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Chapter 90 - Match-making: You Must Have Made a Mistake

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 90: Match-making: You Must Have Made a Mistake

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Imperial Consort!” Elderly Lady Zhou looked at Imperial Consort Xi with distress.

    “Go!” Imperial Consort Xi commanded fiercely.


    Elderly Lady Zhou was aware that, ever since the Imperial Consort Xi had fallen ill, she hated it when others wept uncontrollably. She wiped away her tears and returned to her usual state, capable and efficient. Then, she stepped out and called for Eldest Miss Ye.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, the Imperial Consort Xi wishes to see you. Please don’t say anything about the child for now,” Elderly Lady Zhou pleaded in a low voice.

    “Okay, I understand.”

    Ye Jiuge was not a talkative person. She would not speak unnecessarily unless there were a need to do so. When Ye Jiuge entered the house, Imperial Consort Xi’s attitude toward her was much more courteous than before. Not only did she cooperate earnestly, but she also instructed Elderly Lady Zhou to write down anything that would require precaution. She was as earnest as a scholar preparing for the preliminary round of imperial examinations.

    “Imperial Consort, first, please take this medicine. After the clotted blood has been drained from your body, we will continue with the next stage of detoxification.”

    Ye Jiuge had thought about it carefully before writing out a prescription that could activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and act as a tonic. She indicated that the medicine must be decocted before the Imperial Consort could consume it. Although a pill would expel her poison quickly, the effect would be too potent. As such, the first few doses had to be decocted.

    After Imperial Consort Xi adapted to the medicine’s effects, the dosage could be increased gradually. In the end, a Spiritual Clearing Pill could be used to completely dissipate her blood stasis.

    “Alright.” Imperial Consort Xi nodded as she accepted the prescription cautiously.

    Then, she began to look through the medicine names carefully. A long illness turns the patient into a doctor, and Imperial Consort Xi had some understanding of medicine. With one glance, she understood that the ingredients Ye Jiuge was using could stimulate blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis. There was also medicine for strengthening the heart meridian.

    “Near your heart, there are still some remnants of the antidote pill which my grandfather left you. These ingredients are used to activate their effects.” Noticing that Imperial Consort Xi was examining the prescription closely, Ye Jiuge explained the various ingredients used and their effects on her body carefully.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, you are indeed meticulous.” Imperial Consort Xi was delighted with Ye Jiuge’s patience. She kept the prescription. With a smile, she said, “I have been studying medical books in recent years, and I thought myself to be half a Spiritual Doctor. However, today, after seeing your prescription, I realize that my knowledge is limited.”

    “Imperial Consort, you are too humble. Not many people understand the pharmacology principles as well as you do,” Ye Jiuge praised.

    Imperial Consort Xi had understood the ingredients’ effects immediately. This meant that she had a strong foundation of the basic principles and only lacked clinical experience. However, the Imperial Consort had studied medical books to analyze her own illness and not because she had wanted to become a Spiritual Doctor. As such, it was understandable that she lacked experience.

    “I’ve seen a similar prescription in a medical book. However, that prescription was used for women who had blood stasis after a pregnancy. I did not realize that it could be used to expel poison,” Imperial Consort Xi smiled and said.

    Ye Jiuge’s heart thumped rapidly. Had Imperial Consort Xi realized something? However, when Ye Jiuge examined Imperial Consort Xi’s facial expression, she realized that the consort was speaking off the top of her head. Her appearance was normal.

    “Imperial Consort, allow me to keep this prescription instead. I will go and fill the script later and decoct it for you,” Elderly Lady Zhou said without revealing any trace of her emotions.

    “Sure.” Imperial Consort Xi did not suspect anything as she handed the prescription to Elderly Lady Zhou.

    “Imperial Consort, it’s not early anymore, judging by the color of the sky. I will head back first and return to see you tomorrow.”

    Ye Jiuge rose. She had been out for almost half of the day, and she feared that Qing Mama would be worried if she didn’t return home soon.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, it is not convenient for you to enter and exit the Prince Mansion. Why don’t you wait for me to finish this course before you come back to continue the treatment?”

    Imperial Consort Xi understood that her house had an unpleasant smell. It was already enough that Ye Jiuge had patiently accompanied her for so long that day. Furthermore, her condition required a slow treatment process, and it wouldn’t be pleasant to keep Ye Jiuge there.

    “Sure.” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    Imperial Consort Xi’s medical treatment plan had been determined, and she did not need Ye Jiuge to be by her side at all times. She would be fine as long as she carried out the treatment in sequence, step by step.

    Ye Jiuge left Imperial Consort Xi’s residence and went to look for Dongfang Que and bid him farewell.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, there are no second-grade Thousand Threads Herbs, which you have prescribed for Imperial Consort Xi, in the capital’s medicinal shops. Do you know where I can find it?” asked Dongfang Que.

    A hint of worry flitted past his handsome face. He was worried that Ye Jiuge would say that it could only be found om an ice mountain or in an alpine region.

    “Thousand Threads Herbs usually grow in forest swamps. I plan on going to gather medicinal herbs soon. Conveniently, I can get some on the way.

    “Do you need me to dispatch some men to help you?” Dongfang Que asked.

    Ye Jiuge had already been extremely benevolent by diagnosing and treating Imperial Consort Xi. He felt terrible for also letting her gather the medicinal herbs personally.

    “I won’t need them. We shouldn’t act as though we are familiar with each other, or the Empress may suspect something.”

    Ye Jiuge was worried that the Empress’s suspicion would be aroused if Dongfang Que’s men were to go and seek the Thousand Threads Herb.

    “Alright. Feel free to give me any instructions if you need anything. I will not refuse if it’s something I can do.” Dongfang Que nodded as he made a mental note of Ye Jiuge’s kindness.

    After Ye Jiuge returned to the Zilin Residence from the Prince Mansion, she told Qing Mama that she would be heading out to gather medicinal herbs the next day.

    “You will be going alone? What about Lord Bai or Lord Wan?” Qing Mama immediately asked.

    Qing Mama was ready to accompany her if she were going alone, so Ye Jiuge lied. “Lord Wan is not free, and Lord Bai will accompany me into the mountains.”

    Bai Songling did not have to go to the Justice Department every day, and it was less likely that her lie would be exposed.

    “How long will you be gone?” Qing Mama asked.

    “Three days at a minimum, and seven days at most,” Ye Jiuge gave a conservative estimate. As she was pretending to rest due to her injuries, she could not be out for too long.

    “Fine. I will make preparations for you at once.”

    Qing Mama left grinning ear to ear to prepare Ye Jiuge’s luggage. If Lord Bai is willing to accompany the Eldest Miss into the mountains to gather medicinal herbs, isn’t this evidence that they have a close relationship? Perhaps I will hear some good news soon. Hmph, when that time comes, I shall see which b*tch will dare to say that the Eldest Miss is an ugly woman who cannot be married off.

    Ye Jiuge allowed Qing Mama to fiddle with her luggage. She, on the other hand, entered the Pill Production Room to prepare some medicine, which she would need to enter the mountains. As she would be seeking the Thousand Threads Herb in the swamp, she required something to prevent insect bites as well as to repel venomous snakes and beasts. The insects in the swamp were no joke; there would be so many of them that they could carry her away. Also, the billowing smoke could be deadly. She needed to prepare some antidotes in advance.

    For more than an hour, Ye Jiuge was busy, before she was finally sufficiently prepared. Walking in the dark, she returned to the well-lit house and found a large bundle on the table. It was the luggage that Qing Mama had prepared for her.

    When Ye Jiuge opened the bundle, she was momentarily stunned. She saw exquisite and magnificent-looking dresses inside. They were made of very costly silk. Every dress was paired meticulously with head ornaments, earrings, and necklaces. None of the decorations were repeated. There were even a few pairs of embroidered shoes. In a red-wooden box, there was make-up, lip rouge, eyebrow pencils, as well as other cosmetics.

    Qing Mama’s packing job is clearly intended for a match-making session instead of a journey to the mountains!