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Chapter 93 - Bloodthirsty: The Demonic Weapon That Cannot Be Controlled

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 93: Bloodthirsty: The Demonic Weapon That Cannot Be Controlled

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    The temptation to kill Elderly Lady Xu was immense! After hesitating momentarily, Ye Jiuge asked, “Are you sure that nobody will be able to tell that this is a demonic weapon?”

    “Yes, I am sure.”

    “Alright!” Ye Jiuge had to admit that she could not resist the lure of power. “How do I awaken it?”

    Zi Shang answered straightforwardly, “Just feed it a drop of your blood.”

    A drop of blood, again. Is my blood so valuable?

    Ye Jiuge complained inwardly, but she obediently followed Zi Shang’s instructions. She bit her finger and dripped her blood onto the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s snakehead. As Ye Jiuge’s blood seeped inside it, the whip shuddered. A line of blood swiftly spread from its head to its tail before disappearing. Then, the lifeless Lightning Snake Magical Whip opened its bloody eyes and emitted a terrifying aura.

    Meanwhile, a few men in black clothes were speaking respectfully to Elderly Lady Xu in the clearing. “Elderly Lady, the Wolf Beasts should have consumed most of Ye Jiuge’s energy by now. Shall we go over and take a look?”

    “Go ahead but remember—bring her back to me alive.” Elderly Lady Xu’s skinny and shriveled face wore a vicious expression.

    When Elderly Lady Xu first heard that Ye Jiuge had entered the mountains, she volunteered for the task. As long as she forced out Ye Jiuge’s secret, she could deal with her any way she liked. Although Ye Jiuge was only a Beginner Spiritual Practitioner, she was still better than ordinary people with no cultivation. Elderly Lady Xu believed that, once she had sucked out all of Ye Jiuge’s blood, she would be able to break through to the stage of Spiritual Master.

    Elderly Lady Xu was imagining the beautiful days ahead when she suddenly felt cold sweat dripping down her back. Following her instincts, she ducked. The men in black were momentarily stunned, frozen in their original positions, before they saw the shadow covered with purple-colored lightning that was assaulting them. They turned and tried to flee.


    The shadow tore their bodies into pieces. Blood and flesh flew in all directions, and a few broken limbs scattered onto the ground. Elderly Lady Xu’s old eyes widened in disbelief to see Ye Jiuge wielding the Lightning Snake Magical Whip. Even though she had started off as a sorcerer, she had never witnessed such a gory, terrifying attack before.

    Ye Jiuge cracked the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in her hand. Her face was pale; the attack had consumed much of her spiritual power. From her experience, Elderly Lady Xu immediately realized that something was wrong.

    She laughed sinisterly and said, “D*mned girl! There’s a road to heaven, but you did not take it. Instead, you’ve chosen hell, even when there is no door. Since you are already here, leave your life now!”

    Then, Elderly Lady Xu used all of the Black Magic in her body to form the Spiritual Light of Protection. It reeked strongly of blood and had increased since the incident at the Jinxiu Palace. She must have acquired it over many lives.

    Ye Jiuge’s expression darkened. She clutched the Lightning Snake Magical Whip and shouted, “Demonic old hag, soon you will see who is going to die here today.”

    The Lightning Snake Magical Whip attacked automatically, morphing into multiple shadows. Elderly Lady Xu waved her hands and used her palm’s red-colored shadows to block the assault. The more Elderly Lady Xu fought, the more apprehensive she became. At first, she thought that such a powerful attack would surely deplete most of Ye Jiuge’s spiritual power. However, the more Ye Jiuge fought, the stronger she became. The spiritual whip was like a huge, cunning, and vicious python in Ye Jiuge’s hands. It opened its ferocious mouth wide, trying to swallow her up. Elderly Lady Xu did not know that Ye Jiuge was also in a lot of pain. The Lightning Snake Magical Whip frantically drew spiritual power from its wielder’s body. Ye Jiuge felt as though she were being sucked dry.

    “Zi Shang, what is happening?” Ye Jiuge tried to disengage forcefully but could not. If this continued, she would be turned into jerky before she could kill Elderly Lady Xu.

    “Well, it’s a demonic weapon and has some personality. Just communicate with it nicely,” Zi Shang replied lazily.

    “How do I communicate with it?” He can’t mean that she has to yell and shout at a whip, can he? She is not crazy.

    “Use your soul power to give it an order,” Zi Shang said. Then, he kind-heartedly reminded her, “It will suck you dry in about two and a half hours, so you have to hurry up!”

    Hurry up his ass!

    Given the life and death crisis, Ye Jiuge shouted with all her soul, “You d*mned Lightning Snake Magical Whip, if you dare absorb my spiritual power again, I will destroy you!”

    The Lightning Snake Magical Whip trembled. Sure enough, it stopped absorbing Ye Jiuge’s spiritual power. It flew away from her hand, jabbed into Elderly Lady Xu’s chest, and began gobbling in a frenzy. Elderly Lady Xu’s body dried up fast. As she stared in disbelief at the silver snake stuck to her chest, her face went as white as paper. She was usually the one who sucked others’ blood; it had never occurred to her that, one day, her own blood would be sucked out of her.

    Ye Jiuge’s expression was grim as she looked at the Lightning Snake Magical Whip, which had turned blood red.

    Who can’t tell that this is a demonic weapon? Is everyone blind?

    “It’s okay. It is just too thirsty and will be fine after absorbing this one,” said Zi Shang without any sincerity.

    Ye Jiuge had a feeling that she’d been played. Elderly Lady Xu’s body, meanwhile, had already turned as thin and dry as a human skeleton. It was almost time for Ye Jiuge to stop, when Elderly Lady Xu’s body suddenly expanded. A strange blood color appeared on her face. The Lightning Snake Magical Whip immediately returned to Ye Jiuge’s hand as though it had seen a ghost and resumed its previously innocent appearance.

    “Oh no, she is going to self-detonate. Run!”

    Zi Shang quickly delivered a portion of his demonic power into Ye Jiuge. At the same time, Elderly Lady Xu’s body exploded with a loud bang. The explosion’s massive wave hit Ye Jiuge like an iron hammer. She felt her blood churn as she went flying like a kite whose string had been cut.

    “Hold on, I need to take a nap!” Zi Shang delivered his last words then went quiet.

    F*ck f*ck f*ck!

    Ye Jiuge was going mad. The Lightning Snake Magical Whip had already sucked her spiritual power dry, and she could not move at all. She could only fall from the sky, snapping off countless branches and leaves on the way down before crashing face-first into a human-shaped pit on the ground.

    Buried in the earth, Ye Jiuge strongly suspected that she had been disfigured. Her face hurt badly. Then, the howls of demonic beasts rang in her ears. The sounds were filled with threats to the outsider.

    With all her might, Ye Jiuge lifted her head. She saw a round black hat and recognized the Wolf Beasts that she had released earlier. They were having a meal together, and the sides of their mouths were still stained with blood.

    The alpha gazed at her with a bewildered look. It was trying to determine who she was; her nose was bloody, and her face was swollen from the fall. Ye Jiuge could barely manage a greeting.

    “Hello, Black Hat. We meet again.”

    She did not know if the Wolf Beasts remembered her kindness. She was in so much pain that she could not even lift a finger. It would be as easy as the turn of a hand for them to kill her. Fortunately, the alpha recognized Ye Jiuge. Encircling her, it wailed as if it were asking her how she had been injured.

    “I battled for three hundred rounds with the evil human who controlled you, and she unexpectedly sent me flying,” Ye Jiuge duped the creature, speaking with difficulty.


    United in anger against a common enemy, the alpha howled twice before lowering its head, scooping Ye Jiuge up in its mouth, and placing her on top of its body. Then, with Ye Jiuge on its back, the alpha moved towards the depths of the forest.