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Chapter 101 - Overbearing: The Su Clan’s Old Master Visits

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 101: Overbearing: The Su Clan’s Old Master Visits

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    Su Yufeng is pregnant?

    Ye Jiuge frowned. She hadn’t expected this. Calculating the time, Su Yufeng must have been pregnant before she went to the ancestral shrine.

    Did she not know that she was pregnant, or was she deliberately hiding in the ancestral shrine and not returning? Tsk, she must be really strong-willed to tolerate living there for so long if she was already pregnant.

    “Eldest Miss, what should we do?” Qing Mama looked uneasily at Ye Jiuge.

    At first, she had thought that Ye Yuxuan would not be happy about Su Yufeng’s return. However, she had not expected Su Yufeng to be pregnant. In which case, Su Yufeng’s value to Ye Yuxuan would increase significantly, and it would be much harder to use Ye Yuxuan against her.

    “It’s fine.”

    So what if she’s pregnant? If Su Yufeng has not learned her lesson and continues to cause trouble, Ye Jiuge will undoubtedly deal with her.

    Ye Jiuge stroked her hair softly and adjusted her appearance before heading for the parlor. Song Bai saw Ye Jiuge approaching from a distance. Quick-wittedly, he went into the parlor and reported, “Old Master, Madame, and Su Clan’s Old Master: Eldest Miss is here!”

    “Tell her to enter!” Ye Yuxuan said solemnly.

    “Yes!” Song Bai walked briskly out and smiled at Ye Jiuge, trying to curry favor with her. “Eldest Miss, this way please!”

    Ye Jiuge glanced briefly at the lackey before walking into the parlor. Su Yufeng was sitting on the first seat to the right wearing a light grey satin gown printed with a cloud pattern. Her cheeks were mellow and full, and her stomach protruded slightly. It seemed that she had not suffered at all at the ancestral shrine. Even three months pregnant, she’s been very well taken care of!

    Ye Shanshan sat beside Su Yufeng holding her hand tightly. Ye Shanshan had become thinner during her confinement. Her pointed chin, large eyes, slim waist, and long moon-white dress decorated with a plum pattern made her look frail and pitiful.

    Ye Yuxuan kept a straight face as he sat in the first chair on the left. In the seat of honor was an elderly man wearing plain green cotton clothes. His hair was pure white, and his eyes were bell-like. He had a dark complexion and looked formidable. He turned to Su Yufeng and asked, “Who is this girl?” He did not recognize Ye Jiuge.

    Su Yufeng did not hear her father’s question; she was too busy gaping in disbelief at Ye Jiuge. Although she had heard from Ye Yuxuan that Ye Jiuge’s looks had been restored and she now resembled Yun Qiaoqiao, Su Yufeng had not expected the girl to be her late mother’s identical twin.

    “Greetings to you, Father, and to you, Su Clan’s Old Master!” Out of respect for the Su Clan’s Old Master’s age, Ye Jiuge bowed to him. She behaved like a lady from a prominent family.

    “You are Ye Jiuge?” The Su Clan’s Old Master frowned. He had the impression that Ye Jiuge was ugly, wretched, and silly. How did she turn into a beauty?

    Ye Shanshan looked jealously at Ye Jiuge, then said ambiguously, “I have not seen Eldest Sister for some time. I did not expect her to turn from a toad into a swan.”

    “You flatter me, Second Sister. Nor did I expect you to change your bad habit of shooting off your mouth, not even after Father confined you for so long.” Ye Jiuge smiled coolly.

    “Jiuge, how dare you speak to your sister like that?” Su Yufeng, apparently, had forgotten entirely about her own sorry conduct when she was chased out of the Ye Clan. She put on airs and reprimanded Ye Jiuge arrogantly, “You have no manners at all.”

    “Madame, you are right to rebuke me. I must, without a doubt, learn more manners from you. Next time you go to the ancestral shrine, remember to inform me in advance,” Ye Jiuge replied respectfully.

    Su Yufeng’s face paled, and her expression turned unpleasant.

    “Grandfather, see for yourself. Mother has only reprimanded Eldest Sister a little bit, and she dares to talk back like this,” Ye Shanshan pouted and complained to the Su Clan’s Old Master.

    “Second Sister, what do you mean?” asked Ye Jiuge, pretending to be surprised. “Am I wrong to say that I should learn more manners from Madame? Or do you think that it was wrong that she went to the ancestral shrine?”

    Ye Jiuge’s words left Ye Shanshan speechless. She could not say anything further.

    “That’s enough. Jiuge, your mother has only uttered one sentence. Don’t talk back to her so often,” Ye Yuxuan said, adopting a paternal posture.

    Anger churned in Ye Jiuge’s heart when she heard Ye Yuxuan refer to Su Yufeng as her “mother.” There was nothing she could do to control it. Anything else Ye Yuxuan said, she could tolerate. But not this. She looked at her father and emphasized every word as she retorted, “My mother’s last name is Yun, not Su!”

    “It’s fine, Old Master. Jiuge has grown up; it is normal for her not to be close to me. Please do not blame her.” Su Yufeng’s eyes brimmed with tears as she bit her lip. She looked delicate and woeful.

    “Eldest Sister, how can you treat Mother like this? People say that gratitude for the love and care given to someone from childhood ought to be greater than that owed on account of merely having given birth. Mother has brought you up since you were little. She always thinks of you when there is something good and has treated you better than me. Meanwhile, this is how you repay her kindness—do you have any conscience at all?” Ye Shanshan rebuked Ye Jiuge cleverly and eloquently. Obviously, she had been preparing this speech for a long time.

    “Indeed.” Ye Jiuge smiled faintly. Then, she continued in a ridiculing tone, “Had Madame not raised me, I would not have become the most infamously useless and ugly girl in the capital.”

    Both Su Yufeng and Ye Shanshan’s faces changed. For a moment, they did not know what to say.

    “Enough!” The Su Clan’s Old Master suddenly slammed the table. Immediately, the red wooden table shattered into pieces.

    “I have heard that the Ye Clan’s Eldest Miss is arrogant and despotic. How she dares to contradict the clan’s legitimate wife, bully her younger sister, and has no respect, even for her Father. I did not believe it, but now that I have seen it, she is indeed a little c*nt with no manners.”

    The Su Clan’s Old Master was full of energy, and his voice was so loud that the ears of those listening started to hum. Even the slaves outside could hear every word he said clearly. By describing Ye Jiuge as a “little c*nt,” it was as if he had pointed at her and called her a “little b*tch.” Ye Jiuge did not plan on backing down just because the Su Clan’s Old Master was so overbearing.

    With a curl of her lips, her chilly voice rang out, “I have heard that the Su Clan’s Old Master sides with his family members even when they are wrong. He deliberately distorts the truth and is unable to distinguish between right and wrong. I did not believe it, but now that I have seen it, he is indeed an old fool who sides with his family and not the truth, makes presumptions based on his seniority, and bullies the younger generation!”

    “You, you!” This was the first time that a youth had insulted him in his presence since he began to move unhindered about the capital. He was so angry that his entire body trembled.

    “Unfilial daughter, how dare you speak to the Su Clan’s Old Master like that. Kneel down immediately!”

    Ye Yuxuan banged the table repeatedly. He looked even more emotional than the Su Clan’s Old Master. Ye Jiuge said nothing as she stared straight at him. Her beautiful eyes, so like Yun Qiaoqiao’s, looked as if they were emitting raging flames. Just seeing Ye Jiuge’s face made Ye Yuxuan feel guilty. He looked away and spoke dryly to the Su Clan’s Old Master, “Father-in-law, Jiuge is still young and insensitive. Please pay no mind to her offending you.”

    “Yes, Father, please let Jiuge off this once for my sake!” Su Yufeng stood up and exclaimed, her eyes brimming with tears. “Jiuge lost her mother when she was young and has been a little pampered. She will become more sensible as she grows older.”