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Chapter 91 - Surprise Attack: Ambush in the Fores

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 91: Surprise Attack: Ambush in the Forest

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Ye Jiuge was speechless. She pointed at the bundle and said, “Qing Mama, do you hope that I will die faster by making me wear these clothes to gather medicinal plants in the mountains?”

    “Bah bah bah! Children’s words can do no harm, so why speak of death?” Qing Mama glared haughtily at Ye Jiuge before she laughed mischievously and said, “What do you know? Men love delicate women. If you do not create some opportunities for the hero to save the damsel in distress, how will he fall for you?”

    Her Eldest Miss is good in every aspect, except that she is too plucky. No man would dare woo her if he considered himself her inferior.

    As such, Qing Mama had prepared Ye Jiuge’s things with the utmost care.

    If the Eldest Miss sprained her ankle at the foot of the mountain, Lord Bai could carry her uphill on his back. It would be even better if there were a drizzle, and the two of them could start a fire in an abandoned and run-down temple. That would be perfect.

    Thinking of the run-down temple, Qing Mama said to Ye Jiuge with a solemn expression, “Eldest Miss, it’s alright if you spend the night with Lord Bai, but you absolutely must not do anything that should not be done. It would be stupid to lose your virginity before marriage.”

    A lady’s virginity was like a gem. When she handed it to her husband on their wedding night in the bridal room amidst ornamental candles, it would become the cornerstone of their relationship. If her virginity were taken before marriage, she would become even more worthless than cow dung found on the roadside.

    “Qing Mama, you are overthinking things.” Ye Jiuge was really impressed with Qing Mama’s vivid imagination.

    Losing her virginity before marriage? Even if she wanted to, Zi Shang would never agree.

    “If you want to lose your virginity, come find me!” Zi Shang’s teasing voice rang out.

    “Get lost!” Does this pervert think that he is reading from a script?

    “Eldest Miss, men are full of sweet speeches and honeyed words before marriage. You must be wary of them!”

    Qing Mama continued to give her earnest and well-meaning advice. She had heard that this Lord Bai was not only handsome, but he was also an eloquent and fluent speaker. This kind of man was the most flattering—the type that a woman could easily sink deep into.

    In her opinion, Lord Wan was the better man. Handsome, but also capable. There had never been any gossip about him, and he had always been cold towards women. If her Eldest Miss were to marry such a man, she would not have to worry that he would marry other women and create havoc in their residence.

    “I know, I know,” Ye Jiuge replied half-heartedly.

    “Eldest Miss, I am serious.” Seeing that the Eldest Miss was not paying her any heed, she was prepared to give a long speech to prove her point.

    Ye Jiuge believed that she would go crazy if Qing Mama continued harping on. She pushed Qing Mama towards the door and said, “Alright, alright. I know. I will pack my luggage myself. Help me think of a way to get away with this in case Father finds out and scolds me again.”

    Having spoken, she shut the door. Qing Mama stood outside and laughed mischievously. The Eldest Miss must be embarrassed. Before, she had behaved too maturely for her age. Now, she was more like a girl yearning for love. However, the Eldest Miss was right. Qing Mama knew that she had to think up the perfect strategy to cover for her mistress.

    Hearing Qing Mama’s departing footsteps, Ye Jiuge sighed with relief. Quickly, she began to pack. She removed all the dresses and accessories. Black-colored practice clothes and cloth shoes were the most practical for traveling. Fire starters and other camping necessities were also required.

    Ye Jiuge finished packing her things and shoved them into an animal skin, which she had sewn herself. Feeling relieved, she went to sleep. She did not know that her every action in the Zilin Residence—including the items which Qing Mama and the other servants prepared daily, ingredients used in the Pill Production Room, and dregs leftover from making medicine—had been under the surveillance of a pair of beautiful and scheming eyes.

    The seductive red lips of the owner of these beautiful eyes curled into a smile. She gave an order to someone in the darkness, “Send a message to the Empress to inform her that Ye Jiuge is going to the Demonic Beasts Forest tomorrow to gather medicinal plants. Ask her to make preparations.”

    The following morning, at the first glimmer of light, Ye Jiuge changed into a man’s suit and stealthily left the Ye Residence. She rode a horse swiftly down the road. At noon, she finally arrived at the Demonic Beasts Forest, which was located five hundred miles away.

    The Demonic Beasts Forest, as its name implied, was the place where demonic beasts gathered. Inside, the woods were dense. There were venomous insects everywhere, and demonic beasts ran amuck. Even an Advanced Spiritual Practitioner would not dare venture too deep into the forest.

    Ye Jiuge patted the head of her big black horse and said, “Go find a place to have some grass and water!”

    The old horse had been trained by the Yun Clan since it was young. It would be able to survive in the wild. After the horse left, Ye Jiuge walked briskly into the Demonic Beasts Forest.

    Having gathered most of the medicinal plants from the forest’s perimeter, Ye Jiuge planned to push deeper into the woods to find better medicinal plants. She oriented herself using the humidity in the air and the crowding of the trees, then headed west towards the swamp. The Beast Repellent Pill she had prepared came in handy.

    The path she took was uneventful, and she found a small brown swamp in less than half an hour. Strictly speaking, the Thousand Threads Herb did not grow near swamps; it grew on the head of a second stage demonic beast known as the Mud Frog. This species usually hid in swamps. To tempt it out of hiding, a spiritual herb, Wonderful Frog Seed, was required.

    Ye Jiuge took out a thumb-sized brown seed from her pouch. She peeled off the exterior layer of brown skin and placed the white-colored pulp at the edge of the swamp. Then, she stealthily hid in the massive tree beside it.

    Bubbles began to emerge on the swamp’s otherwise calm surface. With a plop, a huge frog covered in a thick layer of mud jumped out. A deep green, palm-sized plant, which looked like a ball of string, grew on its round brown head. This was the Thousand Threads Herb that Ye Jiuge was looking for.

    The enormous frog surveyed its surroundings. When it did not detect any danger, it leaped towards the white-colored pulp. It opened its mouth, stuck out its thin tongue, and swept up the seed, swallowing it.

    Ye Jiuge took the opportunity to pounce. With a single stroke of her blade, she cut off the Thousand Threads Herb from the top of the frog’s head.

    Croak croak croak!

    The huge frog escaped in fear. With a thud, it jumped back into the swamp.

    Ye Jiuge did not pursue it. It wasn’t easy for a frog to grow to such a large size, and it would be a pity to kill it. More importantly, the Thousand Threads Herb on the top of its head would grow back again. The herb was much more valuable than the frog itself, so Ye Jiuge decided to allow it to return to the swamp. If need be, she would return to pick it again.

    Ye Jiuge stored the Thousand Threads Herb carefully and prepared to leave. Suddenly, the unique stench of a high stage demonic beast wafted on the breeze, assailing her nostrils.

    The next moment, a white figure pounced at her, followed by the swift and sharp sound of the wind. Ye Jiuge turned and struck with her palm. Seizing the opportunity, she retreated three feet.


    There was a sound like metal hitting a sturdy slab of stone. The white figure landed on the ground. It was a third stage Wolf Beast.

    Its deep green eyes gleamed like emeralds. From time to time, they shone with an irritable red light. Its entire body was covered with snow-white fur. On top of its head grew a patch of circular black hair similar to the black hat worn by a county magistrate. This was the symbol of the leader of the pack.

    The dark green eyes of the alpha glared unwaveringly at Ye Jiuge. Behind it, a dozen grey Wolf Beasts appeared and surrounded Ye Jiuge.