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Chapter 98 - Absurd: The Good Looks that Frightened the Disreputable Father

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 98: Absurd: The Good Looks that Frightened the Disreputable Father

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    “Father, why don’t you ask me why I stayed out all night?” Ye Jiuge pushed back.

    “Hmph. You know in your heart what shameful things you have done, and you still have the self-respect to ask me?” Ye Yuxuan acted as if he were embarrassed to have such a shameless daughter.

    “Father, you are mistaken. I do indeed have enough self-respect to ask you to ask me. I wanted to surprise you, but I did not expect you to raise such a ruckus indiscriminately. Do you hate me so much that you wish for my death?”

    Although Ye Jiuge already knew that her Father was disreputable, she still felt weak and powerless at times.

    “What nonsense are you spouting? I am teaching you a lesson for your own good!” Ye Yuxuan could never admit that he was reminded of the fact that he’d married into the clan every time he saw Ye Jiuge. Yes, he wished badly for her to die.

    “Is that so? Since you are so considerate toward me, you should be happy to see my good looks now!”

    As Ye Jiuge spoke, she lifted her hand to remove the curtain hat from her head. Golden rays of sunlight spilled on her beautiful facial features. Her fair and flawless skin glowed like fine jade. Her alluring and exquisite eyes were clear as the spring waters. They sparkled continuously. She was like a fairy who had descended to the world of mortals, untainted by even a speck of dust.

    Any father whose ugly daughter suddenly turned into a beauty would be happy. However, Ye Yuxuan acted as though he had seen a ghost. He involuntarily took a few steps back as a hint of fear flitted across his face.

    This was also the first time Qing Mama had seen Ye Jiuge since her looks had been restored. She blurted out, “Madame?”

    Madame? Did she look similar to her mother? Ye Jiuge’s memory of her mother was very hazy. Every time she tried to recall her mother’s image, she could only remember her weak and skinny figure, and also her benevolent but pale face.

    “Eldest Miss, if Madame knew in the afterworld that your looks have been restored, she would be happy for you.” Qing Mama did not know whether to cry or laugh when she saw Ye Jiuge’s appearance.

    Ye Yuxuan’s face changed once again when he heard the afterworld mentioned. No matter how much he had hated Yun Tianwei, he could not deny that Yun Qiaoqiao had been a good woman, gentle and virtuous. She had not had the demeanor of a pampered lady at all, and she had always been very gentle and considerate toward him. However, he had done countless unforgivable things to her.

    “Father, are you happy to see your daughter’s looks restored?” Ye Jiuge deliberately took a few steps towards Ye Yuxuan.

    “Yes, yes!” Ye Yuxuan nodded hurriedly, but his feet involuntarily retreated a few steps.

    Then, he turned and fled as if chased by a ghost. Song Bai immediately instructed some men to carry the two guards, who had broken their arms, and left the courtyard following Ye Yuxuan.

    As she watched Ye Yuxuan flee, Ye Jiuge began to contemplate. Ye Yuxuan, with his despicable and shameless nature, must have committed an enormously appalling deed for him to flee in fear when he saw that her face now looked so similar to his late wife’s. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so afraid.

    “Eldest Miss, please take a look at Ruyi!” Fifth Concubine let out a shriek that was full of grief. She didn’t dare make a sound earlier in fear of attracting Ye Yuxuan’s attention, and she only cried for help as soon as he’d left.

    “What’s wrong with Fourth Sister?”

    Ye Jiuge hurriedly squatted down and saw Ye Ruyi lying unconscious in Fifth Concubine’s arms. Her entire body was soaked with cold sweat. Ye Jiuge reached out to check Ye Ruyi’s pulse: it was rapid. She was in shock. Fortunately, it was not very severe.

    “There’s no major issue with Fourth Sister; she’s just been frightened. Quickly, bring her back and change her clothes so that she will not catch a cold.”

    When Ye Jiuge rose, she saw Zhen Zhu, Qing Hu, Qing Liu, and the rest looking at her anxiously. As such, she said, “Everything is fine. Return to the Zilin Residence and do what you are supposed to be doing. Qing Hu and Qing Liu, go and heat some water for the Fourth Miss to wash her body.”

    With a single command from Ye Jiuge, the maids, who had been frightened stiff, were immediately calmed. They went off to work automatically. Ye Jiuge waited for Ye Ruyi to change into a set of new clothes before she applied a few needles to her body.

    The young lady opened her eyes suddenly, and she started waving her limbs wildly as she screamed in fear, “Go away, go away!” This was like how she’d behaved after returning from the underground room.

    “Fourth Sister, it’s okay. Your Eldest Sister is here!” Ye Jiuge held Ye Ruyi’s tiny hands tightly as she comforted her.

    Ye Ruyi gradually steadied herself. With a dazed look at Ye Jiuge, she said, “Eldest Sister?”

    “Yes, you are fine. You are very safe now. Have a good rest, and everything will be okay once you wake up.” Ye Jiuge comforted her softly.

    “Eldest Miss, what exactly is wrong with Ruyi?” Fifth Concubine’s face was still pale.

    Before, Ye Jiuge had only said that Ye Ruyi was in shock from being kidnapped. However, it seemed like the matter wasn’t so simple after all.

    “Nothing.” Ye Jiuge did not plan on telling Fifth Concubine about the underground room. There was no reason to—what could she do about it now?

    “It’s all my fault for being useless. I can’t protect my daughter or the maids in the residence. Other than making Old Master angry, I am worthless. I might as well die. Perhaps, my death would allow Ruyi to recover her reputation.” Fifth Concubine wept.

    “If you are thinking like this, then you are truly useless,” Ye Jiuge said coldly. “It is easy to die and difficult to continue living. If you are really concerned about Ruyi, then shed fewer tears and do more things.”

    Having said so, she turned and left. She was too exhausted from the day, and whether Fifth Concubine could stand up firm would depend on her own awareness.

    Qing Mama followed Ye Jiuge. Once they had entered the Zilin Residence, she immediately questioned Ye Jiuge closely, “Eldest Miss, how did you recover your looks suddenly?”

    “I unintentionally picked a Beautifying Herb when I entered the mountains to gather medicinal herbs. I did not expect the black scar on my face to fall off after I consumed it.” Ye Jiuge said nothing about Elderly Lady Xu attacking her.

    “Eldest Miss, you are giving me a half-hearted explanation again.” Qing Mama clearly did not believe her.

    “It’s true. If you don’t believe me, take a look. I picked up this Spiritual Beast as well, and it was the one that took me to the spot where I picked the Beautifying Herb.” Ye Jiuge quickly took out the Black Fat Rat.

    “What kind of Spiritual Beast is this?” Qing Mama took a careful look before she said with distaste, “Why is it a rat?”

    Although the Black Fat Rat was cute, it did not change the fact that it was a rat. The Black Fat Rat could feel Qing Mama’s disgust. It immediately puffed its chubby chest, squinted its eyes, and looked at Qing Mama with loathing. It was as though it were saying, “You dumb mortal, it is beneath my dignity to deal with you.” Then, it returned to Ye Jiuge’s pocket.

    “This Black Fat Rat has developed consciousness.” Qing Mama laughed. She finally believed that the Black Fat Rat had been the one to bring good luck to the Eldest Miss. She immediately asked, happily, “What does this fat rodent like to eat? I shall instruct the servants to make something for it.”

    “There’s no hurry. I need you to do something for me now.”

    Then, Ye Jiuge told her about how someone in the Ye Residence had been watching the Zilin Residence closely. She said, “Although there are many spies in the Ye Residence, there must be something special about this person to be able to guess my whereabouts accurately. We must find them.”