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Chapter 690 - Threatening the Hostage

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 690: Threatening the Hostage

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    It was 3:05 AM!

    Xu Zhenyu and his team entered the village slowly and stealthily. To their astonishment, they heard that the Wen Family had transferred the ransom over in advance because of a mistake.

    He was flabbergasted.

    He could no longer be bothered to follow the original plan and instead resorted to the easiest way of rescuing someone—using brute force.

    Even then, he still took close to two minutes.

    His mind was sent into a state of frenzy as he could not confirm if Wen Xinya was dead or alive.

    However, Wen Xinya had no idea that her words had given her two extra minutes to live.

    Xu Zhenyu shouted into the speaker, “All of you inside, listen up. You’ve already been surrounded. Give up and release the hostage now…”

    Before the abductors could even react, they were greeted with a sudden glaring beam of light that shone into the house and caused them to be blinded.

    The man in gray exclaimed, “No. 3!”

    No. 3 immediately picked Wen Xinya up and placed the knife against her neck. He yelled, “Those of you outside, listen up. If you dare to take a step closer, I’ll kill this woman now.”

    Xu Zhenyu panted heavily, only to realize that his clothes had been drenched in cold sweat and his shirt was sticking to his sweaty back. He clenched his fists tightly before unclenching them again.

    Xu Zhenyu almost cried tears of joy.

    The three abductors had already whipped out their guns and loaded them with their remaining ammo. Their minds were in full focus and began threatening the hostage instead. They reckoned that Xu Zhenyu and his team wouldn’t dare to do anything if they were to threaten Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya’s mind was sent into a state of frenzy as well.

    She began beaming with joy.

    The three men hurriedly moved closer together and No. 3 asked, “Boss, are those people who are here to save this woman, all from Lucifer?”

    They were rather afraid of Lucifer’s leader because Lucifer possessed high power and extraordinary authority in Russia.

    The man in gray answered softly, “No, they’re from the Chinese military.”

    They heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that it was not Lucifer. Having dealt with the Chinese military several times before, they were adequately aware of the way the Chinese military handled matters. However, Lucifer was like a formidable and intimidating giant to them.

    Gripping the submachine gun tightly, the man in black spat on the ground and said, “Why do we have to be afraid, then? The Chinese military has always been pretentious and useless. As long as we have the hostage, we’ll definitely be able to flee safely.”

    No. 3 said, “Yeah, there’s nothing for us to be afraid of. Let’s rush out now and see what they can do to us.”

    The few of them were dauntless.

    Wen Xinya’s joy began to fade. Since they were not afraid of the military at all, her life and safety would not be guaranteed.

    She shifted her gaze onto the window to see that it was already bright outside. However, the brightness also hindered her from seeing clearly.

    However, she soon began to calm herself down.

    Even the military had arrived. That just meant that Si Yiyan was hiding in an unknown place and waiting for a chance to rescue her.

    Xu Zhenyu yelled into the speaker again, “Everyone in there, let go of the hostage. You’ve already been surrounded. Release the hostage immediately. You’ve already been surrounded…”

    Upon hearing the broadcast, No. 3’s frustration grew and he yelled in exasperation, “You’d better shut up! Shout again and I’ll shoot this woman now.”

    However, Xu Zhenyu remained fearless and retorted. “Screw you. Shoot if you dare. Don’t you act all haughty and arrogant with me. The hostage is your life’s guarantee. I refuse to believe that you’d do that. If you kill her, how are you going to escape?”

    Although No. 3 was fuming with anger, he dared not harm Wen Xinya. After all, the hostage was their only guarantee.Read more chapter on our

    It was as if Xu Zhenyu was out to provoke him. He grabbed the speaker and continued to yell, “You people, listen up. You’ve already been surrounded. Release the hostage immediately…”

    After Xu Zhenyu made his speech, the armed soldiers began yelling as well.

    All of a sudden, a ruckus broke out outside.

    Even Wen Xinya burst into laughter. She thought to herself,

    No. 3 flew into a rage and asked, “Boss, that bunch of people is getting more and more haughty. What should we do now?”

    The man in gray yelled, “You people, listen up. You have two options now. One is to arrange for a helicopter to send us away safely and we’ll release the hostage. The other is to reject us and we kill the hostage ow.”

    Xu Zhenyu gritted his teeth in anger, for he hated such situations. “Your request is too much. Change it.”

    He did not turn it down directly.

    The man in gray sneered. “You may turn the request down.”

    Xu Zhenyu retorted. “That’s not for me to decide. I have to request permission from my superiors before I can answer you.”

    Now that Wen Xinya’s life was in their hands, he dared not act rashly. After all, they were extreme terrorists who did not hesitate to kill.

    The man in gray said, “I’ll give you ten minutes. If you can’t give me an answer within ten minutes, I’ll kill the hostage.”

    Before Xu Zhenyu had even contacted his superiors, he was told to give in to the request.

    Xu Zhenyu found it strange that the headquarters would reply so quickly.

    Although his superiors had already conceded, Xu Zhenyu still pretended to contact them. After all, during such a critical situation, there would be more chances for the hostage to be rescued if they were to stall more time.

    The man in black felt extremely uncertain. “Boss, will they give in to our request?”

    Not worried at all, the man in gray sneered. “What are you worried about? They’ll give in sooner or later. It’s not our first time dealing with them. To these upright people, the hostage’s safety means the most to them. They’d even sacrifice themselves to save the hostage when necessary.”

    No. 3 said smugly, “Boss is right. These people are just pretending to be fierce. As long as we have the hostage, they’ll be powerless. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”