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Chapter 692 - Fleeing Far, Far Away

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 692: Fleeing Far, Far Away

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    The sounds of the propeller sounded a little unclear as the abductors sprung up all of a sudden to stare at it.

    No. 3 said agitatedly, “Boss, the helicopter is here.”

    The man in black was extremely agitated as well. “Boss, we’re finally free.”

    With the massive amount of cash that they now had, they could live a life of luxury abroad.

    The man in gray was overjoyed. He was not afraid that the military would tamper with the helicopter because any accident would result in the loss of their country’s citizen. It was not an outcome that they wanted to see.

    That was the reason why he requested a helicopter, for he felt that it was the safest way for them to leave.

    The sounds of the propeller became louder and louder while the abductors looked up at the helicopter, wishing that it would approach them as soon as possible.

    No. 3 stared at Wen Xinya before asking, “Boss, do you really plan to release her later?”

    He would feel terrified at the thought of Wen Xinya being Rex’s woman. His mouth was filled with saliva and he was at a loss for what to do, though he wanted to kill her.

    The man in gray stared at Wen Xinya and sneered. “If she didn’t tell me that she was Rex’s woman, I might just let her live. Now that we’ve already offended Rex, what’s the point of keeping her alive?”

    No. 3 began to get extremely excited. He stared at Wen Xinya menacingly and said, “Hehe, Boss is right. Even if we don’t kill her, Rex will never let us off. In that case, why don’t we kill her for the thrill of it?”

    The man in black said, “Boss, what if she is just lying to us about being Rex’s woman? Otherwise, why hasn’t Rex sent his people to rescue her yet?”

    The man in gray was intrigued by his words.

    Wen Xinya began to panic. She did not expect the abductors to be so cautious. Neither did she know if they had already guessed that Si Yiyan was hidden outside.

    A few moments later, the man in gray shook his head and said, “My gut feeling is telling me that she is telling the truth. Besides, she knows too much about Lucifer and Rex. She should be Rex’s woman.”

    No. 3 sneered. “You guys are so annoying! Regardless of whether she’s Rex’s woman or not, we don’t plan to let her live, anyway. Why are you stuck in such a dilemma? Just kill her.”

    The man in gray nodded and said, “No. 3 is right.”

    Feeling smug to be complimented for the first time, No. 3 continued, “Besides, Lucifer can’t even save itself now. I heard that Rex got into a serious conflict with the Ivanov Family because of this woman. Even Anata was involved. The Ivanov Family is planning to swallow Lucifer and encroach on their firearms business in Russia. During such a situation, Rex should be able to weigh the pros and cons. He should know better than to prioritize his career over his woman.”

    Wen Xinya did not expect there to be so much tension going on in Russia. Her heart began to scrunch up. Despite all the trouble that he was facing, Si Yiyan still had to be distracted by saving her.

    She suddenly felt like she was extremely useless. Not only was she of no help to him, she even became his burden.

    She had never felt so weak and small before. Neither had she ever hoped to become stronger so desperately.

    She wanted to become just as strong and as powerful as him.

    The man in gray said, “No. 3 is right. If Rex really intervenes, the Chinese military doesn’t have to show up at all.”

    Lucifer had always acted discreetly and often laid traps when others were not noticing.

    They wouldn’t act so openly like the military.

    The sounds of the propeller began to get clearer and louder. The abductors got extremely agitated at the sight of the helicopter flying towards them.

    Gradually, the sounds became louder and infiltrated their eardrums. The turbulence became stronger as well.

    Wen Xinya soon began to get giddier while her head ached tremendously. She felt an urge to cover her ears.

    The strong waves of air hit her. If it weren’t because of the abductors holding her down, she would have lost her balance. The cold air made her shiver uncontrollably and she felt like she was stuck in a snowstorm.

    The man in gray and the man in black both had stones tied to their bodies.

    As the helicopter approached, it hovered above them and the ladder was thrown down, followed by some ropes.

    The man in gray said, “No. 3, No. 2 and I will go up the helicopter first. You shall hold the hostage and come in last.”

    No. 3 did not object to it and instead followed closely behind them.

    The man in gray and the man in black then sprinted towards the helicopter and tugged onto the rope to begin their ascent. They were not afraid of any possible dangers, because No. 3 still had the hostage.

    Xu Zhenyu gritted his teeth in anger while watching the helicopter leave. Yet, there was nothing he could do. He yelled into the speaker, “Isn’t it time to fulfill your promise and let the hostage go?”

    The man in gray ignored him and instead said to No. 3, “No. 3, there are no issues!”

    No. 3 then sprinted towards the helicopter with Wen Xinya.

    Xu Zhenyu immediately ordered. “Approach the helicopter and stop the abductors from bringing the hostage away!”

    Xu Zhenyu then led his team towards the helicopter.

    No. 3 climbed up the helicopter with Wen Xinya while the man in black received them at the door. The man in gray then pointed his gun at Wen Xinya, preparing to shoot whenever the military personnel fired a shot.

    “Hey, you guys, let go of the hostage now!” Xu Zhenyu exclaimed, exasperated at how cunning they were. However, he dared not act recklessly. At the same time, he was well aware that once Wen Xinya was brought onto the helicopter, her life would be in critical danger.

    For the first time, he began to doubt his superior’s decision.

    Xu Zhenyu ordered. “Bring the helicopter down.”

    The armed personnel then retrieved a rope from his equipment back and threw it at the helicopter, allowing it to latch onto the wings.

    Just as No. 3 brought Wen Xinya onto the helicopter, it jerked violently and they realized that they had been trapped. They lost their balance and fell onto the ground.

    The hostage was no longer within their control.