.

    Secretary Cao was shocked by the sudden shriek and his fingers trembled, causing him to accidentally transfer the money. The words “Transaction Processing” popped up on the screen of his computer!

    His mind went blank and he immediately punched the keys on the keyboard maniacally, in a bid to cancel the transaction!

    He knew that his mistake would result in dire consequences!

    The abductors might just kill Wen Xinya because they had received the ransom in advance.

    “Ah… it hurts…” Wen Haowen spluttered while clutching his stomach and rolling on the ground. He began to bawl loudly and the tension in the air was heightened.

    Everyone shifted their attention to him.

    How could he possibly let go of such a great opportunity to indirectly cause Wen Xinya’s death? He was determined to eliminate all hopes of her living.

    Distracting Secretary Cao was the best way he could do so.

    Secretary Cao continued to type incessantly while his sweat droplets rolled down his forehead uncontrollably. He could not be bothered by the drops of sweat falling onto the keyboard and instead continued to type away.

    “Transaction successful.”

    Secretary Cao suddenly slammed his hand down onto the keyboard and leaned back against the seat resignedly. “Old Mr. Wen, I’ve let you down.”

    Old Mr. Wen was snapped out of his thoughts and he turned to look at the computer screen, only to see that there were red words plastered all over it. It seemed like they had blinded him.

    Old Mr. Mo could not believe his eyes as he stared at the words on the screen which included the time stamp: XX/XX 03:01:55 AM

    They actually handed the ransom two minutes in advance!

    There were still two minutes to go.

    Exasperated beyond words, Xiao Huang ordered. “Immediately inform the higher-ups and Major Xu of the situation.”

    The military personnel cursed in their heads, though they continued to perform their duties.

    Xiao Huang sighed and hollered at Secretary Cao angrily. “What are you doing? You don’t need to do that even if you wanted to kill the hostage. You’re not that ignorant as to think that the abductors are going to release her after getting the ransom, are you?”

    Secretary Cao was at a loss for words, not expecting that things would turn out that way.

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo quivered and their minds went blank.

    Xiao Huang barked. “Do you have any idea how ruthless those abductors are? Once they get the ransom, they’ll kill the hostage. Two minutes, two whole minutes… time is money. We’re racing with time and getting into a battle of courage with the abductors. Yet you… let your fingers slip and ruined all our efforts. We can’t even ensure the safety of the hostage now!”

    Old Mr. Wen dashed forward and kicked Wen Haowen in his gut. “You bastard. How could I have such a heartless and cruel son like you? You’re worse than a beast…”

    Old Mr. Wen vented all of his anger on Wen Haowen and continued to kick him forcefully. “Father, it’s Secretary Cao’s mistake. What does it have to do with me!?!”

    Old Mr. Wen could not tolerate him at all. Anger was written all over Old Mr. Wen’s face as he retorted. “Why aren’t you yelling anymore? I’m kicking you now, don’t you find it painful? You bastard.”

    Wen Haowen grimaced in pain, not expecting that his father would exert violence on him because of Wen Xinya. “Father, I’m sorry… I was wrong. I just couldn’t control it because it hurt too badly just now. Please forgive me!”

    Old Mr. Wen stomped his foot down onto Wen Haowen’s stomach and said, “Do you really think that everything in the Wen Family will belong to you after Xinya dies? I’m telling you… even if the Wen Family ends up with no heir, I won’t hand the Wen Corporation over to such a horrid and heartless dog like you.”

    Wen Haowen grew flustered, for he did not expect that his actions would provoke Old Mr. Wen. He frantically said, “I’m sorry. I was wrong. Don’t get too agitated yet. The military is still actively trying to save Xinya. There is no news yet. Maybe Xinya will be rescued!”

    It was 3:05 AM!

    At this moment, Xiao Huang said, “We’ve already verified that the hostage is safe. The abductors are retaliating against us.”

    Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. However, they began to tense up again. now that the abductors had a hostage, they would definitely not let her go easily.

    Wen Xinya was in a predicament that was much more dangerous than before