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Chapter 79 - Secondary Crown Princess Consort: The Crown Prince is Willing to Let You Marry into His Family

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 79: Secondary Crown Princess Consort: The Crown Prince is Willing to Let You Marry into His Family

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    “Secondary Crown Princess Consort?” Ye Jiuge raised her eyebrow, smiled insincerely, and said, “Father, are you really planning to let your legitimate daughter, Great Master Yun’s granddaughter, become the Crown Prince’s concubine? Furthermore, why are you pursuing this on the basis that I was previously betrothed to the Crown Prince when I didn’t even want to marry him as the Crown Princess Consort?”

    She had not been willing to become his Crown Princess Consort, so why would they ask her to become his concubine? The Crown Prince and Ye Yuxuan’s brains must have been kicked by the same mule.

    “Jiuge, even if you used to be a noblewoman, you’ve marred your own reputation over all these years. Since the Crown Prince is willing to let you marry into his family, your heart should be full of gratitude,” Ye Yuxuan said disapprovingly.

    If Ye Jiuge were an incomparably brilliant legitimate daughter with a high level of cultivation, then, naturally, he would not make her marry the Crown Prince as a concubine. Otherwise, when it became publicly known, the Ye Clan would be a laughingstock. However, Ye Jiuge was infamous in the capital as an incompetent, hideous woman. Even if she had performed some impressive feats recently, the people who knew about them were a minority. If he made her marry the Crown Prince as a concubine, no one would fault him for it. Instead, they would show their approval because he did not sully the position of the Crown Princess Consort with an incompetent, hideous woman from his own clan.

    Ye Jiuge ignored Ye Yuxuan’s brainless demand. She poured another cup of tea for herself and savored it carefully. Hmm, the taste is quite decent. It was unfortunate that it was still slightly inferior to the Spiritual Tea served at Dongfang Que’s residence.

    When Ye Yuxuan saw that Ye Jiuge refused to acknowledge what he said, he was not angry at all. He paid no heed to her and proceeded to act as he wished. He said, “Fine. I have decided to send you to the Crown Prince’s Residence after seven days to be his Secondary Crown Princess Consort.”

    Seven days. Not only that, he would escort her there personally. He should not f*cking disguise this as ‘sending’ her to the Crown Prince to become his Secondary Crown Princess Consort. He was clearly selling her off to the Crown Prince as a sex slave!

    Ye Jiuge set down her teacup. Her eyes were dark as she spoke coldly, “What if I am unwilling?”

    “If you are unwilling, fine. Then, you should move out of the Ye Residence and scram. In the future, dead or alive, you will have nothing to do with the Ye Residence,” Ye Yuxuan said callously.

    “If you want me out of the Ye Residence, I am fine with that.” Ye Jiuge’s slim fingers moved around in circles on top of the teacup. Yet, the voice that came from her mouth was as cold and hard as nails. “However, when I leave, I want to take the things my grandfather left for me.”

    “What are you getting at?” Ye Yuxuan furrowed his brow, and deep lines appeared on his forehead.

    “Father, I think that you can’t have forgotten that you were the one who married into the Yun Clan on the condition that you would use Yun as your last name. Even though you renamed the Yun Clan’s official residence as the ‘Ye Residence’ without permission and transferred ownership of the estates from my mother’s name to yours, you can never change the fact that these assets were bequeathed by my grandfather to my mother.”

    Moreover, she was truly the only descendant of the Yun bloodline. If someone had to leave, it should be Ye Yuxuan. He should bring those concubines of his along with him and get out of her Yun Residence.

    “What kind of nonsense are you blabbering? I worked hard to single-handedly earn this wealth.” Ye Yuxuan was so infuriated that he flushed with anger.

    “Haha. Right or wrong, others are capable of judging you with universally acknowledged moral and ethical principles. There are some things in this world that cannot be judged in the way you want simply because you bury your head in the sand.”

    When Ye Jiuge saw that Ye Yuxuan was so mad that he was about to go off the deep end, she gave him a kind reminder, “You should go back and consider which is more important: the prestige attached to your name or winning the Crown Prince’s favor. If I really sever my familial ties with the Ye Clan and leave this house with nothing, others will condemn you behind your back, and criticize you as a disloyal, unfilial man blinded by wealth to the point that you have forgotten your humanity. Not only that, but you also murdered your wife and abandoned your daughter. You are such a cruel and unscrupulous creature; even pigs and dogs are better than you.”

    “You, you, you…” Ye Yuxuan was so furious that he could feel blood frothing at the back of his throat. The tip of the finger that he was pointing at Ye Jiuge was trembling uncontrollably.

    “Qing Mama, Father seems quite unwell. Please find someone to send him back to his residence quickly so that he doesn’t die here. If his anger triggers a sudden cardiac arrest, I do not want others entertaining themselves with the Ye Clan’s dirty laundry for nothing,” Ye Jiuge told Qing Mama in a relaxed manner.

    At her side, Qing Mama brimmed with distress. She wanted to advise Eldest Miss to speak less and not provoke Ye Yuxuan further, but she did not dare. When she saw that Eldest Miss had issued an order, she hurried closer to Ye Yuxuan and tried to placate him.

    “Old Master, please quell your anger. Eldest Miss is still young. You just have to teach her how to act properly over time.”

    Ye Yuxuan had always loved taking out his anger on someone else. When he saw the old servant by Ye Jiuge’s side approach him, he raised his hand without the slightest hesitation and gave her face a tight slap.

    Pa! A crisp sound rang out. However, this blow landed on Ye Jiuge, who had shielded Qing Mama from the front. Ye Yuxuan hit her small face with so much force that it jerked violently to the side. Not only that, it immediately became red and swollen, and her teeth accidentally bit into the corner of her lips. A hint of blood oozed from the opening.

    Ye Jiuge lifted her hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of her lips. She looked at Ye Yuxuan expressionlessly before saying, “Father, are you satisfied with this slap?”

    Ye Yuxuan looked at Ye Jiuge’s dead, black eyes. All of a sudden, he felt a sense of guilt. He let out a cold ‘hmph’ before leaving in a hurry.

    “Eldest Miss, why would you be so foolish? I am merely a servant. If Old Master could have given me a beating to appease his anger, then we could have let this pass. What were you thinking when you rushed over here?”

    Qing Mama felt a lump in her throat, and tears instantly streamed down her old face. She’d deliberately moved closer to Ye Yuxuan’s side with the thought that, after he’d hit her several times, she could pacify his anger. Then, everything would be fine. It hadn’t occurred to her that Eldest Miss would pull her away and endure the slap in her place.

    “You are not a servant. You are the closest person to me.” Ye Jiuge’s face was so puffy that it was shaped like a round steamed bun. Even speaking was painful for her.

    After her mother passed away, if Qing Mama had not protected her, it was very likely that Su Yufeng and her daughter would have eaten her alive, down to her skin and bones! Because of her, Qing Mama had suffered many hardships. She had always wanted to repay her for that. Other than compensating her with material items, she wanted to return the favor emotionally. This was why she’d made a move to receive this slap on Qing Mama’s behalf. Ye Jiuge had wanted to use this action to let Qing Mama know that it was useless to demean oneself and lick Ye Yuxuan’s boots.

    Qing Mama wiped away her old woman’s tears. As she prepared ice cubes for Ye Jiuge to apply to her face, she thought fiercely to herself, if Ye Yuxuan is such a despicable man with no conscience who has already stopped treating Eldest Miss like his daughter, then she will no longer respect him as her Old Master.

    “I don’t need this ice compress. I still need to head outside tomorrow to present this face to the public.”

    Tomorrow, on her way to the palace to see the Empress, Ye Jiuge planned to take the long way so everyone could see the harm that Ye Yuxuan had inflicted on her. She would not need to say anything more after that. The imagination of the people living in the capital would run wild. As long as she instructed someone to guide the direction of their thoughts slightly, she would, without a doubt, make the Empress and Ye Yuxuan feel regret. She would regard this as a gift to the Empress in return for the way she’d treated her. That way, the Empress would not think that sitting on the phoenix throne really made her the most esteemed woman in the realm.

    In an instant, Qing Mama read Ye Jiuge’s mind and knew what she was planning to do. She was also being incredibly supportive by giving her a bottle of Golden Wound Remedy, which had been one of her prized possessions for many years. She said, “Eldest Miss, you should apply this to your face. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.”

    Ye Jiuge was dubious. She dabbed the Golden Wound Remedy on her face. After a length of time similar to the time it takes to boil a pot of tea, her cheeks, which had initially only been slightly swollen, immediately became black and blue. Her whole face blew up so much that it became even larger than a pig’s head. When a person looked at her, they would think that someone had used the sole of a shoe to beat her face a few hundred times.

    “Isn’t this excessive?” Ye Jiuge stared at her utterly unrecognizable face after the Golden Wound Remedy had transformed it. Appearing in public with this pig face would be extremely challenging!

    “I want everyone in the capital to find out what kind of man Ye Yuxuan is,” Qing Mama said ruthlessly.

    In the past, to remain in Ye Yuxuan’s good books, she’d always urged Eldest Miss to put up with him. However, the slap that Eldest Miss had received today had made it clear to her that if she continued to exercise forbearance toward people who were undeserving and reprehensible, they would only step on her.