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Chapter 694 - Send Her to the Hospital

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 694: Send Her to the Hospital

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    It was 4:10 AM!

    A shining star rose in the sky all of a sudden and hung quietly in a corner. It was blinking incessantly as if it was a guiding light for dawn. The light in the dark sky gradually vanished.

    It seemed as if there was a curtain laid over the dark sky while the mysterious light was slowly revealed.

    The Wen Family!

    Ever since Secretary Cao made a mistake and caused a failure in the rescue mission, the air in the Wen Family home was filled with tension.

    The rescue mission seemed to have been hampered when they heard that Wen Xinya had been held down.

    It was as if the Wen Family was going through the calm before the storm. The tension accumulated like gloomy, gray clouds, and the somber mood made all of them incredibly frustrated. They were all ill at ease.

    Old Mr. Mo sat on the couch, feeling anxious and frustrated. It had been six hours and forty minutes since Wen Xinya was kidnapped. He had no idea how she was doing now. Neither did he know if she could hang in there.

    He was again reminded of Mo Yunyao, who had lost her life while giving birth to Wen Xinya.

    Old Mr. Wen thumped himself down on the couch as he recalled the past.

    Back then, he was still young and often let his emotions rule his head. It was then that he gained the reputation of being resolute and relentless.

    However, he still remembered how everyone viewed him back then. He was known to be vicious, wicked, cunning and cruel. It was also during then that the Wen Family secured a footing in the corporate world. Even if there were lots of formidable and wealthy families in the city, he was still feared by many, who felt that he was not one to be trifled with.

    Plenty of people detested him and were repulsed by him.

    At this moment, Xiao Huang walked towards him and said smilingly, “Old Mr. Mo, the headquarters informed us that Miss Wen is safe now and that the abductors have already been subdued. The police headquarters will contact the Swiss bank and recover the funds that you have transferred.”

    He was initially worried about Wen Xinya because the rescue mission had been hampered and the military was restricted from carrying out their operations too. He could not help but feel doubtful about rescuing the hostage because of how pessimistic the situation was.

    To his surprise, there was a sudden twist of fate just as everyone was in the midst of feeling terrified. Si Yiyan had already arranged for the helicopter to be sent to the abductors, in which he had laid a trap for them. He took the chance to save Wen Xinya and subdue the abductors.

    Old Mr. Mo could not seem to recover from the shock. His mind went blank and he exclaimed, “What did you say? Repeat yourself!”

    Old Mr. Wen stared at Xiao Huang in disbelief and asked, “Has Xinya really been rescued? Weren’t the abductors still trying to carry Xinya onto the helicopter?”

    Xiao Huang understood the reason behind his agitation. Wen Xinya was the only heiress of the Wen Family and Old Mr. Mo’s only kin. Hence, she meant a lot to them. “Yes, it’s already been verified that Miss Wen was rescued by a mysterious team who helped us annihilate the abductors and rescue Miss Wen.”

    Old Mr. Mo immediately thought of Si Yiyan.

    He did not carry many hopes at first. But to his surprise, Si Yiyan acted discreetly and rescued Wen Xinya after subduing the abductors.

    Old Mr. Wen teared up and began sobbing. “Thank the Heavens, Xinya is finally alright. She’s finally alright!”

    In the end, he managed to save the only heir of the family. He could now face his ancestors in the netherworld.

    Xiao Huang was also touched to tears.

    Even the servants of the Wen Family jumped in joy. Noticing that the military personnel had already retreated, a few brave ones began exclaiming gleefully, “Miss Wen is alright!”

    Mother Wang and Auntie Wu began crying tears of joy as well.

    For the entire night, they had been feeling anxious and worried about her. They prayed to Heaven and hoped for Wen Xinya to return in one piece. They felt that a kindhearted girl like her should live a long life.

    Miss Wen was finally alright.

    Wen Haowen was the only one who was lying on the ground in exasperation. Anger and resentment were written all over his face.

    He could not help but feel exasperated at the thought of how cruel Old Mr. Wen was to him.

    After rejoicing, Old Mr. Wen looked at Xiao Huang agitatedly and asked, “Where is Xinya now?”

    He desperately wanted to see Wen Xinya and find out how she was doing.

    Seemingly put in a spot, Xiao Huang said, “Um… I’m not too sure about that either. The higher-ups didn’t inform us about the identity of the person who rescued Miss Wen.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s heart pounded and he asked, “Inspector Huang, is it really confirmed that Xinya has been rescued?”

    At this moment, Old Mr. Mo’s mobile phone began to ring.

    He frantically grabbed the mobile phone to see that it was a message from Si Yiyan, which said: “Xinya is safe and sound. We’re sending her to the hospital now.”Read more chapter on our

    Old Mr. Mo felt as if a boulder had been lifted off of his chest. He finally smiled and said, “Xinya is really alright. She’s on the way to the hospital now.”

    Old Mr. Wen was overjoyed. Staring at Old Mr. Mo, he asked, “Do you know the person who saved Xinya? Did they contact you?”

    He was reminded of the fact that Old Mr. Mo was the one who had informed him of Wen Xinya’s abduction.

    Old Mr. Mo nodded smilingly and answered, “Yes! He’s a student of mine who happened to find out that Xinya was kidnapped. So, I requested his help in rescuing Xinya. I didn’t inform you guys because I thought that he wouldn’t be able to rescue her.”

    He had managed to cover up for Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan. He felt that Wen Xinya should be the one to reveal her relationship.

    Old Mr. Wen heaved a sigh of relief and said, “No wonder you found out that Xinya got kidnapped so quickly.”

    Even Old Mr. Wen was in awe of how influential and well-connected Old Mr. Mo was. It was all thanks to his careful consideration that Wen Xinya could be rescued.

    Old Mr. Mo nodded calmly, not wanting to comment much about Si Yiyan.

    Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo sent the military personnel away politely before rushing to the hospital.