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Chapter 695 - Si Yiyan… You’re My Hero

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 695: Si Yiyan… You’re My Hero

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    Si Yiyan had already prepared the helicopter beforehand and established a cooperative relationship with the military when the abductors requested for the helicopter. He then planted a trap in the helicopter.

    The abductors did not expect there to be another bunch of people trying to save Wen Xinya. Hence, they let their guards down at the instant they boarded the helicopter. Besides, the military’s efforts at tugging the helicopter down had distracted them. Si Yiyan instructed the pilot to deliberately jerk the stick so as to make it easier for Wen Xinya to escape their clutches.

    After Wen Xinya was rescued, the abductors were undoubtedly arrested.

    If he had not promised to hand the abductors over to the military, he would definitely not let them off.

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter upon sight of his subordinates throwing the abductors down onto Xu Zhenyu, who ended up in a disheveled state.

    Yes! Not bad! Very competent!

    Si Yiyan looked down at Wen Xinya who was lying in his arms, her face extremely swollen. He grazed his fingers over her face with melancholy in his eyes.

    He could imagine how many bruises there were on her body.

    He loved her with all his heart and pampered her to bits, so much that he would frown whenever a strand of hers fell out of her scalp. He doted on her and showered her with unconditional love. Yet… she was subjected to such brutal violence!

    How was he supposed to tolerate it?


    He felt a sudden pain in his chest and a metallic odor rose in his mouth. Si Yiyan vomited blood, once again!

    He leaned against the seat resignedly, feeling an excruciating pain in his chest, lungs, and bronchi. It felt just like poison was being poured down his throat.

    “Si Yiyan…” she muttered feebly.

    Si Yiyan swallowed the blood and hugged Wen Xinya tightly. “I’m here, Wen Xinya, I’m here!”

    His voice was extremely soft and hoarse, making him sound like nails on a chalkboard. He no longer sounded as refined and alluring as he used to.

    “Si Yiyan…” she murmured while being stuck in a daze. Wen Xinya seemed to have sensed that she was surrounded by a familiar scent which was refreshing and clear. It seemed like the fragrance had infiltrated her heart!

    Just like Si Yiyan!

    “Wen Xinya, it’s me! It’s always been me!” Si Yiyan exclaimed, holding her tightly in his arms. He could sense that she was petrified, for her body was trembling uncontrollably.

    Actually, he was much more afraid than she was.

    From the second that he found out that she had been abducted, his heart was in a state of turmoil, and every passing second seemed like daggers to his heart. He reckoned… that there was nothing more terrifying or miserable than that.

    Wen Xinya tried her best to stop herself from slipping into a daze. She did not wish to plunge into darkness again. Hence, she tried to open her heavy eyelids with all her might in a bid to verify that she was not hallucinating the scent and the voice ringing in her ears.

    Si Yiyan kept his eyes fixed on her trembling eyelashes. It was the first time that he had ever realized how fragile women’s eyelashes could be. They were fluttering like broken butterflies, beautiful yet unable to deny fate.

    Wen Xinya opened her eyes slightly. Although it was just a simple action, it seemed to have drained her out of her energy. The light shone into her eyes and her vision began to blur.

    “Is that you?” Wen Xinya asked, caressing his face.

    Si Yiyan placed her hand on his face and exclaimed, “It’s me! Wen Xinya!”

    Wen Xinya smiled lopsidedly and exclaimed, “Si Yiyan, I’m alright!”

    She had initially not wanted to cry. However, she could not stop herself from crying. She wanted to air her grievances to him and tell him that she was in incredible pain. She wanted to berate him for taking so long to save her. However, she could not bring herself to say the words.

    “You’re such a silly lass,” Si Yiyan remarked, gazing at her smile, which reminded him of the tea millet flowers in the backyard of Lishan Mansion—pale and beautiful.

    It felt as if it had been a long time since he saw her.

    Wen Xinya finally opened her eyes and took a clear glimpse at the man in front of her. Her throat was dry and tears flowed out of her eyes. “You’ve lost weight!”

    Yes! He’s lost weight!

    She felt like he had become gaunt within just a few hours!

    Even he found it unbelievable.

    She turned as pale as a ghost and the veins on his hands began to bulge in an intimidating manner. They seemed to match the greenish veins on his face, which was gaunt and covered in stubble.

    He was thin and haggard!

    Si Yiyan kissed her dry lips gently and said, “I’m sorry! Wen Xinya! I was too late.”

    He could not fulfill the promise that he had made to her. He failed to live up to the promise of keeping her free from pain and torment.

    He felt extremely miserable.

    Wen Xinya held his hand tightly and said, “You’re not late! The timing is just right. Just as I was feeling hopeless, you appeared like a deity and rescued me. You’re the hero who saved me, the damsel in distress.”

    Not everyone could appear beside her when she needed him most, like Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan was momentarily speechless. He felt a stinging pain in his throat and chest while he pressed his lips tightly in a bid to stop the blood from flowing out. It was as if the cold air of winter had invaded his chest.

    Wen Xinya said in a gentle and clear voice, “Every girl has a dream of being rescued by a hero who’s the love of their life. Every girl dreams of their beloved man showing up during unexpected situations in shining armor!”

    The words said by Fairy Zi Xia had touched a countless number of people, including her.

    Si Yiyan rubbed her face gently, slowly getting a grip on his emotions. Although he could not keep his promise of letting her stay unhurt, at least… he was sharing her pain at this very moment!

    Wen Xinya smiled beautifully like pale flowers. “Si Yiyan… you’re my hero!”