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Chapter 99 - Exiting the Spiritual Retreat: The Su Clan’s Old Master Has Advanced to a Spiritual Mas

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 99: Exiting the Spiritual Retreat: The Su Clan’s Old Master Has Advanced to a Spiritual Mas

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Eldest Miss, please rest assured. I will find this person.” Qing Mama nodded solemnly. She decided to start by investigating the Zilin Residence first.

    With Qing Mama personally attending to the matter, Ye Jiuge was at ease. She was exhausted after a day of tirelessly working. After a bath and a change of clothes, Ye Jiuge went to sleep. When she woke up, it was noon. She planned to head to the Dongling Prince Mansion to check on Imperial Consort Xi. She put on her curtain hat and arrived at Wan Ziyang’s and Bai Songling’s residence in a horse-drawn carriage.

    Wan Ziyang was at the Justice Department, and only Bai Songling was at home. When he saw Ye Jiuge, he was surprised. He asked, “Eldest Miss, have you dealt with everything back in your residence?” He had thought that Ye Jiuge would be busy for a few days.

    “Yes.” It wouldn’t be right to air the Ye Residence’s dirty laundry in public, and Ye Jiuge did not want others to know about her conflicts with Ye Yuxuan. “I have just returned from the Dongling Prince Mansion. His Highness and the Imperial Consort are thrilled to hear that you have found the Spiritual Medicine in the Demonic Beasts Forest. They also said that you could feel free to instruct them if you require their help in any way,” Bai Songling smiled and said.

    Dongfang Que had wanted to head over to help when he’d heard that something had happened at the Ye Residence. Unfortunately, Ye Yuxuan was from the Crown Prince’s faction, so Dongfang Que would have merely added fuel to the fire if he’d gone over there.

    “I wouldn’t dare. Brother Bai, if it is convenient for you, please bring me to the Dongling Prince Mansion,” Ye Jiuge said. She could not go to the Yuwu Teahouse by herself through the secret passageway.

    “Of course it’s convenient! Follow me!”

    Bai Songling did not have much to do at the residence anyway. Ye Jiuge followed Bai Songling through the secret passageway into the Prince Mansion. However, she had not expected Dongfang Que to be out. Ye Jiuge headed directly to the courtyard to see Imperial Consort Xi.

    When Elderly Lady Zhou saw her, her expression immediately became fervent. She began to give an account of the medicine’s effects on Imperial Consort Xi in a low voice: “The Imperial Consort is going to the bathroom frequently. Her body is frail now, and she is currently resting in the house.”

    “That’s normal.” The Imperial Consort needed to go to the bathroom frequently to discharge her blood stasis.

    Imperial Consort Xi was resting, but when she heard that Ye Jiuge had arrived, she forcefully lifted herself in the bed.

    “Imperial Consort, you need not stand on ceremony. Please, lie down!” Ye Jiuge hurriedly advised. She took a red silken pillow embroidered with a Chinese Peony design and placed it behind Imperial Consort Xi.

    “My body is so useless now.” Imperial Consort Xi did not have any energy, and she had to lie against the head of the bed.

    “Imperial Consort, you look better.”

    Ye Jiuge carefully examined Imperial Consort Xi. Although she looked dispirited and listless, the rotten flesh and pustule on the right side of her face seemed to have improved. The pustule had begun to form scabs and had stopped discharging pus frequently. The stink of rotten flesh was also better.

    “I feel so much better now. It must be the effects of using the correct medicine,” Imperial Consort Xi smiled and said.

    “After your blood stasis has been completely discharged, the effects will be even more distinct.” Ye Jiuge laughed as she told Imperial Consort Xi about how she had managed to obtain the Indigo Jade Water Plant in the mountains.

    The Imperial Consort was overjoyed to hear that she did not have to experience the pain of the Lingering Death. After she calmed down, she could not help but ask Ye Jiuge, “I have wanted to ask you something ever since you walked in. Why are you wearing a curtain hat?”

    “I consumed some medicinal herbs in the mountains and recovered my looks. I am still not used to it, so…” Ye Jiuge laughed with embarrassment. She was not accustomed to walking around with a face that looked like a white lotus flower.

    “Silly girl, it is a good thing to be beautiful. Why are you hiding it? Quick, take off your hat, and let me have a look,” Imperial Consort Xi said benevolently.

    Ye Jiuge placed her hand at the side of her curtain hat. Before taking it off, she thought of something suddenly, and she asked, “Imperial Consort, I heard that you often had tea with my mother?”

    “Indeed. Back then, Linglong and I would often invite your Mother to the palace. Your mother had a good personality. It was too bad that she had poor judgment.” Imperial Consort Xi did not hide her contempt for Ye Yuxuan.

    Back then, Ye Yuxuan had been handsome, and his aptitude had stood out. He’d spoken eloquently and skillfully and was deemed to be a decent son-in-law among the men in the capital. However, Imperial Consort Xi had still been able to see that Ye Yuxuan was selfish, despicable, and shameless. He’d always cozied up to those in power. The pretty boy had no abilities other than his attractive appearance and his skillful mouth.

    Ye Jiuge took off her curtain hat and revealed her looks. Imperial Consort Xi had been leaning on the bed frame. However, seeing Ye Jiuge’s face, she could not help but straighten her body as her eyes filled with incredulity.

    “Do I look very similar to my mother?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Yes, in a way, but also no!” Imperial Consort Xi looked carefully at her for a moment before she sat back down.

    “How do I look different?” Ye Jiuge had heard from Qing Mama that she looked almost identical to her mother.

    “Your Mother was sweet-tempered, but she was also moody and overly emotional. In both appearance and temperament, you are better,” Imperial Consort Xi said ruefully.

    If Yun Qiaoqiao had had Ye Jiuge’s personality, she would not have fallen gravely ill after Great Master Yun’s disappearance and given up the Yun Clan’s properties to Ye Yuxuan.

    “Imperial Consort Xi, you flatter me.”

    Ye Jiuge smiled. She spoke no more of her mother and began to talk about the treatment. Ye Jiuge planned to allow the pustulate and rotten flesh on Imperial Consort Xi’s face to form scabs before she began the final detoxification. Imperial Consort Xi expressed her willingness to follow Ye Jiuge’s arrangements.

    Ye Jiuge stayed for about half an hour before she finally took her leave. Just then, Dongfang Que returned. He had heard from Bai Songling earlier that Ye Jiuge had recovered her looks, and he was calm when he saw her. However, he’d brought back a piece of bad news.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, when the Su Clan’s Old Master exited his Spiritual Retreat today, he immediately sent some guards to bring Su Yufeng, who was at the Ancestral Shrine, back to the Su Clan.”

    “Why did the Su Clan’s Old Master exit his Spiritual Retreat suddenly?” Ye Jiuge was startled. When she’d seen Ye Yuxuan’s expression earlier, he’d seemed unaware. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been in the mood to cause trouble for her.

    “I just received the news. The Su Clan’s Old Master has successfully advanced to the Spiritual Master stage.” Dongfang Que looked worriedly at Ye Jiuge and said, “Be careful.”

    “It is the Su Clan’s business that their Old Master has exited his Spiritual Retreat. It has nothing to do with me.” Ye Jiuge was not very concerned. She thought, So what if Su Yufeng is back? If she dares to act, I will chop off her hands.

    “You may not know this, but the Su Clan’s Old Master was born a commoner. He has a fiery personality and is unreasonable. He is also very protective of his family, even if they are in the wrong. If Su Yufeng and her daughter were to bad-mouth you in front of him, I fear that he would make things difficult for you.” Dongfang Que sighed.

    “Will he personally discipline me even though I am from the younger generation? Is he that shameless?”

    “I don’t think so, but I am afraid that he will say nasty things!” Dongfang Que felt that the Su Clan’s Old Master would not discipline her.

    “Then, I will treat his words as though they are farts,” Ye Jiuge said indifferently.

    No matter what, she was the Ye Clan’s eldest daughter. If the Su Clan’s Old Master were to say nasty things about her, Ye Yuxuan and the Ye Clan would be implicated as well. If Ye Yuxuan did not mind, she would not care either.

    “It is still better to be prepared.” Dongfang Que advised.

    “I know.”

    Ye Jiuge nodded half-heartedly. She did not take Dongfang Que’s words to heart. In her eyes, Su Yufeng and her daughter were merely annoying. If she had dealt with them in the past, she could do the same now.

    Dongfang Que knew that it was useless to say anything more, and he did not advise further. He sent Ye Jiuge out before returning to the study. After a moment of consideration, Dongfang Que made his decision. He instructed Lei Peng, “Prepare the horses to head for the mail relay station.”