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Chapter 691 - The Helicopter Is Here!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 691: The Helicopter Is Here!

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    The military personnel was in an intense battle, while Si Yiyan had already secretly invaded the adjacent room and installed a mini bomb. He was just waiting for the right time to break the wall and rescue Wen Xinya.

    The originally seamless plan was ruined by the Wen Family accidentally transferring the money two minutes in advance. Xu Zhenyu’s appearance had foiled the abductors’ plan to use Wen Xinya as a threat.

    Si Yiyan pressed his lips together with a menacing expression on his face. While Xu Zhenyu was confronting the abductors, he instructed his men to drill a small hole in the wall.

    He peeked through the hole with one eye and caught a glimpse of Wen Xinya, though he could not see her face clearly. He could only see that her clothes were dirty, tattered and torn. However, he felt rather relieved.

    Si Yiyan began cooing like a bird.

    He then retreated together with his team.

    Wen Xinya’s body stiffened and she grew extremely agitated. She had heard it.

    To others, it might just be the sound of an ordinary bird cooing in the wild. However, Wen Xinya knew what the sound meant.

    On the night after her coming-of-age ceremony, she headed to Lishan Mansion to look for Si Yiyan. Back then, she deliberately hid outside his study and cooed like a bird to attract his attention.

    Back then, he even recited a sutra.

    She suddenly felt aggrieved and tears began to well up in her eyes, though she felt extremely touched.

    She knew that Si Yiyan would definitely rescue her.

    Even if the world gave up on her, he’d definitely come forth to rescue her, dead or alive.

    Soon, the ten minutes were up.

    The man in gray shot a glance at No. 3.

    No. 3 held Wen Xinya down and exited the room, with the other two following closely behind.

    Xu Zhenyu stared at No. 3 who was dragging Wen Xinya out of the room, his big and burly figure shielding her face. He clenched his fists tightly.

    No. 3 pushed Wen Xinya forward and pressed the gleaming knife onto her neck. “How did the consideration go?”

    Xu Zhenyu stared at Wen Xinya and his pupils constricted. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her hair was extremely unkempt. She looked so frail and weak that it seemed like she was at her very last breath.

    These abductors actually subjected Xinya to such abuse!

    Anger and agony exploded within him. He clenched his fists tightly in a bid to control himself and stop himself from killing the men in front of him out of recklessness.

    Wen Xinya stared at Xu Zhenyu, who appeared stern and austere with his army of uniformed soldiers standing behind him. It was the first time that she ever found him classy.

    She smiled and mouthed some words at him.

    Xu Zhenyu understood what she meant. He could not help but feel a heartache. At such a tense and critical juncture, she could still joke with him so happily. He mouthed: “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!”

    The man in gray did not receive any answer. He then pointed his gun at Wen Xinya and said, “If you turn me down, I’ll kill her immediately.”

    Xu Zhenyu sobered up instantly and said, “We’ve already reconnoitered around the place, there are no areas suitable for helicopters to land. There’s no use even if we give you a helicopter.”

    The man in gray retorted. “That’s none of your business. You just have to fulfill our requests.”

    Xu Zhenyu had no choice but to say, “The helicopter will arrive within twenty minutes.”

    He did not wish to concede to his requests and wanted to stall more time in order to save Wen Xinya. However, his superiors had ordered him to give in to the requests and informed him that the helicopter would be arriving within fifteen minutes.

    Although he found it strange, he had no choice but to follow the orders.

    The man in gray felt relieved after hearing his words and demanded. “Get your people to move back by fifty meters.”

    Xu Zhenyu frowned and said sternly, “Don’t cross the line.”

    The man then pointed the gun at Wen Xinya’s leg, clearly implying that he would make her a cripple if they were to refuse.

    Xu Zhenyu took a step back and ordered. “All of you, move backward by fifty meters.”

    Xu Zhenyu then kept his eyes fixed on Wen Xinya while retreating backward continuously. Every step he took made his heart sink, because… the further he was away from her, the more difficult it would be to save her.

    Although the military personnel had already moved backward, the abductors dared not let their guards down at all.

    The man in black said, “Boss, I still find it strange that they agreed to our request so readily. We’d better be more careful.”

    No. 3 sneered. “What are you afraid of? As long as we have the hostage, they won’t dare to do anything.”

    The man in black wanted to say something but decided not to. Hence, he looked at the man in gray and asked, “Boss, what do you think?”

    The man in gray said calmly, “The person in charge of the rescue operation is Xu Zhenyu. I checked up on him when I was looking into that woman’s background. He’s close friends with her.”

    He had even deliberately observed Xu Zhenyu’s behavior when he first saw Wen Xinya. He could tell that they were indeed on good terms with each other.

    The man said, “I’ll go find out more.”

    The man in gray nodded and said, “It’s good to ask and be more careful. After all, a life is at stake.”

    The man in black then took a few steps away and called Xia Ruya to ask about Xu Zhenyu and his relationship with Wen Xinya.

    Soon, the man in black walked towards her and said, “No problem, Boss!”

    He was surprised to find out that Xu Zhenyu was from a family of soldiers and the Xu Family held a high status in the military. He was also on close terms with Wen Xinya and had a crush on her.

    Time continued to pass by and Wen Xinya began wondering where Si Yiyan was. She missed him dearly and wanted to ask him why he took so long to rescue her.

    Wen Xinya’s mind was in a state of frenzy and her fever gave her a splitting headache. However, she felt extremely cold and thought that she wouldn’t be able to hang on any longer.

    A long while later, Wen Xinya heard the subtle sounds of a propeller.

    The helicopter had arrived!