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Chapter 95 - Local Tycoon: The Black Fat Rat’s True Form

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 95: Local Tycoon: The Black Fat Rat’s True Form

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Ye Jiuge examined the traces of the cave wall paintings again. They had no regular patterns. In some places, there were even large gouges. They did not seem to have been made intentionally; they were more like scars left behind from a violent fight. Only a Great Spiritual Master could have destroyed the murals and degraded the sturdy cave walls into their current state.

    Ye Jiuge attempted to analyze the badly damaged murals, but they were too marred to decipher. Then, she found some faint writings in the corner. She squatted down and wiped away the dust. As Ye Jiuge scrutinized the letters, she realized that the handwriting was her grandfather’s, Yun Tianwei.

    He wrote that he’d intentionally sought out this place because he’d heard that it contained historical ruins. However, he’d found it destroyed and condemned whoever did this for lacking the morality to leave the murals alone. From her grandfather’s long abusive rant, Ye Jiuge had apparently discovered his secret hobby. She tried to seek clues about his disappearance. However, other than insulting words, the only useful information she gleaned was that these ruins were likely to contain a cauldron that was extremely useful for alchemists.

    Then, in another corner, she found a relatively intact mural. It depicted a majestic and spectacular three-legged bronze cauldron. Below it burned a fire in the shape of a golden lotus. Countless small golden fishes frolicked in the pill production furnace. Above it, red-crowned cranes danced lightly and gracefully. It was as if a pill of life had been born.

    Ye Jiuge hurriedly took out the small bronze cauldron that the Black Fat Rat had given her.

    This thing can’t be the precious ancient cauldron that her grandfather once spoke of, can it?

    The Black Fat Rat had pushed the treasure, which even her grandfather could not find, right in front of her.

    Was she just lucky with beasts today?

    When she compared her small cauldron to the giant vat depicted in the mural, she felt that she was imagining the wildest thing possible. The dusty object did not have a trace of spiritual power. How could it be the precious ancient cauldron?

    Just then, the Black Fat Rat threaded its way toward her. Bumping its buttocks, it made its way to Ye Jiuge’s foot. It cried adorably, “Pipi!”

    Ye Jiuge lowered her head to look at it. She saw that the rat was carrying a small bag, which resembled her animal skin bag.

    Is this why the rat gifted her the bronze cauldron?

    The rat raised its head to look at her. Its black eyes were filled with admiration. Ye Jiuge was speechless. Receiving the Black Fat Rat’s appreciation was nothing to cheer about. After ensuring that there were no secret passages or treasures in the cave, she returned to the deep waters through which she had come and prepared to leave. Carrying the small animal skin bag, the rat followed closely behind Ye Jiuge like it wanted to go with her.

    Ye Jiuge picked it up by the back of its neck and exclaimed, “What do you want?”

    It curled up its limbs and cried out softly, “Pipi!” Its large eyes blinked a few times in an attempt to look cute.

    “You are so fat and yet, you are trying to look adorable. You have knocked on the wrong door,” Ye Jiuge said, expressing her scorn.

    “Pipi Jam!” The creature trembled. Its large eyes brimmed with tears, and it looked as pitiful as a small abandoned puppy.

    “Fine, fine. Seeing that you have given me the bronze cauldron, I will keep you for a while. However, you better pay your food and living expenses on time!”

    Ye Jiuge glanced at the small animal skin bag. She had a feeling that some precious things were inside.

    “Pipi!” The Black Fat Rat used its paws to cover the small bag. It vigilantly watched Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge released the nape of its neck and said, “Follow me if you can!”

    She jumped into the water, retraced the path she had followed in, and swam toward the surface. At first, Ye Jiuge had thought that she would be merciful and carry the rat if it could not keep up with her. But she had not expected the rodent to be a better swimmer than her. When it slid its fat paws, it glided a few hundred meters forward. In its own way, the creature found amusement as it followed alongside Ye Jiuge. As it swam through the passageway, it even grabbed a handful of Indigo Jade Water Plants and began chewing on them.

    Ye Jiuge, meanwhile, after swimming halfway, realized that she was running out of oxygen. The effect of whatever the Wolf Beast had given her was gradually wearing off. She increased her speed. She managed to emerge from the lake before drowning. By then, it was already late at night. The surface of the lake glinted under the bright moonlight. It was like a scene from a dreamland.

    The Black Fat Rat emerged from the lake after Ye Jiuge. It forcefully shook its fur, sprinkling water all over the ground.

    “Who are you?” Ye Jiuge looked with surprise at the rat’s fur; it had suddenly become gorgeous. It was as if, halfway through the trip, the Black Fat Rat had been swapped out for some other creature.

    “Pipi?” The rat tilted its head to look at Ye Jiuge as though it did not understand why she was so surprised.

    Ye Jiuge scrutinized the small rodent. Its black fur had turned a light silver under the moonlight. It glimmered with a beautiful glow. Many patterns of gold veins rippled like waves through its fur. Most incredible of all, a small golden lotus had appeared on top of its head. However, the changes to its body soon disappeared, and the Black Fat Rat resumed its original lackluster appearance.

    Seeing that Ye Jiuge was in a daze, the rat traversed the shore, minding its own business. Then, with its head held high and chest thrust out, it walked into the Demonic Beasts Forest as if touring its territory.

    Ye Jiuge hurriedly followed. The creature swiftly reached the swamp and called out, “Pipi!”

    The giant Mud Frog leaped out. The alpha Wolf Beast, leading its younger brothers, also converged on the spot.

    “Pipi!” The rat thrust its chubby chest forward. Solemnly, it raised its paws and waved at the other creatures like a leader conducting an inspection.

    The large Mud Frog and the alpha Wolf Beast, cooperating fully, made some noises. The Black Fat Rat then put down its small paws in satisfaction and rooted around inside its animal skin bag. It took out a green seed larger than its body and a round black stone. Then, it placed both objects on the ground in front of it. With her sharp eyes, Ye Jiuge saw that the items were actually a third-stage Wonderful Frog Seed and a third-stage Wind Spiritual Stone.

    “Croak, croak, croak!”

    “Howl, howl, howl!”

    Both the Mud Frog and the alpha Wolf Beast’s attitudes were now passionate and enthusiastic.

    “Pipi Jam!”

    The Black Fat Rat generously pushed the two items toward the Mud Frog and the alpha Wolf Beast. It looked like a boss rewarding its subordinates for performing well! Both the Mud Frog and the alpha Wolf Beast looked satisfied with their rewards. After eating them, they quickly retreated.

    D*mn! This Black Fat Rat must be a local tycoon if it offers such valuable items as rewards!

    Ye Jiuge’s opinion of the Black Fat Rat immediately changed. In particular, its small pouch seemed to be some kind of four-dimensional bag. It must be very costly. Perhaps, even Emperor Xuanwu would not be able to obtain one like it. Ye Jiuge wondered about the rat’s background. Why did it have so many treasures?

    “Pipi!” the Black Fat Rat called out adorably to Ye Jiuge.

    Then, its plump body leaped into the air. Like a small cannon shell, it landed perfectly in Ye Jiuge’s pocket. The pocket was filled with junk, so it dug out some space. Then, it curled into a ball, ready for a rest. Before napping, it did not forget to call out “pipi” to Ye Jiuge one last time. Its smug and pampered expression clearly said, “I am going to rest now. Kneel and pay your respects, my slave!”